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what's happening here


you never hung out with your bros in underwear touching each others boners?


I don't remember such event

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Holly fuck. Another case of autistic fans ruining star wars



jar jar really is the key to all of this. RLM tards literally BTFO


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Before you all start blaming Disney and JJ Abrams for ruining Star Wars lets remember how this mess started. A talentless hack from Reddit Letter Media upload three cringeworthy reviews for each of the three prequels. Watching them is like watching bum make fun of a Renaissance painter. And people actually AGREED WITH HIM! George Lucas was betrayed by his own fans long before Disney. Disney just gave people what they wanted; more of the same. It was RLM who said the OT was better and that JJ Abrams should have directed the prequels. Another film critic from the time ESB was released said Disney could have done a better job. So Lucas gave the audience what they wanted and sold it to Disney so JJ Abrams could make sequel remakes of the OT. And the fans still aren't satisfied!

Another thing I noticed is that a lot of people on the internet are white supremacists complaining about how their "great" civilization is crumbling. Well it turns out the Star Wars prequels were all about white people living in an advanced space faring civilization exploring the cosmos living in Greco-Roman like buildings with great architecture and just being awesome. You would think all these white nerds would start drooling and think it's the best thing ever,… but they didn't. It's like all they really want to do is complain.


I never really got the weird fixation with Jar Jar, I always thought he was the prequel equivalent of c3po and they both seemed equally annoying to me. Maybe the voice just strikes a greater nerve with some people, because the "humor" they provide is almost identically awful. K2 in rogue one was the only comic relief character in star wars I liked.

I think the empire strikes back is an accidental masterpiece and the rest are just ok or bad. 3 is entertaining as a clusterfuck tragedy I guess, but it's the only one I really enjoyed watching besides 5. I really don't have a hard time saying I think 1 is around 4, 6, and 7 in terms of quality, it's just not a standard hero's journey or much like the other ones at all really, it's some weird hybrid sci-fi sports action movie, I think it'd have a really decent fanbase if it weren't star wars.

I do think 2 and 8 have a special place as boring movies that make absolutely no fucking sense though.

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tfw people in a car can't follow dumbass mush mouth 25-step directions you just gave them

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Yes, I'd fuck her. We all would fuck her. But does that mean she's hot or sexy or is that just an indicator of capcom exploiting our irl low standards to make us attracted to the game? I usually play videogames for escapism and now DMC features a girl that looks like I met her on tinder and caught the clap from. I mean she makes my dick hard but that's because I've trained myself to be attracted to 5/10 frumpy nerd girls because they're low effort lays without much drama.


So one of the Japanese exchange students likes me but I'm not really attracted to her. She's so sweet and innocent and I think she's never had a bf so I don't want to be the guy that breaks her heart since if we were in a relationship it would only be until she goes back to Japan.

Should I just not?

Another thing they all think I'm handsome, kakooii they say and kawaii a lot which is surprising since second generation Asians don't seem interested in me and I thought I was too dark for Japans taste

Anyway what should I do? Date the Japanese girl whose personality I like but not really looks but also am scared by her innocence and purity since I'm a fucked up American

What should it do what? I'm think I'm gonna pass mainly because I dunt want to hurt her by breaking up


What the fun why won't it post the image

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Does he get cummed?




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He mostly helps his friends get cummed.



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Women are nothing but machines for producing children.

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Whatnot are you gonna get Halo reach? Play with me
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So running games on Linux makes them useless cuz everyone can cheat


Why not have Windows partion if you use wine and vms


It's a backdoor for the occult secret society banker servants to watch you


I just have an offline windows computer. I can download games on my secure computer and play them on the windows computer.


What are the specs


Cheating is a lesser moral evil than distributing proprietary software.

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>Only a Sith deals in absolutes

Was this line too deep for me


>didn't watch plinkett review

hello newfags


I only watch BOTW


Those were long I didn't keep focus for the entire thing


I just watched the entire thing and they never mentioned this line. Also the episode 3 review was uploaded I'm 2016. The only one I watched in entireties was the phantom menace one in 2009. I remember watching another one in like 2011 but I guess that was the episode 2 one.

Are you stupid? Are you fucking retarded? You literally just made me sit thru two hours of some guy repeating what the entire world said in the early 2000s and he even missed some things and made stupid criticisms that weren't valid

Literally kill yourself to death you stupid teen fuck off

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Why are libertarians all pedophiles


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small penis



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I enter through the window, but I break no glass. When night falls, I vanish. What am I?


I like riddles.I like how they lie and twist what you know. I like how the correct answers are always dependent on the authors mind. I used riddles as one basis for establishing logical analysis as well as protecting yourself from all the lies that will be thrown at you throughout your life

So for example we'd list all the possible meaning behind each word in order to give us a better scope of the answers.

The common start is to pretend to be the object 'I' this is the first lie as to the layman would indicate something conscious but we know from gathering answer that this piece of information is irrelevant and the answer still has the largest scope.

The second lie is 'enter' as it obscures the notion of travel down to practical movement but we know from experience that it still indicates nothing, a ray of sun can travel through which is way different conceptually than say a bird flying through, heck even the commradery of a marching band can travel through a window. The final example indicating just how loosely words are used in the realm of riddles.

I'm not gonna go through every word but I think the three main points to solving a riddle are
1. what are the possible answers
2. what are the hidden rules of the authors universe (that is to interpret what the author deems as valid restrictions to answer or in other words what rules apply and in what way do they apply)
3. what is the authors answer.
Language is infinite and so is its discerning reason there are many answer to all riddles that adhere to the first two points but it is the author who decides the valid one.




I smell like a piece of shit, taste like a piece of shit, look like a piece of shit, but I'm not a piece of shit. What am I?

Answer: A lying piece of shit


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Wrong it's gay niggers from the spirit realm


a birds song

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