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Upload the web m you deleted I can't find it

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>also how did you start smoking weed at 12 wtf lol
A lot of kids in my middle school did.

Some kids knew older teenagers who would sell it but rip us off of course.

I successfully grew a short autoflower strain inside my house when I was 14, in a rubbermaid tub with an air cleaner to vent/hide smell and a lamp on top with a powerful CFL light.

I tied down it's main branch to keep it short and grow horizontal. I actually learned a lot about growing plants from that.


where did you grow up? kids did in middle school but i didn't until i was 15 a freshmen in high school. from 15-16 i literally smoked every day it was so much fun

i smoked a lot from 18-21 in uni, then i stopped after i mixed my dexedrine with it and had a schizo break. after all the shit i went through i nmy 20s i tried again at 27 and had horrifying panic attacks every time and literally auditory hallucinations and spoke to demons and saw infinite fractals when i closed my eyes. it wasn't laced weed cuz i smoked with my brother and his friends who were fine, i had constant horrible thoughts evdery time and still do whenever i get high i think it's the trauma from becoming a 30 year old and wasting all my godsend chances at living a normal life. i am just planning my suiccide now


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also whatmin the time i smoked at 15 i lived in north jersey maybe i lived near you

it was comfy tbh now i live in da hood


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have always panicked from weed
would use it anyway because it would generally subside and then be ok

but now it often causes uncontrollable trembling
i'll be lying in bed just unable to do anything for ten minutes with my jaw clenched just shaking
i think it's an adrenaline reaction


Just smoke more that's your problem you are withdrawing smiley face


You have not missed anything

First, people get into some alternate state if they don't panic, and realize some things. ("Bro weed made me realize universe and shit") They could habe realized all these thoughts if they were watching their own thinking patterns and tried to unlock them, but try telling this to a weedhead (this garbage thinking gets even stronger when it involves something like LSD ; "Bro I realized this" - "I knew that" - "No you could not" I had this actually happen to me, it's frustrating). So you go enjoy this state of mind for a while but it just dies down after, because, in fact, you realize that other person was still you and you are you even if you are high.
Some people use weed to bear with overwork, shit life, shit jobs, but that's even worse. I had a shit job and I smoked some weed for some time - the timing was right, I could smoke peacefully (I am quite paranoid myself), I had a good source and I bought in bulk so it wasn't that expensive either.
Using weed like this helps to smooth out the daily bothers, shithead coworkers, annoyances and gives you a little time to separate your mind from those and think (although this is extremely limited). The problem comes from how weed eats up all your time. It's not that hard to spend your time on weed, a little eating, smoking, watching some dumb shit, but in the end, you will never do anything, just default to weed as a low effort solution. So the cycle continues, and you will still have your shitty life with a shitty job, spending time doing jackshit and when you are sober, this will all come back on you, how you didn't progress with your life, so to chase away these bad feefees, you choose weed again. And so the cycle continues.
After you build up tolerance, and the initial 'different viewpoint' stuff wears off, weed will give you absolutely nothing, just a little buzz.
Luckily I gave up both weed and that crappy job too and I never missed it because I know exactly what it is. You probably read the line 'weed is for niggers' on the boards and that's 100% true. If you never had any talent, ambition, sense of mission, morals, you won't mind weed. But if you do, you will grow out of it pretty fast.

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rate my tranny freak gf, shes a disgusting faggot with a dick

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stop this isn't true


It's true, love this image.

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Man I fucking love dota

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Why is Tenshi eating bread and butter so cute?


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Just found out this was actually Great Thunberg

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Literally whatmin after he breaks /what/ again.


It's when he needs to spends hours cleaning up spam time he would have rather spent jacking off to homo shit.


maybe don't spam?


Never spammed nice going tard.

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Whatmins do you still support pigs
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I've seen many of these cops murdering white people videos.

Yes it absolutely pisses me off that these never get any media coverage, no riots, or public awareness.

Who controls the media and why do they only want the public to think this happens to black people?


Jewish bankers and it's to cause division cuz if we team up against them we will kill them all. Pol used to be anti police, the Chris dorner saga was literally my favorite time on Pol and he was a hero to them. But once blm started it became white vs black and they were like well we're white so we side with the white guys I.e cops. The same thing happened in the riots, they blamed white antifa or Nazis and the blacks and whites split up.

The most powerful tool they have over us is identity politics (((racism))). Keeping you in a lower vibration victim complex destroys your energy and power and they keep control over the population.
The goal is chaos out of order, once the economy collapses real riots will happen and the new currency and bioterrorism surveillance and martial law will be the norm in the new normal age


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These are both different people what's the point


Protesting is now an Approved Activity, as long as you continue to protest the things that don't matter to Them.


rainbow capitalism

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I know this girl, I was in her stream once






喰 is a vulgar form of 食べる ?


I forgot to answer this.
Yeah. It's an old kanji, technically its reading got assigned to the common 食, but still lots of people know it and use it. It is also notable for being a kokuji that means it's only used by japanese
Beautiful, isn't it?

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I asked for dole dippers


I wanted Aqua Teen Hunger Force you dumb cow.


Really disrespectful apologize to her now

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I feel like I need more art in my life
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What's your opinion on this one?


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i like silver hair characters a lot ( i also no care about 2b, shes pretty soulless robot) , besides that its mostly blonde or purple.


Is this satania summoning ichigo marshmellow girl while gabriel dropout girl watches? Just read the bible.


I have yet to seen ichigo mashimaru first


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