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This is bigger than anything we have faced in our lifetime or our parents our our grand parents life.

Financal markets and banks are going to implode just like 2008.
There is a huge bubble and overvalued stock market which was/ is leveraged to the maximum, just like 2000
We have an external supply shock only compareable to war times, maybe 2001 but just WAY bigger.

whoever thinks this is just a dip and everything will go to normal within months is delusional.
On the other side the world is not going to end aswell.


if you're talking about the virus, it's not even a flue, it literally doesn't exist
the financial collapse on the other hand has been coming for decades, even a century, and has nothing to do with the mass hysteria the elites blame it on
virus hoax starter pack
https://youtu.be/zFN5LUaqxOA [Open]
https://youtu.be/3cnlynJZLtM [Open]


Then explain why hospitals are full and doctors have to enact wartime choices over livea you fucking schizo


it's called mass hysteria
people these days live in an average state of sickness from lifestyle, eating foods humans did not evolve to eat, and a toxic environment, all of that added to the psychological effects of nocebo and Munchausen syndrome (factitious disorder imposed on self) causes mass hysteria where people flood places like hospitals
even Scrubs had an episode making fun of such phenomena way back, where they show the hordes of people showing up in the hospital the day after a huge public health scare was announced
meanwhile, in reality, pathogenic viruses don't exist, and there's no such thing as contagious disease at all, it's not how disease works, and never was, any such model has always been a ploy used by snake oil salesmen and authoritarians seeking more power


I bet you can't even use properly a microscope in order to see onion cells. Geopolitical and economic consequencies due to collective infections begin with the later egyptian dynasties, then we've a good record of the several plagues in europe during middle age. Panic and hysteria are a part of the pandemy, not the cause, and this is described over and over again. You know what ? Some people knew that a pandemy would eventually happen and hurt our thermo industrial realm. You really think that people bought bunkers out of pure anxiety and fear ?

You know that we trace asteroids ? You know that the sun, somewhere during his 8 BY lifespan is going to show his true power ? We live in a society, but the society lives on a rock covered with water, flying in a big empty space, and you, your models will never win your fight against chaos. Any attempt at shitting on your pair because "panic" reveals one thing, your lack of wisdom.

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