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It’s not fucking fair
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You can choke on my dick and die


Suck my cock dude, at least I don't have mommy issues.


Don't try to talk with my dick in your mouth you'll die quicker


Nigger you got mommy issues broski.




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it was obvious by your constant whining


I'm part of the same haplogroup as the most intelligent people on Earth. Cry more brainler

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>Non-working adult males


File: 1584824277243.jpg (32.36 KB,532x720,1445869640201.jpg) iqdb

>Non-working adult males

Hold up, why the fuck did they mention males when nothing indicates female NEETs would get it?

Is this a troll image?


Lol yeah I think it's a troll lmao. Still we probably aren't gonna get anything cuz we didn't file taxes


It's definitely a troll because the bill (that wasn't passed before deadline) said people earning as little as $5k would get something

Also what the heck would be the justification of Social Security retirees getting it but not Social Security disabled?

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>Event 201, Bill Gates shows a simulation in which a Coronavirus kills millions and poses a threat to humanity

>Release virus in China, blame the Chinese
>Months later 68 million die, (((just as you predicted)))
>Offer a cure, under one condition
>Those who want it will have to get CHIPPED
>Says it's only have an electronic verification of who has been vaccinated, BUT THERE'S MORE TO THE CHIP.
>It's a tracking device. It's a document carrier, every single piece of information collected from you is there. It's a visa for the illegal immigrant, a way to stop your antibodies and kill you with the push of a button, a way to turn those without it into nonpersons. A way to strip you of what little freedom you have. If you don't have it, you cannot sell, buy, or do anything. It's the MARK OF THE BEAST

youtube.com/watch?v=Vm1-DnxRiPM [Open]
youtube.com/watch?v=QkGNvWflCNM [Open]
youtube.com/watch?v=rWRmlumcN_s [Open]
youtube.com/watch?v=LBuP40H4Tko [Open]
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>Bill Gates, whose net worth is over $100 billion, once remarked that vaccines could reduce world population by 10 to 15 percent.

>Bill is a member of the ‘Big Club.’ He’s an unelected world leader. He and his fellow controllers at the top of the pyramid pretty much own the planet. It’s theirs. They want it turned into their own personal paradise. They don’t want more ‘useless eaters’ and more polluting humans mucking things up. That’s why Gates pushes GMO foods and 5G. The latter is a lot more concerning than the current coronavirus.

>The vaccine-obsessed Gates recently warned that the coronavirus may be the ‘once-in-a-century pathogen we’ve been worried about’ I doubt he’s worried about it at all. It’s probably all going according to plan. One of Gates’ allies will come up with a special vaccine that would cure it and who knows…maybe lawmakers will make such a shot mandatory. California has already accomplished that tyranny. We should have control over our own bodies and what goes into them, but the Big Club would turn us into their citizen cattle.

>The scientific, corporate, and political ‘authorities’ love vaccines. Through their propaganda they’ve made it seem as if the human immune system is no longer trusted–even though millions of years have been invested in its development. Suddenly, we’re told it needs endless help via needle jib jabs. The vaccine ingredients include mercury, aluminum, aborted fetal and animal cells, and a litany of other junk mostly ignored by doctors and patients alike. Just shut up and take your damn shot! You’re not anti-science, are you? That’s the militantly angry reaction from authorities when vaccinations are questioned.


>The tremendous upswing in dementia could be caused by an aluminum build-up in the brain. Autism is off the charts. Chemical bombs are going off in brains of children due to over vaccination. There is plenty of evidence pointing to the barbarity of vaccination, yet those who merely question vaccines are smeared as conspiracy theorists and nut jobs.

>I don’t trust the CDC. Those who run it come and go through revolving doors, trading positions with Big Pharma. I don’t trust the World Health Organization and its ties to a UN globalist agenda. I don’t trust the Chicoms. I don’t trust any vaccine coming out of China. I don’t trust the corporate mass media who brainwash people into taking constant flu shots. I particularly distrust Bill Gates, who comes from a pro-abortion, pro-eugenics family. By the time he does bring about a vaccine, the current virus will most likely have mutated—like most flu viruses. The vaccine will be useless. A patient may recover from the flu, but the junk in the vaccines will stay their bodies until death. They may even cause people to die sooner than later. That’s what the Big Club wants. Just take a look at their Georgia Guidestones. They enjoy telling us what they want to make happen.

>It could be that the virus is a distraction—a crisis for us to focus on while they pull other shenanigans. The conspiracy theories are myriad, but I’m sure of one thing: The cure will be worse than the disease.


ok well let me know when something actually happens that isn't just reddit/pol/ speculation


Sorry for being rude


Real schizo hours


Kill yourself to death retard

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What the fuck is this



Damn whatmins I'm guns build a 64 core PC

File: 1584815692252.jpg (85.12 KB,533x800,1584472185719.jpg) iqdb


Whatmins I called Comcast and used social engineering and your IP to find your mom's name and your home address you are so fucked now

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dickord.gg/ invite in filename


Is it Mommy related

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Unfolliwed this racist white bitch
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Way less hassle, they don't expect money or anything from you other than sex.

About 1000x easier than getting a girl to have sex with you.


LMAO Nah, no thanks. I just can't get into it. I don't feel no attraction toward dudes. I'll stick still to women not hard to get one.


File: 1584757708066.gif (1.36 MB,500x500,1584744215980.gif) iqdb

>I'll stick still to women not hard to get one.


Sorry not sorry homo.


Owned that homo, BUUUUUUUUUUUUUT it is hard to get females. Proof is tinder, if I change my account to male and female I will get hundreds of likes in a few hours and every dude will match you. Especially an ugly freak like Dennis, he is already incel tier but on top of being gay means the mentally ill fag will fuck anything with a penis. He is also a child molestation victim like many homos, so he is a pedophile himself and even more unstable.

We have to work harder ty get girls but it's still preferable to the tortured life gays like Dennis live



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This is so racist


This is so funny.

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Aaaaaand everything's back to normal. Panic buying is over and supermarkets are well stocked again.

But for some reason we can't go back to work, millions have been laid off, thousands of small businesses have been ruined, and the stock market has been reset to 2016.

What the fuck was the point?


File: 1584805778674.jpg (737.09 KB,1247x1550,79896935_p0.jpg) iqdb

is this maru?


File: 1584807068563.jpg (194.09 KB,560x565,1547853223304.jpg) iqdb

Hanamaru means "flower circle"

Given to school kids for good work, like a gold star in the west.

what a lame name!

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Why don't Japanese believe in depression


this is my bit on the side


File: 1584800939852.jpg (386.29 KB,1920x1280,Japanese_schoolgirls_walki….jpg) iqdb

They do, just keep that shit to yourself.

Keep all mental problems to yourself. Dishonorabu and uncourteous

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Dani was right so they silenced him

They turned him into their guinea pig and lobotomized him for being aware of the truth

File: 1584791516054.png (2.66 MB,1920x1080,2020-03-21-075041_1920x108….png) iqdb


tfw I don't live in the Gobi desert
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File: 1584791971522.jpg (434.83 KB,1920x1080,2020-03-21-075211_1920x108….jpg) iqdb



File: 1584792230261.jpg (553.98 KB,1920x1080,2020-03-21-080340_1920x108….jpg) iqdb



File: 1584792251736.jpg (573.5 KB,1920x1080,2020-03-21-080236_1920x108….jpg) iqdb



File: 1584792286280.jpg (474.15 KB,1920x1080,2020-03-21-080148_1920x108….jpg) iqdb



File: 1584792357861.jpg (568.96 KB,1920x1080,2020-03-21-080550_1920x108….jpg) iqdb


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This is bigger than anything we have faced in our lifetime or our parents our our grand parents life.

Financal markets and banks are going to implode just like 2008.
There is a huge bubble and overvalued stock market which was/ is leveraged to the maximum, just like 2000
We have an external supply shock only compareable to war times, maybe 2001 but just WAY bigger.

whoever thinks this is just a dip and everything will go to normal within months is delusional.
On the other side the world is not going to end aswell.


if you're talking about the virus, it's not even a flue, it literally doesn't exist
the financial collapse on the other hand has been coming for decades, even a century, and has nothing to do with the mass hysteria the elites blame it on
virus hoax starter pack
https://youtu.be/zFN5LUaqxOA [Open]
https://youtu.be/3cnlynJZLtM [Open]


Then explain why hospitals are full and doctors have to enact wartime choices over livea you fucking schizo


it's called mass hysteria
people these days live in an average state of sickness from lifestyle, eating foods humans did not evolve to eat, and a toxic environment, all of that added to the psychological effects of nocebo and Munchausen syndrome (factitious disorder imposed on self) causes mass hysteria where people flood places like hospitals
even Scrubs had an episode making fun of such phenomena way back, where they show the hordes of people showing up in the hospital the day after a huge public health scare was announced
meanwhile, in reality, pathogenic viruses don't exist, and there's no such thing as contagious disease at all, it's not how disease works, and never was, any such model has always been a ploy used by snake oil salesmen and authoritarians seeking more power


I bet you can't even use properly a microscope in order to see onion cells. Geopolitical and economic consequencies due to collective infections begin with the later egyptian dynasties, then we've a good record of the several plagues in europe during middle age. Panic and hysteria are a part of the pandemy, not the cause, and this is described over and over again. You know what ? Some people knew that a pandemy would eventually happen and hurt our thermo industrial realm. You really think that people bought bunkers out of pure anxiety and fear ?

You know that we trace asteroids ? You know that the sun, somewhere during his 8 BY lifespan is going to show his true power ? We live in a society, but the society lives on a rock covered with water, flying in a big empty space, and you, your models will never win your fight against chaos. Any attempt at shitting on your pair because "panic" reveals one thing, your lack of wisdom.

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He has a penis
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Bro go buy something and talk ty her


Maybe in the future, but I don't have enough stuff at the moment to be attractive to girls.


nice me too


i dont believe you
prove it by posting pics


File: 1584783433878.jpeg (1.18 MB,1365x1697,image.jpeg) iqdb

Could do with being a little less twiggy but still cute at least lifting him would easy enough.


Fuck off homosexual

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