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File: 1583918784717.png (2.08 MB,954x960,1583898809702.png) iqdb


Why the fuck is toilet paper sold out on Amazon? Why are there so many low iq retards in the world? I need to buy toilet paper and I don't have a fucking car.


Birls carry guns too though. I saw a boy in 2b crossplay doing 2 gun match.


Fuck off faggot


*shoots you*

haha, suck it


you dont have a gun limp wristed pussy

File: 1583864537817.jpg (229.26 KB,1920x1080,mpv-watch?v=V85CQzsyvj4-00….jpg) iqdb


An ad from Apple Japan featuring Macs in anime.



everyone in japan uses apple. android and windows basically are nonexistent there.

File: 1583930382975.png (677.26 KB,857x720,1583106077005.png) iqdb


I am on my way to New Jersey, where I will go to whatmin's house, then rape and murder him in front of his mother.


whatmin is currently living with his dad in upstate new york


File: 1583934191986.png (380.93 KB,1123x1125,whatmins anus.png) iqdb

nice try but you can't protect him from my dick


The racial makeup of the city was 23.54% (11,724) White, 50.20% (25,006) Black or African American, 0.91% (455) Native American, 0.95% (474) Asian, 0.05% (26) Pacific Islander, 20.13% (10,024) from other races, and 4.21% (2,099) from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 40.37% (20,105) of the population.[11]

damn whatmins in the hood


Gay community

A sizable and diverse LGBTQ community contributes to the long-time perception of Plainfield as a stronghold of gay life and gay community in the suburbs of New Jersey.

Plainfield has one of the highest percentage of same-sex householders in the state of New Jersey.[96][97] The First Unitarian Society of Plainfield, the oldest such congregation in the United States, is certified as LGBTQ welcoming.

In 1986, The New York Times reported on what was termed at the time as the "growing homosexual population in Plainfield" drawn to the stock of aging Victorian, Tudor and colonial homes, and featured interviews with various gay men who lived in Plainfield and worked in Manhattan.[98]

One of the Queen City's elected leaders, former Councilwoman Rebecca Williams (who now represents all of Union County as a freeholder), is openly lesbian. In 2017, as Council President, Williams organized and hosted the city's first-ever Pride flag-raising to honor its LGBTQ community and to commemorate the victims of the Pulse Orlando massacre during Pride Month.[99]

Plainfield has also been recently described as part of some newly formed Catholic gay outreach, ministry, and acceptance efforts in New Jersey.[100][101]

In 2015, an openly gay Plainfielder ran for state Assemblyman.[102]

Plainfield has been home to openly gay former New Jersey governor James McGreevey and his longtime partner, an Australian-American business executive.[35]
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File: 1583930306437.png (910.98 KB,1275x2100,1576196019838.png) iqdb


I am on my way to New Jersey, where I will go to whatmin's house, then rape and murder him in front of his mother.

File: 1583822741290.jpg (114.55 KB,1200x800,serveimage-146.jpg) iqdb


I have a shitbox wagon now that takes a lot of gas. I was thinking the other day, maybe I should get a subaru wagon instead, so if it takes a lot of gas it might as well be fun. I have a second car that takes less fuel anyway.
Should I get a subaru? Is it /what/ approved? I really like how they stick to their values and even their smallest 1.6 engine is a boxer too. I live on the top of a hill so 4 wheel drive is also a strong point and it has a good aftermarket
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good luck finding one that hasnt been thrashed


I would think wagons and non-sti, non-wrxes aren't that much trashed. Pretty much every car is trashed in my price range but I'm a trained monkey so that doesn't bother me


File: 1583915672842.jpg (319.05 KB,1280x720,1565018561260.jpg) iqdb

So just throwing this out there, I researched a bit about aftermarket parts and hell, japs are fucking expensive. HKS, JUN, Tomei and such big names almost cost twice as western aftermarket stuff like Brian Crower. Where they always this expensive? I don't know. It might just they want to make some money after the whole JDM craze became a fashion thing. Not to mention these big names are usually don't make parts for old subarus like bugeyes anymore(which is sad bc those are the kinds I have money for, but then again they are already 20 years old), I did find some companies that sell secondhand JDM stuff tho, and even some local businesses which work with Subarus exclusively.
The whole JDM schtick is still feels like a disappointment for me. It's probably different in japan, but here in europe, if you want 3-400 horsepower, you can actually buy a used BMW M3 and be done with the whole business. (I don't want that much, just saying it to give a bit of a wider market perception)
I still plan to buy a subaru because they seem like good deals even in stock for my living conditions. Thanks for reading if you did.


You're like 6 years too late for the /o/ and /jp/ crossover.


File: 1583922550409.jpg (87.07 KB,800x600,--1fe0af45cf.jpg) iqdb

had a ts-r legacy wagon back in my teens
it wasnt turbo but went alright i thought
was just nice to drive compared to my previous cars
crashed and totaled it after 6 months ownership


I was probably there. /o/ was always fucking boring though and cartalk is about the same on futaba too.
If anything, I'm six years late growing up.

File: 1583861660071.png (611.53 KB,488x960,89475084_2424037734572907_….png) iqdb


Do you like cats?


File: 1583861827051.png (1.2 MB,800x955,1536879781985.png) iqdb



File: 1583863347046.jpeg (880.53 KB,2560x1702,27015-rhtj5a.jpeg) iqdb

Cute, funny, memetic, retarded, smart, they are all that. Some people do let them do too much, I can agree with that.


lmao cat look like janny when he's steamed.

File: 1583805268608.png (38.14 KB,608x908,openchan.png) iqdb


You are cordially invited to check out Openchan.
A new chan that focuses on open access, free speech and board creation
Tor V3: http://opench5rqe3yqenhg6ny3korcwi7guntecjxjhcxhnkbz7vigjdjf2yd.onion/


What does this make? The 400th imageboard on clearnet? Congratulations on your originality.


>A new chan that focuses on open access, free speech and board creation
literally every single board that advertises itself with this exact phrase has turned out utter dogshit. what is your hook?


what happened to omnichan?


File: 1583716405735.jpg (136.5 KB,714x1000,76491960_p0.jpg) iqdb


Mapo Tofu with Hibiki!
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Why does Hibiki smell like a hamster cage?


Because you're a incel schizo


I never tried mapo tofu. It was in shokugeki no soma as well. I will try making some a few months later


File: 1583768311714.gif (1023.57 KB,300x196,8c1ae00b5430a1dfa46a12683c….gif) iqdb

the soy meme made me buy actual soy beans (uncooked)

god i love memes!!


Dark soy sauce is pretty good tbh.


imagine avoiding something you like for a meme that isn't even legitimate
if you aren't a massive nu-male then what are you even worried about?





File: 1583732031346.jpg (60.67 KB,576x1024,1583716021653.jpg) iqdb


Will she call Barret a retard in the remake?

File: 1583706642108.jpg (412.67 KB,2048x1364,1566281248374.jpg) iqdb






That's a wonderful photograph and they really did a good job with the set, props, costumes, makeup and even got the poses down.

I hope remi-anon sees this.

File: 1583024117853.gif (213.52 KB,500x500,1582518094201.gif) iqdb


Whatmins is the Linux scene good enough that I can switch from Windows permanently
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I haven't even used Windows for many years. Make the switch and determine for yourself whether you can stick with Linux.


im lazy as fuck, i dont want to have to do all sorts of work every time i want to run something


Sadly the linux scene never learnt from its mistakes and it's still garbage. End of win7 could have been their moment but no


I dunt understand why they haven't made a Linux that's easy to use and not time consuming

How could no one have made it yet? Or is it ios


File: 1583697077159.jpg (2.99 MB,4096x2160,3b3a1d6f948551026d8c237f7a….jpg) iqdb

i think the anime community is to blame here
there is a distinct lack of win7-tan guro..



File: 1583698290752.jpg (295.12 KB,768x768,77680316_p15_master1200.jpg) iqdb


the bathroom sink in my new home is conveniently situated at hip height
how do i stop myself from pissing it all the time?

alternatively, are there special cleaning utensils for urinals to remove the stench?
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Are you a little girl?


File: 1583703703945.jpeg (31.71 KB,450x338,image.jpeg) iqdb



You need to flush it with water after you pee, otherwise it just gets stuck in the trap.


File: 1583704785898.jpg (40.87 KB,605x615,8c9cc17674d91e91969b91ee0f….jpg) iqdb

yeah, that's what i do, and in my mind this also conserves water since i can also use it for washing my hands.
plus, i think a regular toilet flush uses way more water than opening the tap for a few seconds.


What country do you live in? That makes no sense, my sink is at my dick


I'd rather not say I like to keep some sense of privacy.

File: 1583712053845.png (717.8 KB,1920x1080,StreetFighterV 3_8_2020 7_….png) iqdb


Someone wanted to see my Street Fighter V screenshots inside a Windows 10 VM


File: 1583712078986.png (4.08 MB,1920x1080,StreetFighterV 3_8_2020 7_….png) iqdb

This guy ranked up from Bronze to "Super Bronze" off me.


Why would someone want to see SFV at all


They bought me SFV on Steam.


What a fag lol

File: 1571356430268.jpeg (449.98 KB,1351x2015,D93DED87-57A5-4C3F-8EA2-D….jpeg) iqdb


How do I get the courage to kill myself


just find a method that is painless and doesn't give you any time to change your mind


Like what genius




exactly theres no way retard


File: 1583729069410.jpg (412.67 KB,2048x1364,1566281248374.jpg) iqdb

that pic makes my stomach hurt. i can't take this anymore.

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