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bros i cant wait for 2020 ive been waiting for the 20s my entire life we made it bros are you ready for the most epic decade in this occult empires history
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This decade sucks so far


The collapse has already begun


UBI is coming… just wait….


File: 1586913580645.png (427.55 KB,729x388,1552285653025.png) iqdb

this didnt age well lmfao


What is this trashwhore doing next to illya


Because your dick is callused and your brain is smooth.

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I'm going to kill myself
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don't do it think of all your frens


Stop making fun of me


File: 1576137672718.jpg (53.53 KB,650x650,sakura_nene_14160.jpg) iqdb

i project my depression onto others


Would you like to tell us what's wrong?


I poop a lot. I have diarrhea that's explosive and painful.



File: 1586537716269.png (137.32 KB,957x552,2020-04-10-124823_957x552_….png) iqdb


>Expensive ass game
>90% of content is community made and requires giant ass 10GB collection of mods

Hope I can even trust this guy and the discord trannies who made this stuff not to make malware.
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File: 1586830333521.png (16.85 KB,785x270,2020-04-13-221001_785x270_….png) iqdb

So a lot of Japanese people on Pixiv post their Koikatsu characters but never share the card because they don't want me to fuck they're waifu.

I private messaged this guy in very basic Japanese, it's a foolproof plan.


イカ娘 コイカツ カード, 好きだ
送ってください! ぜったいおねがいします



Do you own the steam version or did you pirate this.


File: 1586833022351.jpg (421.28 KB,1920x1080,2020-04-13-225638_1920x108….jpg) iqdb

I bought the Steam version because I don't like pirating software.

If I knew I was going to have to trust 10GB of mods including executables from discord trannies anyway I probably wouldn't have.

I will say the English Steam version has absolutely zero DRM, does not even require Steam to be running. Half the game is missing (the entire main story mode because it takes place in a school), but Illusion provides this data for free download openly, which you can just copy straight to the game folder and the game is complete.

Of course, the main draw of this game is people making custom characters, and there's 1,000,000 mods they use, that you have to have installed for their characters/models to work properly.

There is one single curated source of mods called "HF patch", most people use this and it should install almost everything you need.


File: 1586833400302.png (2.62 MB,1920x1080,80716906_p1.png) iqdb

Yeah I torrent artificial academy 2 and custom maid years ago b4 they were on steam and it was a hassle to run them. Like windows 7 only and I needed to install jp windows language and some other patch.

Still waiting for this to go on sale before I buy but good to know it works well.


File: 1586910485344.png (225.05 KB,650x700,2020-04-14-202652_650x700_….png) iqdb

Holy fuck he actually sent them and said

"Dōzo, uketotte kudasai"


you better send him an ありがとうございます!

File: 1586903112183.jpg (119.34 KB,540x720,1585141756329.jpg) iqdb


Whatmins I'm on antibiotics

File: 1586884324845.gif (389.96 KB,244x244,1579448128073.gif) iqdb


I came twice today


one of my cumsplurts grazed my best work pullover
i might wear it tomorrow anyhow, it didn't leave that big of a mark

File: 1586845569832.jpg (788.72 KB,2448x3264,k0hgznjslmcs41.jpg) iqdb




Omg you're hot. Be my bf?


File: 1586880549182.png (1.14 MB,1920x1080,2020-04-14-030616_1920x108….png) iqdb

Holy shit is this real?


tits or GTFO


File: 1586883608351.jpg (86.65 KB,615x950,FB_IMG_1586882769766.jpg) iqdb


Love is love.

File: 1586800481500.jpg (58.63 KB,950x665,tenki-no-ko.jpg) iqdb


Weathering with You (Japanese: 天気の子, Hepburn: Tenki no Ko, lit. "Child of Weather") is a 2019 Japanese animated romantic fantasy film written and directed by Makoto Shinkai. The film is set in Japan during a period of exceptionally rainy weather and tells the story of a high-school boy who runs away to Tokyo and befriends an orphan girl who has the ability to manipulate the weather.
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Why would you go to what clearly comes off as a date night flick with your brother? That's kinda weird.


I went with all my Japanese friends who don't even watch anime and our weeb friends, the Japanese peeps didn't like it and said the main character was so selfish? My roommate liked how exact Tokyo was drawn he recognized many areas. He also pointed out to me how anime makes otaku culture seem like a more popular thing than it actually is, like there was a manga otaku store in the movie that he pointed out was shown as if it's a common thing so westerners who like anime think it's more mainstream than it actually is. I didn't like the movie either, I guess the animation and"atmosphere" was nice cuz of the rain but everything else was pretty shit. Your name was much better


did you have a cummy dream yet?


Literally just came all over my hospital gown


I hope it dries before tht nurse gets in


File: 1586862359682.jpg (190.32 KB,1024x1024,58204_p.jpg) iqdb

friends are for fags

File: 1586857654955.webm (2.87 MB,1280x896,1586834591208.webm) iqdb


04/14/20(Tue)00:54:01 No.503420958
>fantastic game

This is easily the worst video game ever created. This "game" can basically be summed up as padding and filler.

They took 5-minute "dungeons" from the original Midgar and turned them each into hour-long FF13 hallways. Even worse, they inserted all new "dungeons" (hour-long FF13 hallways) in between story beats where the original FF7 would have just moved on to the next story beat. It doesn't add anything to the story or game world. It doesn't flesh out the original Midgar. It's not even fun. You just go down some glorified decorated hallways and fight three guys at a time for 30+ hours. This is not fun. This is not a game. This is a mindless, joyless, and a chore. You actually had to force myself to finish this awful slog.

The sidequests do little to break up the monotony–in fact, they amplify it. They are the most soulless, uninteresting MMO quests you can imagine. At some point I just stopped bothering with them because they add noting of value to this game. They are not fun or interesting.

This isn't Final Fantasy 7. This is Final Fantasy 13 loosely based on Final Fantasy 7. This game does not respect your time. Square Enix claimed that this remake was going to be episodic because the game world was going to be "greatly expanded" and "vast." Midgar is not expanded. It is padded. What happened here is that they decided from day one that they wanted to sell multiple games as "episodes," and then struggled to come up with filler content to stretch Midgar out to 30+ hours. And they couldn't even come up with anything fun. As I said, this is easily the worst video game I ever played in my life.

This is the most soulless, joyless corporate cash-grab ever created, it is a personal attack against video games as a medium, and it is a crime against humanity.

Drop dead.

File: 1586781474488.jpg (36.8 KB,750x420,FB_IMG_1586780153661.jpg) iqdb




My dad is a disappointment but I'm grateful that he never let tht Jews take my foreskin

I probably fucked up my dick head sensitivity anyway by going on 18 hour edging sessions on Vyvanse tho


snippity snap on the cummer shaft


File: 1586796273380.jpg (87.16 KB,1080x1080,FB_IMG_1586796236577.jpg) iqdb


Yeah the Jews still won in the end… Sigh they really destroyed all my biological potential being born into their Kabbalah darkness timeline




I love negev

File: 1586734433372.webm (1009.16 KB,1280x720,1586471576135.webm) iqdb



Jessie is now better than tifa or aeris.i never liked aeris anyway


I like Shamiko

File: 1586749766874.jpg (126.18 KB,477x426,1585314997978.jpg) iqdb




File: 1586763323669.png (327.25 KB,406x456,dd.png) iqdb

people talk about throwing your life away

File: 1586739808198.png (37.18 KB,720x224,2020-04-12-210309_720x224_….png) iqdb



Everything is wrong with this thread


File: 1586749231401.png (22.88 KB,708x114,2020-04-12-234019_708x114_….png) iqdb

Did this Resident Evil nerd make a marijuana reference?

File: 1586727394688.png (1.81 MB,1920x1080,Koikatu-2020-03-12-12-54-5….png) iqdb




what anime is this?


Generic pedophile bait 3466432222


Shut ups it's from Koikatsu


cunny bunnies Xtreme

File: 1586734600897.jpg (106.17 KB,800x800,1581763403803.jpg) iqdb


Oxys calm me down but the constipation is real
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I don't understand: if you're so young and healthy with great potential, why do you still hang out here with all these toxic and bitter people? Why don't you fulfill your potential? For every minute you spend being shitty on imageboards, you just prove that they're wrong and you don't actually have potential.

Go do something great with this fantastic life you have instead of interacting with people you despise.


They're paid to say that you dense retard.


Right, they're paid to lie about my blood work and vitals.
I think it's because I'm self hating, cuz you're right, it's like an act of self harm coming here. I've been coming much less as you guys can see with the limited posts but I've literally been in the ICU and couldn't really. It was nice to talk to nurses and real life normal mentally healthy people in the hospital the past couple weeks tho

I hope I can maintain the lesser times I'm spending with you guys, and I hope you guys can get better too


File: 1586740216532.jpg (273.92 KB,704x620,1586730628355.jpg) iqdb

Use this opportunity to get retard bucks.

You are doing the Uncle Remus method of pretending to kill yourself to get documentation for disability right?


I didn't try to kill myself dude, it was an accident where I was severely injured and had to get surgery and even almost died post surgery from blood loss and had to get a ton of transfusions. It was the most physical pain I've felt in my life and the paramedics were like damn we know how painful this is don't worry bro we got the good stuff and literally ivd me fentanyl and I've been on painkillers in every unit non-stop since, the docs don't even hesitate they literally offer me whatever I want.

Anyway apparently I'm healing fine and will eventually be back to normal cuz of my good health and youth.


that's good, people don't get hard addicted if they aren't already lacking in happy hormones going into the substance so hopefully works out.

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