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Stream lightbulb returns whatnot


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But I haven't finished FFXIII-2: Time Jannies


Stream that one then idiot

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File: 1608234238792.mp4 (3.48 MB,1280x622,no dont do it.mp4) iqdb

>no stop don't do it I'm gay

Same energy


Not really it's just having anxiety retard



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Rate my dinner what


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White people are racist yeah. I get this is supposed to be an offensive Pol meme but I think black Twitter will like it as it shows that whites are racist fucks that need their heads cracked in when the real riots begin and blacks shouldn't feel bad


Coping this hard
Blacks are just shitty people


I wish I was mentally healthy enough to own a gun.


I'm not mentally healthy but I don't care anymore

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Also the fan on my 4790k(stock fan) is so fiucjxing annoying even with headphones


get an aio


File: 1608694890106.jpg (82.32 KB,1024x576,1608688991492.jpg) iqdb


This nigga don't give a FUCK anymore lol


I have one I didn't install it


I'm paranoid about having water in my PC like it feels so wrong


AIOs are very similar in performance to your phanteks 140mm, chill. just use that

File: 1608572546953.jpg (134.24 KB,828x800,1606302583411-0.jpg) iqdb


Wharton my old PC parts are worth so much even more than I paid so I'm selling them. What pc should I build? What's the best cpu/motherboard?
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You're just talking out of your ass now. What is "everything"? You don't need multithreading to browse the internet. You don't need multithreading to watch cartoons. You don't need multithreading to make a gif. You don't need multithreading to edit an image. You only need multithreading if you do serious CPU intensive actual work or if you're a developer, that will never change. Don't even get me started on streamers/"content" producers.


Get a PS5. Or a phone…


you are fucking stupid, please stop


File: 1608765526884.jpg (40.55 KB,970x600,intel-neural-compute-rick.jpg) iqdb

Look Morty, I turned myself into an intelfag, I'm compute riick!!

FUD by fanboys. 140W+ TDP processors are thing in the server world since like the last 10+ years.
Yes, AMD has an advantage in power consumption and PCIe lanes in the server world, but it's exactly that, the server world has its own rules

t. 10850k advisor


So I mean 340 for the Wharton chip vs 400 for the jewtel ten core is it worth sixty buckerino


the 10850k is 18% more expensive, but has 125% of the number of cores and has a higher single core performance.
I would go for it


but wait for whatmin opinion

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I came So hard three times I passed out then woke up an hour later and came again


File: 1608762227173.jpg (189.56 KB,1440x1080,Cardcaptor Sakura - 21 [x2….jpg) iqdb



I came again after posting that

File: 1608729380461.png (810.94 KB,583x672,pog.PNG) iqdb


whatmin I bricked my windows 10 computer installing a WiFi driver that came default with my motherboard drivers. Safe mode doesn't work and I can't system restore.

I'm pretty hopeless and I'm stupid for linux.


Did you fix it yet. Maybe something in your bios can fix it or keep rebooting until it does some (((system repair))

File: 1608667181702.png (846.89 KB,2000x2400,1608666622518.png) iqdb


>what's gf


cute birl!


File: 1608703848473.png (260.01 KB,600x866,1608682730784.png) iqdb


File: 1608678447129.jpeg (502.15 KB,750x912,AB01EB5D-DE7C-41F5-B04C-3….jpeg) iqdb


Whatmins Crystal cafemin Said I look generic
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lolcow at least did have a large female userbase.

So does 4chan /cgl/.

No other board on the internet though, CC is all guys roleplaying.


So it was a dude calling me generic? I am hot then


I would post my pic on lolcow but I don't want to become a lolcow


File: 1608684606005.png (169.08 KB,515x600,cheeky giggling anime girl.png) iqdb

why don't you just post your pic here brosef?


Because you guys literally despise me. I posted pics from objectively attractive guys literal Instagram model Chad's and you called them ugly freak schizos cuz you thought they were me. Proof no matter what I look like you guys will roast the fuck out of me


File: 1608686614589.jpg (1.7 MB,1440x2960,Screenshot_20201222-202256….jpg) iqdb

I wonder if this is really her she knows me from my ip

File: 1607593264621.jpg (521.42 KB,1417x1543,1607569845845.jpg) iqdb


Merorin was here, you guys are faggots
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File: 1607836991685.mp4 (10.24 MB,1280x720,videoplayback.mp4) iqdb



File: 1608665878052.jpg (171.1 KB,624x1050,1608584907873.jpg) iqdb

Anyone wants to play the steam game "deep rock galactic" with me?


File: 1608667915550.png (82.19 KB,648x428,image.png) iqdb

This is my cart.


Stream lightbulb returns that's my favorite one


Sorry, it's only at 30% off right now. I plan on getting it but only when it a bit cheaper.

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 No.28632[Reply][Last50 Posts]

This is the official (0% transfats) /what/ blog thread. If you have something to say but don't want to make a thread for it…
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File: 1608669627875.jpg (Spoiler Image,193.38 KB,1004x1339,PXL_20201217_221027344 - C….jpg) iqdb

whartmin am I going to die if I eat these?


File: 1608680007107.jpg (1.32 MB,2000x2500,1608670106655.jpg) iqdb

Absolutely, garbanzo beans aren't supposed to look like that at all.


will never understand western artists obsession with vile art




Uzaki is so cute


I just got an email saying they lowered my credit line because of delinquency on my other credit card wtf. I'm worried my other credit card will get blocked too. I didn't know they did it to other accounts I'm scared this is what I live off of

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File: 1608621217698.mp4 (1.14 MB,960x720,u9BBjZq2Uzpb9l1X.mp4) iqdb

rate me legs


You should be wearing this at all times

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I didn't play the game but I am a fan of death games



I was in an art supply store a while ago, and I saw a tween girl in a monokuma hoodie that looked kind of like my niece, so I told her I liked her hoodie, and she said thanks, and then I got what I needed, went to the counter, paid for my stuff, unlocked my bike, put the bike lock in my backpack along with what I bought, put on my helmet, biked West, got home, unlocked the guard door to my house, opened the inside door which I don't lock, put away my bike, took off my helmet, put away my helmet, took the art supplies out of my backpack, put the bag in the recycling, took a shower, and then went to bed.


Not many areas accept those plastic bags for recycling.
Wish we had two streams of recycling here, the population isn't that retarded that they couldn't cope with another stream, even if it goes for incineration. I'm sure an incineration plant with a carbon capture and storage component would still be worthwhile instead of tossing it into landfill or clogging up the conventional recycling stream.


I often wonder if recycling most things besides aluminum and precious metals are that productive, even in terms of carbon footprint. When people talk about carbon, the end-game is really to get the carbon in a solid, controlled state and out of circulation, such as a very old tree, so it seems counterintuitive to recirculate reusables.

A lot of my older family members don't even really comprehend the concept of recycling, much less do it, anyways. I know my district doesn't recycle plastic bags, so I just hoard them.


Don't they reuse glass bottles too?

I'm looking for a Chiaki cosplay image in Gamestop (facing away from the camera) I can't find it and it's bother me.

File: 1608417526272.gif (9.48 MB,800x600,image0.gif) iqdb


Here within these walls
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My andere gf shouldnt judge me!


File: 1608588526179.gif (315.58 KB,480x420,1608588363283.gif) iqdb



Umm, my character arc is tsun -> dere -> yanderu
You get murdered in Act 3.


Tsun makes me nervous and anxious


Just save the good morning until it's morning, and then you can enjoy like you're opening up a Christmas present and say to yourself, "good morning!", and you'll be pleased, because you'll know that the spirit of a whatfriend wishing you good morning is behind it.


Dere makes me anxious and nervous

File: 1608332295618.png (3.87 MB,1448x2048,1608329089836.png) iqdb


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Who says she's a soccer player?



File: 1608424176736.jpg (404.07 KB,1279x720,1608005511244.jpg) iqdb

I actually sent her a follow request but don't remember if I removed it or she rejected it. I remove it every time cuz I feel like a stalker creep I think I did this time too but I sent it again and this time I'm gonna try my best not to remove it


Why would a soccer player wear that dumb belt and carry a sword? She looks like an esports player. Or a nascar driver at best.


Things have been looking up ever since the local /what/ team the Sperms drafted Youmu


Yeah, but it's a strange coincidence that many of the members of local clubs have begun to lose limbs.

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