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don't you hate it when you want to keep your first kiss and virginity forever and then some dumb bitch just took it away


sigh does anyone else hate when you want something but then the opposite happens

File: 1602353425493.mp4 (12.26 MB,480x360,Perfect Dark Zero - Limeli….mp4) iqdb


What a jam

File: 1602306198801.png (243.31 KB,500x500,45DB29D1-8609-40EE-813F-41….png) iqdb


Post yfw whatnot sucks a dick


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ah. thanks for getting my face masks for me


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Merorin was here.
Just want you guys to know that whatmin actually send me a friend request in steam we are best friends now.
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Yeah ota has only been moderated by GENUIS system for the past 6 years


why does meromin try so hard to be relevant, he constantly has to remind people that his site actually exists and yet no one posts on it in the end besides his boyfriend

I bet the fact that I've even bothered to make a post about it even if it's in a negative light is going to be the highlight of the month for him, it's so embarrassing




File: 1602328983408.jpg (37.19 KB,474x474,1601548137406.jpg) iqdb

Sad but true. I just want to have friends.


File: 1602329870924.jpg (21.67 KB,396x396,feels bad man.jpg) iqdb


tough luck sucker have fun dying alone

File: 1602307015385.jpeg (340.9 KB,643x645,7E75FCD5-8444-498B-A43C-1….jpeg) iqdb


Gonna be dead soon bros I know you all love and cherish my presence and will miss me


/ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄\
   /     ●  ● 
   |Y  Y       \
   | |   |       ▼ |  
   | \/        _人| 
   |       ___/
   \    /      
    | | | 


i guess


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File: 1602310220872.png (1.61 MB,1063x1500,reemu#315.png) iqdb




whabmin i miss you, I'm sorry…
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I want you to know I hold no ill will towards you, not anymore. I'm quite fond of some of the memories you helped create.
I spoke with a friend recently, they said they picked up reading some classic old literature, we spoke of books we liked. Then I thought of you and what kinds of things you might’ve written about had things went differently.

I'm sorry I was a bad friend.


File: 1602125860640.png (270.46 KB,840x560,1602021907699.png) iqdb

Stop being so dramatic and mushy you can send me a friend request and talk whenever you want.


File: 1602134771113.gif (310.2 KB,560x420,e20cf730e184088b88c9ae3591….gif) iqdb


is akz your actual e-mail name?



File: 1602304391857.jpg (406.34 KB,1536x1536,1602274927511.jpg) iqdb





File: 1602288742384.png (397.18 KB,500x551,image0-11-1.png) iqdb



File: 1602273049759.jpg (156.59 KB,640x360,1974-1.jpg) iqdb


The Occupation of Japan was a preface to let brave American G.I.s fornicate with pure, Japanese maidens.


my grandpa was in the occupation, I've wondered if he ever banged any of the locals


how much of a desperate permanent incel do yu have to be to type that shit out big yikes

File: 1602183001142.jpg (295.48 KB,650x830,1602181743878.jpg) iqdb


Trick or treat
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File: 1602208405101.jpg (3.22 MB,1581x2375,1602195702766.jpg) iqdb

Because I didn't want to buy an old used $600 Switch in shit quality just because it's exploitable when there's not all that many games I'd even want to pirate anyway.


File: 1602208447843.jpg (317.34 KB,1700x1850,Halloween tomboy.jpg) iqdb

also unban my other ips

also i'm thinking of buying orange and black jordans. i feel like a n*gger wearing them though they are like the mainstream norm shoes for urban culture but i kinda wanna look cool and normal


File: 1602208512805.jpg (236.34 KB,2048x1280,asuka dva.jpg) iqdb

wait, you bought it just to literally play it on an emulator?

why? aer you retarded


File: 1602208871849.jpg (14.22 KB,403x335,1571609324797.jpg) iqdb

theyre not 600 dollars wtf my animal crossing switch is in stock at gamestop right now for 300


im kinda mad i thought i had an epic rare soytch i wonder if this is nromal or i just randomly clicked it when they were in stock


wow i just looked on slickdeals and stores have been ge3tting the the last couple weeks lol wowwwwwwwwwww theyre not worth much any more but probably will be in a few months


whatmin ypu can hack any switch now you fucking retard you dont need an old one

File: 1602192314508.jpg (407.27 KB,1280x1400,1445672539058.jpg) iqdb




story of my life from every community i've been a part of since i was 7. i did occasionally have these weird bonds, like in first grade i became best friends with this girl in my class and all the other kids hated me.

she hated me too at first, i honestly don't remember how we became best friends, i just remember we always sat across from each other and both of us would say really mean things to each other so much the teacher would constantly make us both pull cards, i guess we were tsundere cuz eventually me and her were just best friends loike best firends, she was so lyal to me that like it was us against the rest ofthe class. i remember at recess it would literlly be me and her against the rest of the kids playing this game that was like tag with bases or something, i remember my dumbass trying to tag a student and i fell and scraped up my whole arm and leg and started crying and she got really mad at the kid and was like I'M TELLING ON YOU and then she went back with me to the classroom and helped put band aids on it and another kid who wasn't even in my class helped me, he was my best friend in kindergarten but not in my class in first grade. he looked like sam hyde big dude, like fat but "big" you wouldn't fuck with him. he was never in my class after kindergarten but i remember he scared away bullies that were trying to beat me up until they stopped bullying me cuz he would always defend me.

both of them moved out of my neighborhood after that so i never really had any friends. i remember i kidn of had semi friends a little bit, i remembdr this one kid in fifth grade when everyone hated me even the teachers had assigned seat next to me and he became kind of friends with me, i remember we were in line walking back from lunch and me and him were talking and another kid said to him "dude why are you taling to{me} he's a loser" and the kid said "BECAUSE HE'S MY FRIEND" then the guy shut up and stopped saying mean things about me.

i guess not everyone hated me, but most did and the ones who kinda liked me only did cuz i was assigned next to them or something and i grew on them idk


i rememer in third grade gifted summer school me and this girl became best friends, i can't even remember her name, i just remember my gifted teacher i had all through elementary school that hated me for being an annoying immature ADD nerd seemed to think i was simping or inceling for her but i wasn't, didn't have a crush on her she was just my friend tht looked out for me


File: 1602196566981.png (133.78 KB,500x579,all that shit.png) iqdb


what anime is this from and does it have any ecchi loli (thats japanese for sexy girl)


the schizo's miserable life

i looked her and him up online and she has a nice job working with animals and i think she got married and seems happy, and the dude who defended me against bullies still kind of looks like sam hyde, a non sociopathic asshole version of sam hyde, he had a blog where he talks abuot philosopical shit and seems like a loner kind of nice guy, not an incel or anything toxic, just that quiet kind of guy who reads a lot

File: 1602190497001.jpg (102.12 KB,1024x739,1590958955736.jpg) iqdb



File: 1602139572683.jpg (59.28 KB,455x399,1412548316845.jpg) iqdb


I got a rare steak and got food poisoning from it, literally had tons of diarrhea after a tummyache. I'm wondering if it was just a shitty restaurant or what. I kind of like the taste of medium rare better anyway.


That's great. Hope you get worse soon!


wtf! that's so mean and toxic!


It certainly would be if I said this to a normal person. You on the other hand, deserve only loathing and ridicule.


No I don't you're projecting


meat is toxic for your body, return to nature and only eat plants


File: 1602168027061.jpeg (307.28 KB,963x954,image.jpeg) iqdb

Congrats dude!

File: 1602080614299.png (277.59 KB,2518x1024,2a21zq8grpk41.png) iqdb




This is so true. How the hell did speeding up pop songs and putting anime girls as covers become its own genre?


File: 1602136113626.mp4 (11.88 MB,1920x1080,Nightcore - Coin Laundry -….mp4) iqdb


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