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File: 1601393761128.jpg (272.58 KB,1400x990,sample-1add8fdd8bd0cfbb812….jpg) iqdb


I just bought some random guy FF13 on Steam, he was asking if the FF13 trilogy was playable on RPCS3 (they're not) because he didn't have enough money to buy the games.

All 3 games are fucking $28 on Steam right now, FF13 is only $8.

I assume this is either some teenager with broke parents or someone in some third-world country.


True friendship is priceless.




WTF you never bought me anything why don't you stream the ff13 trilogy I heard lightbulb residence is the best one

File: 1601348986205.mov (5.13 MB,trim.2F1D2B94-DCC8-465B-80….MOV)


Lmao whatmins the real cooking by the book girl did the Lil Jon meme on tiktok
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This is apparently the real Chloe Lang, the actual Lazy Town girl.



There are two lazy town girls moron she's not the one from cooking by the book


There's 3 actually

And yes she's really one of them so good enough.


She's not the original one from all the old 2000s 4chan memes like you are a pirate and cooking by the book you zoomer fuck

And unban me uni

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wow the new yakuza game looks great

File: 1601361998768.png (978.6 KB,1280x720,rvpyUPt.png) iqdb


did i post this here?

File: 1601265786107.png (435.16 KB,720x720,1599859310657.png) iqdb


whatmin you want me to send you my pics on staem
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File: 1601267512740.jpg (113.33 KB,1920x816,Oliver-Peoples-Glasses-Wor….jpg) iqdb

his look kind of different, like more shiny and transparant fuck… i bought them on a site called "otticanet" almost everyone online says theyre authetntic but some people online say they are fake fuck what if i got gypped they were still 130 dollars cheaper than the official store fuck


whatever im only gonna wear them at home



Shipping was quick. But the glasses are fake!

This are no better than $20 sunglasses that you get in chinatown. I wouldn't waste your time or money in ordering from this place. Any positive reviews here are people who are idiots. I ordered these expecting the best yet they turned out to be the worst.

I tried emailing them but I have not received a response. I tried calling them and there is no response. How does a website like this exist? I don't understand why they have not been shut down yet.

I will be filing a complaint with multiple sources and have them shut down. The glasses came in a case that had finger prints all over it and there was no sort of packaging.

fuck what if theyre fake they look good tho


I ordered "authentic" Ray-Bans from this site. After inspection the laser etched "RB" that is supposed to be etched in the glass just rubs off. These are fake glasses that I paid $120.00 for! This is also false advertising. Although they got here in a timely manner and…
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Dec 30, 2015

Dear all,

I assure you that we do not sell fake sunglasses. We buy them directly from the official manufacturer which is Luxottica here in Italy.
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idk lokoing at other pics i think theyre real.the ones in the movie look slightly different than newer ones, maybe they changted them a little since hte 80s



I bought the smaller oliver peoples glasses instead of hte normal size cuz i thought they would look too big but the size difference is only in width not the actual circle of frame and now they are too narrow on my face i still look smart and classy with them but they make me look weird like sam hyde or something idk if i hould get the normal big ones like christian bale

File: 1601020905861.jpg (237.44 KB,1066x1526,1600853127405.jpg) iqdb


Merorin was here, you guys are faggots.


so mero was the pedo board all along not hima hmm


Where are my replies you funking niggers


Pretty dank post my nigger!


fuck ogg


Chill out my nigger!

File: 1599072298079.mp4 (5.39 MB,476x268,keeponmoving.mp4) iqdb


The next time you spam my site while I'm asleep I'm going to range ban every single address range you've ever posted from.
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remember the good old days when the resident schizo wasn't so mean and rude


hes sliding


File: 1599161971634.jpg (160.06 KB,670x886,ef4f710f330c001d9e8cf24060….jpg) iqdb

Just letting you know I can simply D++ all those posts now.

So it doesn't bother me. If you see spam it will all be gone by the time I wake up.


File: 1601333770669.png (89.49 KB,400x400,2cutewhatfriends.png) iqdb



File: 1601342057810.jpg (49.82 KB,892x480,saten-san in the yuki.jpg) iqdb



Shut up homo

File: 1601344889528.jpeg (289.42 KB,1206x880,D7B9017B-E713-4B1B-9C4E-D….jpeg) iqdb


My gf doesn't know how to apply makeup

File: 1601343772063.jpg (113.33 KB,1920x816,Oliver-Peoples-Glasses-Wor….jpg) iqdb



File: 1601311032382.jpg (381.02 KB,1314x1945,1594693758349.jpg) iqdb


Why do gay guys like anime girls and waifus like normal straight guys do
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Idk my urges to my gay femboy roommate are different than to girls, i usually want girls to dom me but to femboys i want to make them my bitch fuck toy


Were they feminine or just flamboyant? Because I feel like there's a distinction. Certainly, flamboyant men tend to pick up feminine idiosyncrasies: female inflections, body language, accessories, etc., but they don't really have the feminine air of a real trap or some trans woman. I can get why anyone would find that repugnant. They're basically procuring all the awful attributes of women. I met a man who pretty much conducted himself in a masculine way, but he still had a pretty effeminate personality. It wasn't in the way he spoke or presented himself or even how he identified sexually, but, in speaking to him, you would get this sense of empathy/understanding/affection that you get from some women.


He was only 19 and to me still finding his identity(why I forgave him for waking me up at 5 AM and awkwardly asking to suck my dick, I figured he's just a horny teen and likened it to me being 19 and living with a super hot girl who I see in her underwear and stuff and can't do anything to), but it was like he was trying as hard to be as flamboyantly gay as possible. The difference between him and a gay dude/male is he literally wore makeup, spent so much money on makeup, wore tight clothes, short tight shorts like a girl, etc but he was a childish zoomer and I was like 27 so to me he was just a dumb kid, plus he had this weird attraction to me where I think he would intentionally ask me stupid questions so I could sort of bully him and be like what or be patronizing to him because he liked being teased by me. I can't remember if he had facial hair a the time but he usually did, and I wouldn't let someone with facial hair suck my dick it's repulsive. He was also black, not half white black just black so picutre that and wearing tight girl clothes and intentionally trying to act as effeminate as posible to be like "I AM GAY THIS IS MY IDENTITY"

THe funny thing about him is i heard him talking to his friends a lot about how gay guys turn him off and how they act effeminate and whatever is a turn off, so he seemed to hate guys that literally are like him which is funny. I guess he was just a super "bottom" idk, never really talked to him much about his gay life and especially after he took advantage of my niceness/shyness to try to give me head


Actually I was 29, fuck I'm old. Thank God I'm not white and still pass for younger.


But I guess to answer your question he was definitely more flamboyant, he wasn't a trap, he identified as a gay boy. But he was like so extreme with it and being a teenager it was borderline femboy/trans.


ITT: faggots trying to justify their own faggot thoughts

File: 1601335111970.jpg (1.58 MB,3264x2448,1562132819228.jpg) iqdb




wow this is a really great picture

File: 1601316983833.jpg (256.64 KB,2048x1153,1513869341466.jpg) iqdb




P5r is definitely the best Persona game mechanically, but the narrative sucks. I think the think I hate the most is how every conflict with your confidants ultimately relies on the Phantom Thieves as deus ex machina to overcome the issue, and the confidants inevitably have the revalation that Joker is a phantom thief, and they're grateful to him for being their savior. It's really unsatisfying to experience, and even moreso if you've actually experienced the same issue that one of the confidants face, because their respective conflicts are super shallow depictions of how such a thing would turn out in real life. And the fact that the protagonist is a necessary component of the narrative beyond just being an inspirational and supportive friend creates a story that seems extremely bleak and hopeless, if not outright insulting, for the characters without the protagonist to depend on. Basically, he's a Mary Sue.

Contrast that to Innocent Sin. The game literally punishes you for intervening in other characters conflicts by giving you tougher battles when you make the decision to intervene, illustrating how its oftentimes harder for a third party to fix your issues than it is to confront them yourself. You literally can't even get their Persona's ultimate forms if you don't let them resolve their own arcs. It encourages you to let your friends fight their own fights in order to grow and flourish, which is absolutely true of real life, too.

It's just so perplexing how hamfisted P5 is, especially considering there's a huge over lap between P5 and the P2 games, thematically. Even in terms of motifs. Joker is the namesake of characters in both games, and cognitive distortions are also a prominent idea in both games, yet, it's so strange how P2 seems less dated and out-of-touch than P5 in depicting those themes.

File: 1601310117529.png (307.24 KB,640x480,C67E46DF-3AF5-48FB-A31A-6A….png) iqdb



File: 1601195802038.jpg (51.84 KB,570x730,15897264026.jpg) iqdb


schizomin are you a yuro?
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Fuck off.


File: 1601291245630.gif (1.04 MB,680x680,1457137456688.gif) iqdb



go away meromin your not me


I just need some steam friends that play among us with me


File: 1601296980130-0.png (828.27 KB,802x1002,71136245_p0.png) iqdb

post cat

File: 1601268743477.webm (2.93 MB,432x432,1592042008156.webm) iqdb




File: 1601291285548.gif (2.98 MB,224x224,der cum brain.gif) iqdb

I guess that "elephants think humans are cute like we look at puppies" thing is real.

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