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Look at this new D.va skin.


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8 min q for junkensteins revenge


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I don't really understand what they were going for. It's like three or four different ideas rolled into one.

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been reading this since '11 or '12
i like how the character has developed, i wonder how long it will go on for, until her hs graduation or maybe her debut at university and getting a gf
he awkward phase was kinda cringe i like social tomoko better
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Tomoko's friends are hotter than her which is a shame


File: 1602992308012.jpg (13.41 KB,162x353,13.JPG) iqdb

i wasnt expecting it to continue this long at all, it seemed like a novelty that would end after a couple years and only have a small following


It's my persona preference I guess but I think Tomoko is way hotter.

It's because of 4chan, the mangaka is well aware of her western fanbase and "spaghetti-tan" etc.


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File: 1602996759350.png (768.23 KB,1123x855,cunny.png) iqdb


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Максимум кринж.


Sometimes I'm grateful that I grew up on imageboards, thus never made any social media accounts besides what I'm forced to use for work. I think humility and pseudoanonymity is an integral part of the minority spirit.




Fuck off slavnigger

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this isn't halloween themed you stupid fuck


File: 1602920748417.jpg (185.26 KB,850x799,__akiyama_mio_hirasawa_yui….jpg) iqdb

I just realized they're drinking gin


they clearly dressed in costume


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My friend kind of looks like a duck. You can't unsee it.


File: 1602973651953.jpg (399.13 KB,1000x892,21580374_p0_master1200.jpg) iqdb

My friend kind of looks like a squid.

File: 1602963011825.jpg (35.49 KB,600x411,1601076876675.jpg) iqdb


No. Being depressed doesn't make you smart.


thought that was a cock in the thumbnail


that's the point you fucking slow retard

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all my whatbros to me


File: 1602639406703.jpg (366.76 KB,1920x1080,1539533246673.jpg) iqdb

your face looks like a deformed hobgoblin and you smell like rotting cheese marinated in rat piss now f*ck off before i lose my tempre



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ok whatmin im gonna stop im sorry ok i was having an episode im sorry ple dont hate me like the bully tranners do

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Ok why is this bad? You're literally a neet too. Literally shaming for not being wage slaves.


This society is broken. Having been on the working class side, being within the social spheres, and now being a NEET, I can say that the way the world works is physically sickening. It's all bullshit, and if you think you're being "productive", or contributing something good to society by working, I don't know what to tell you. All you're doing is providing fuel for this monstrous machine.

I've written about it in threads like this before, so I'm not going to go into detail, but essentially, 99.5% of all jobs are ultimately useless in terms of what they do to raise the overall well-being of the planet's population. I'm not saying they don't stimulate the market. You have to remember that a country's GDP and the overall happiness of people are not parallel by any means. I can't believe that this many people on /what/ still just blindly accept what they are dictated and on top of that perpetuate that by guilt tripping others as the government did them, from a young age. Satou lost at the end. He lost because he gave into this bullshit.

I don't blame any of you who are working or not working. I love you equally. I've just had way too much exposure to the inner workings of this world to not speak out. It's all I can offer you. Be happy.


>99.5% of all jobs are ultimately useless in terms of what they do to raise the overall well-being of the planet's population

thats an exaggeration
look at african countries where people dont like to work
no or poor quality infrastructure, regular food shortages, poor health services
everything is just fucked and nothing works as expected


File: 1602914765291.jpg (67.49 KB,828x753,g8kqa4yuchk51.jpg) iqdb

i agree with you, idk if you posted this on what before but i totally agree, i think op is just a racist retard trying to bait me and probably a NEET who agrees with you. it reminds me of libertaRian white who are anti state and police but get made at black lives matter victims and say they should've just listened to the dogs of our masters


I think it's important to think of the well-being of your family and the peers immediately connected to you. People shouldn't work more than they have to in order to get by. They idea that work would destroy your social life defeats the whole purpose of work in the first place. Society exists for the individual and vice versa. That free time should be spent enriching the lives of others and that of yourself.

It's no surprise there are plenty of professions that are occupied solely by young men. Because older people and women don't lead the brutal lifestyle that male bachelors do, so they can't accommodate those careers.

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My nignig mugi


File: 1602834232706.jpg (215.29 KB,1280x1440,1481044464569.jpg) iqdb



She would never say something so stupid and disgusting, I can imagine how pasty and gross you look IRL


post the azu-nigga


File: 1602896403302.jpg (344.44 KB,1280x720,1419317642511.jpg) iqdb

Pussy ass niggas


File: 1602907777065.jpg (39.52 KB,488x491,1562429053416.jpg) iqdb


File: 1602760925479.jpg (240.15 KB,1920x1080,1487216960719.jpg) iqdb


Btw these deletions are not manual the automatic deletion of posts by IP is just slow.


Oh, you poor thing…


childish cute and sexy

File: 1602723626920.png (2.62 MB,1400x1758,1602712284701.png) iqdb


Exact ripoff of Marie from Persona 4


I want to bang her.


Is she single?


marie is a ripoff of yuffie, she's another yuffie with a cute hat on. i fucks with it tho, back before i became a femdom freak i loved girls lke this.


I hate her.

File: 1602652432740.jpg (417.97 KB,1506x1001,1602503687765.jpg) iqdb


miku dayo


Is this real?


Yes I can tell by the pixels.


File: 1602742438060.mp4 (6.78 MB,1280x720,lxcrcabhsgu.mp4) iqdb


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whabmin, my bf told me to send you this coz he knows you like moetron, but i told him you probably already seen it before, but he still wanted you to have it.
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Post cute doll pics!


No it's not that. My issue mostly comes from implementation. It's been a long time since I've thought about it, but the client is monolithic and buggy. Kind of like the old ed2k clients where you couldn't spawn an a program independent of a client as, say, a daemon. If they were separate, the bugs wouldn't be an issue. It just had that stank you get when you see a program written by a Windows user. Or embedded/mobile operating people. At a high level, they're very adroit, but, for the vast majority, it really does make you kind of nervous, because you don't get the good habits that unix tricks you into developing. It's been so long, though, I think maybe I should investigate the project again and give it a try. I don't have booru autism, but I have enough images that I can definitely appreciate the autism of others, so it was really disappointing when I discovered Hydrus was unusable, back then.


whatmin, can you convert a file to avif?


File: 1602715786324.png (12.86 KB,117x94,1234312617792.png) iqdb

it's too late whabmin, i already got all your old filenames.


filename analyzer, can you convert a file to avif?

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