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always like to stink out the client's toilet with a nasty shit heh


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EET bro?


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Real talk: why doesn't ika chan have a normal name?


File: 1579250417226.png (273.19 KB,620x502,expert.png) iqdb

She's a squid.


That's no excuse for not having a name de geso. Squids need to identify eachother too, de geso.

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Hi whatmins
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When we were kids I opened my little sister's eye while she was asleep and it was freezing freaky as fuck


did you fuck her


Sick fuck!


no, no, it's sis fuck


Subhuman scum


True, but did you fuck her?

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Yeah, their buttons are on the right side of both of their coats.


Why are girl clothes like that though? Why they button up on the other side?

What if it's a girl wearing boy clothes?

What about boys that wear girl clothes? How could you be sure just based on the buttons?

I've seen boy clothes that button up like my girl clothes. What if it was a girl that was wearing girl clothes but it buttoned up like boy clothes? How could you tell in that case?


Then you just tell them to pull their pants down for an inspection.


its not hard just ask their pronouns




do drugs

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I really hate these things though, it's impossible to keep your hands from touching it so you know you're getting some fat fuck's dick germs on your hands


It's better not to wash your hands unless you don't have to touch anything


well it doesn't matter since if they have these things then they probably don't have paper towels so you can't open the door without touching it


Use your foot.

I unironically flush strange toilets with my foot and lift up the lid with my foot


>lift up the lid
Why bother? Just aim.


Everyone does that

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The ideal /what/girl
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fed up if fatties and their hate against skinny girls


she looks undead dude..


File: 1579135449321.webm (Spoiler Image,859.09 KB,544x960,1579132514332.webm) iqdb

guess where the marshmallow was


somewhere they don't normally go?


who is this qt


stupid noodly whatgirl

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Tatami Galaxy OP MP3 320k from FLAC with subs


File: 1579149841831.mp4 (12.12 MB,1280x720,Tatami Galaxy ED.mp4) iqdb

Tatami Galaxy ED MP3 320k from FLAC with subs

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He's right, you know


mhhhh, guro time


Post guro images


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This one's for the outcasts.

The NEETs, the virgins, the late transitioners, the funposters, the porn addicts, the autists, the cucks, the pedophiles, the misogynists, the spammers, the racists, the hapas, the radical feminists, the furries, the hideously ugly, the retarded, the bereaved, the scat fetishists, the gay men who hate hook ups, the jilted and recently divorced. This is for the homeless, the directionless, the loveless, the jobless.

This is for everybody who's ever hated everybody. This is for the people who can't imagine being alive in three years. This is for the folks who always felt alone. This is for those who will leave nothing behind.

I'm not here to tell you things will get better. I'm not here to tell you you have potential. I'm here to tell you that you matter.

Even though we never met, we all suffered. For many of us life was hell. We cried and we hid it. We were lonely and friendless in a world of lonely, friendless people, and we met nobody.

It's fucking sad. I really wish it wasn't like this. I wish people didn't have friends or enemies, and everybody was kind to everybody. I wish I changed and I wish all of you changed. I wish I found another person like myself and made them happy.

But I didn't. I won't. I've given up, like many of you have given up. And I'm sorry. I'm sorry because nobody deserves to suffer the way I suffered, and I couldn't save anyone. I barely tried.

You don't have to be funny, or intelligent, or kind. Suffering is enough. Everybody suffers so everybody is important. Don't spit on that and don't sneer. This is brotherhood between men and the grace of God. This is the noblest thing in the universe.
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Thank You.


outside of these forums I don't think I'd want to talk with any of you in person


This sounds like a suicide note…

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whatmin rate my build
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this new update kills. took 20 mins to open my save with 1fps 100% usage.

crapcom dev posted 30mins ago about this frame issue so i have to wait



Yes on Linux I can't even play after this 40GB update

1-3fps in main menu (Same for everyone on Linux)

Could play actual game at 60fps before


At the bottom here's the list of people complaining about this on Linux.


yeah i had 60 solid before with hiccups on the menu that were noticeable.

It might just be a dx12 thing or vram overload


Ok, apparently it's the anti cheat endlessly scanning your folder that causes it. I found a program that disables it and the game works pretty similar as it did before.


File: 1579064524440.png (230.5 KB,1763x819,2020-01-14-235006_1763x819….png) iqdb

Linux hacker figured out how to fix it by patching Wine.

Win7 users still screwed lol



I have the anti cheat by pass but it still doesn't play flawlessly. I managed to beat up to barioth but I think I'll wait now.

Curious how that works. Win 10 still has these issues.

There's another fix where you fake close the game and never hit quit that makes it work well too.

Crapcom Twitter posted about the bug again yesterday so it might now be too long.

File: 1579046266357.gif (7.32 MB,500x700,hugging.gif) iqdb


whatmin im gona be dead soon

will you miss me?


File: 1579048893928.png (58.23 KB,195x195,1578866804340.png) iqdb

Why you got gay cancer?


no im just checking out. i cant let go of my past so im gonna die for it.

do you think anything cool will happen that ill miss out on


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Do you know why God doesn't just kill Satan?

Because God made it so not even he could destroy souls, including human souls. They're eternal.

When you die you will immediately enter Hades/Sheoul. Even Jesus went to Hades (translated as "hell" in KJV) when he died.

Hades (Sheoul) is soul containment until the day of judgement. There is different compartments to Hades (Paradiso/Gehenna), for different kinds of people.

You may end up having a worse time dead than alive.


its not me i dont think, it's like can you remember before you were born? your soul does but you dont, me as i know it will die and yeah youre right my soul will drop down to a lower realm but i couldn't get past the trials my soul was put on in this life

maybe next time



>Do you know why God doesn't just kill Satan?
Because he can't. The demiurge is less powerful than Lucifer, the light bearer and a messenger from the true Divine One.

File: 1578774932389.jpeg (261.75 KB,1280x1807,image.jpeg) iqdb


Huh? What are you looking at me for?
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File: 1578971667007.jpeg (604.13 KB,1245x1800,image.jpeg) iqdb





File: 1579024037306.jpeg (710.85 KB,1014x1400,image.jpeg) iqdb

Osu! I heard there were some young boys ITT!


File: 1579024140006.jpeg (238.95 KB,1000x1524,23725b23fe1fed5d.jpeg) iqdb

Now we are talking


i want to see her dominate and seduce impressionable boys

File: 1578804217966.jpg (83.75 KB,839x472,flow.jpg.jpg) iqdb


pooping on the what saturnday party
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I would literally never use a numpad if I had one.

Why don't I have one? Less travel time between the mouse and my keyboard, more comfortable arm positions, and less space taken on my desk.


Yeah, it seems to be you either like them or hate them, not much in between indifference. i think the people that don't like them simply never (had to) use them. Once I got used to it i could never be happy without it, hate using my laptop keyboard for example coz no numpad.

If you just don't type many numbers in your day-to-day (or maybe play loads of roguelikes) then you could probably go without a numpad just fine, for everyone else, numpad is almost essential.


I think a numpad's a little bit easier for people who don't know how to touch type. In one of my older jobs, I'd seen people who didn't touch type use a numpad proficiently. It's fairly intuitive, in contrast to the QWERTY layout, so, of course a functioning human being could intuit how to use one with their own devices. It kind of makes my wonder about whether, in a world with Dvorak, where people naturally gravitate towards the home row, or some kind of ABCDE layout, where people could anticipate where the keys were, whether there'd be so many computer-illiterate boomers and zoomers out there. It actually really depresses me how my nephews and neices will never what it's like to actually type and think about what you're typing, rather than being myopically fixed on the actual process of typing.

Notwithstanding, when I bust out emacscalc for arithmetic, conversions, statistics, I always use numrow. I might type a lot, but not that much in proportion to all the other stuff I type. But, I think it makes perfect sense why an accountant would use the numpad. Extending your fingers all the way out to the numrow, in my eyes, seems straining and un-ergonomic. I guess it just depends on the application.


touch typing is for dinos, swipe typing will be the future. unfortunately you can't really swipe type on dvorak or the other custom layouts since so many common words are close to each other


I actually just realized that I use the numpad for the direction keys, because I'm left-handed. Although, I notice other left-handed people just use their right hand for a mouse. I'm definitely a minority when it comes to using a mouse in my dominant hand. Granted, I could always just bind the keys on the right side of my home row to be directional, but I've always much preferred the non-staggered numpad, which is better aligned with my shoulder. Maybe it's just because I grew on games from a time when people don't really consider WASD to be the precedent.

I mean, keys are just keys, right? They don't really have any specific function. The letters are more a matter of convenience. It's just stupid seeing these "Insert" and "Scroll Lock" keys when most of those purposes are served perfectly fine with well-known keybinds. And not to mention, it pisses me off that nobody uses IBM standard bindings anymore. C-m is to RETURN as C-h is to BACKSPACE. Yet only Bash seems to care. Everyone else shits on basic bindings, like a big "Fuck you" to standardization of something that has absolutely no reason to be diverse. I can't even use "Alt" modifiers in XFCE terminal because it has its own shitty bindings. Cherry on top: SysrescueCD's default background preset for XFCE terminal makes orange text illegible, so I have to change the background setting to white every time. Everything is inconsistant, everything is horrible, yet many keybinds are hard-coded. Like C-c tells mpv to terminate, regardless of what I put in the triggers or in the config file. Why? Why would you hardcode the keybind that everyone universally considers to be "Copy"? What would possibly compel you to do this? Read a style guide or something. God. No one can behave themselves.


I wish there was something like Swype for f-droid. That legit looks cool.

But I honestly think voice control is the future. And audio desktops. Far, far future, sure, but it makes sense. No sense for screens, and still fairly efficient. Blind people process text faster than normal people, and I've seen people get, like, 40 WPM with voice interface.

File: 1579018739286.jpg (335.6 KB,1920x1080,Final Fantasy XV IS a good….jpg) iqdb



Wow girls like this really exist. All her videos only have like 1K views too



Wow you found that quick, I didn't know if there was a video showing what she looks like

Someone else is filming too probably her dad lol


this is female autism

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