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No they should be burning you alive


Nigger HUSH


Really? If that's the case I guess I don't support them.


You never supported them you racist white bitch but don't you worry they gonna crack yo head during the November riots


are the rioters really going to drive 6 hours to my rural town to crack my head?


Yeah they need your money

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Whatmins Yu are the reason I'm killing myself you made me realize I made the dumbest choice


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I've done nothing but be tolerant and friendly to you even after you spam /what/ with a page full of threads in return.


I'm not talking about your autism board I mean my real life choice. I chose pure hell over comfy femdom gf taking care of me because of my pride and then I got that taken away as well. You told me I fucked up





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wish my bf would strip me, but not quite like this though.


Put a fucking bullet through your brain


wasn't there another reply last week?

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This is probably how most of the jpsphere acted in high school




me and my friends used to reference hot memes and talk about george w bush all day


No one talks about Trump IRL and you had your own equivalent of memes which was centralized Jewish tv show pop culture references and shitty internet videos on new grounds


Also bush was basically treated like Trump is, teens talked about him and the war the same amount zoomers do about Trump IRL

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Kill yourself you toxic trannies


/what/ever you say, Shikinami. Soryu is the Asuka for me


/what/min do your job



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Get fucking owned shitmin
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I'm not mad just pointing out the problems with pirating PC games.

I feel bad for all the people waiting for a crack for $20 Persona 4. It was mostly third-worlders who can't even get a debit/credit card to buy games on Steam, and underage NEETs.

I doubt Denuvo has helped Atlus, anyone pirating this $20 game was never going to buy it.


Demuvo is a backdoor rootkit you willingly installed on your PC to play a waifu simulator


>I feel bad for all the people waiting for a crack for $20 Persona 4
What about the people waiting for a crack so they can purchase the game and play it without malware?


how do you play it without malware if you purchase it? don't you have to use the denuvo steam version? and this isn't a crack, it's literally the atlus game leaked without denuvo


if it's cracked then there's no reason to keep denuvo so they might remove it

also can't you just buy the game and replace the EXE? I've never done that with denuvo but I do it with mods and stuff and it works


I'd hardly be sympathetic to Atlus as the victim of piracy, considering their constant abuse of DMCA in the past against content creators over leaked media represents a flagrant disregard to the parameters of copyright. As far as I'm concerned, when you abuse DMCA simply because there's no repercussions for doing so, you're crossing the line with respect to copyright just as much as any pirate.

Steam itself might be more platform-independant than their competitors, but the service still encourages DRM. It's not like DRM-free games aren't viable in the market, otherwise, GOG wouldn't exist.

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POV: you're a commie


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Whatmind help I realized I was actually retard the whole time and my brain is cia nigger headquarters why did I give up my Dommy mommy 10 years ago my life is regret and I can't get over it Im such a baby and a pussy to do anything about guess I'll just post here in my permanent limbo the CIA niggers made for me
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curry dani*


curi danny


Please kill me


i would if i could


Why thats evil

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Drunk again and listening to AMVs.


Bruh I can't stop laughing


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What' so funny?

The 2008 youtube shitbox filter makes songs better that's all I swear


god i love 1979. used to listen to that on loop for whole weekends.

very aesthetic.

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It's all a joke


you are mentally ill


Doing ok myself




you are mentally ill



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Whatmins why did I leave her she was my femdom Mommy gf and she took care of me
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shove some curry up your ass nigger


Incel jealousy LMAO




Laugh if you're a loser beta virgin





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ECC DDR4 128gb ram stick costs twice my salary in a month
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I poked around and there is absolutely nothing out there that would give a better performance per value than the xeon platinum es setup. No ryzen, no threadripper, no epyc, nothing.
Not to mention upgradeability.


Literally buying a 3700X/3800X/3900X/3950X is way better for everything than buying dual-socket old Xeons with crap single core performance.

Just buy a 3700X, X570 motherboard, some 3200/3600MHz RAM, and an nVME SSD.


Are you accounting for single core performance, dual-socket CPU latency, CPU features like AVX2, and electricity?


File: 1593880215757.jpg (268.14 KB,1093x820,1493211264636.jpg) iqdb

Now I understand why would you think in such way, and I also remember when the first ryzens came out and everyone was shitting themselves, but this is a very special case and I am going to explain it down to the last details why I would still go platinum ES.

First things first, the platinum was always the top of the line, multisocket, most-core variant of the lineup, so yeah, it does have AVX2.
"Crap single core performance" is a bit misleading, isn't it. We are talking about Skylake, not some gunked up Core2duo. So the performance of a core would be pretty much equal if it wasn't a manycore server processor. I don't need to explain this means it's thermally constrained, but keep it in mind, because it will matter.
I don't game. It's not a thing. But if it needs to, these beasts can turbo up to 3.80 Ghz (again, thermals). Summarizing all the cpu specs, Xeon has around 24-28 slower cores compared to the top of the line ryzen 3950x, which has 16 cores, albeit faster and cooler since 7nm lol.
However, moving onto memory, things become a little more interesting and we have to start comparing them as platforms as well. Little known (I didn't know it) that common Ryzens support ECC. Now, if I need that, is an other question, we will go into that in the workloads section, but for now, it's clear that it's a feature both cpus support.
Memory channels. Xeon has 6, SIX, while Ryzen has 2. Then again, the benefits here do really depend on the usecase, and, of course you need to populate the six memory SLUTS to make use of this strong point. The Xeon also supports tons of more memory, a single socket can take on 768GB, although we bump into the very real financial limit posed in the opening post of the thread. I hope these two last features show just how much of a different ballpark the two platforms are and platinum xeons are no joke.
Now, the case for Ryzen, PCIe 4.0. This little thing had my attention earlier in the month while I madly scoured the net for PCIe 4.0 peripherials, but there is not much right now. What already benefits from this is NVME storage, there are some really good offerings at the market right now like the Aorus m.2 drive that has double speed compared to your average samsung evo schtick stick. The only other part worPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


This computer will be everything. I want to virtualize on it, store lots of stuff, and build a security camera system (since I live in the boonies), and a zone audio player.
My wallet already hurts about the camera system (mmm surveillance optimized HDDs), and in case you are not familiar with zone media players, they are basically make you have a control center with multiple outputs you can route to different rooms/areas of the house you want to fill with sound. This means more storage needs and needs for audio cards for the multiple outputs. As you can see, I want to integrate lots of usecases into a computer which is why the platformwide feature richness is beneficial. If you look at this financially, it is clearly a very interesting twilight zone too, with comparable TR and Epyc processors and platforms being much more expensive and Ryzen just not living up to this all around (although special) usecase
Now the elephant in the room. Engineering samples. This is a big gamble and yet again, this is not, because someone else did this configuration
(it really makes you wonder just how retarded this guy is, ordering a basically nonexistent part, because 8136 officially doesn't exist, unlike 8176)
Now, the thermals ; Linus also used a basic intel cooler which is optimized for U-rack cases and not maximum performance, however the cooler I counted for earlier in the financial case is the Noctua NH-U14S DX-3647. One can clearly see this will bring superior cooling performance and sound compared to the height optimized intel part (thus enabling higher clockspeeds to boost single core performance, the 8176 can boost up to 3.8 GHz on paper)
So this is it, this is the meat and the brains behind views
As a last part to mention, there is a little additional benefit out there. I don't have any sort of advanced heating in the house. But if I cozy up under the kotatsu with my computer, load up some HEVC anime to fire up some of the 28 little bagel ovens, I will be fine, no matter how cold outside the wind blows…


fucking gearsluts huh

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