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merorin was here, you guys are faggots

also, set up your https you fucking retard
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protect your gay funposting from birl in the middle attacks - add an exception for the /what/cert today!


Birls are grotesque and creepy


Are you getting these images from Instagram? There's an entire one dedicated to lain Eva crossover images and the Jewish algorithm always recommends it to me


I don't know what you mean by "these images" but no that specific images is from an imageboard.


File: 1590183319133.jpg (142.46 KB,500x375,1446010899887.jpg) iqdb

>There is absolutely nothing insecure about a self-signed certificate, and some would argue it's more secure
the point of a validated certificate is to make it harder for malicious ISPs (or other parties between anon and /what/) to replace the cert with theirs and decrypt the connection

consider this scenario:
1. anon types https://what/ into web browser
2. isp sees this and connects to https://what/ first
3. isp pretends they're /what/ and sends anon a different self-signed cert they just generated
4. isp is now connected to both anon and /what/ using "https", can now tunnel traffic between the two connections while reading all of it in plain text

anon never finds out because it shows the same self-signed warning as always

if /what/ used a proper certificate the isp couldn't do this because they can't get a trusted certificate authority to stamp them a valid cert for the domain without at least verifying ownership of it

it still provides some protection against passive snoopers but it is wrong to say it's not any less secure than proper https


Tardmin btfo again

File: 1590180466261.png (128.08 KB,300x300,8fac5fde0115d7b0938a6fd664….png) iqdb





File: 1590181994600.jpg (98.02 KB,891x807,Choiprofile.jpg) iqdb

Yeah this is the guy who has made 20 different imageboards that last a week and spams/threatens admins that delete his ads.


File: 1590183231729.jpg (321.14 KB,1280x720,1373622-0-q80.jpg) iqdb

yeah ive never understood it
you make an imageboard because a community desires it
you dont make the imageboard first then expect a community to just magically appear by spamming other boards

and furthermore, why would you, what's the point. to live out admin fantasies of having your own retarded harem of imageboard buddies?


except that's exactly how it works


That's not how the original /jp/ spinoffs came about.

There was a high demand in 2013 for an external /jp/ because of extreme over-moderation on 4chan, that's why they were so relatively successful and still alive today.



File: 1590171829402.jpg (24.72 KB,720x304,FB_IMG_1590114391404.jpg) iqdb




Fuck (((Israel))) and fuck (((Canada)))! Japan are our greatest allies!

File: 1590105540271.png (3.21 MB,2880x1440,Screenshot_20200521-195736.png) iqdb


Got the actual legendary card surprised this isn't a ssr


File: 1590105906422.png (517.79 KB,252x352,story_sakura.png) iqdb

You got a legendary Koikatsu card?

Cool I don't know what you had to do for it but share it


File: 1590158108964.png (2.13 MB,1920x1080,80235589_p5.png) iqdb

This is idolmaster not koikatsu….


File: 1590161532916.png (2.24 MB,252x352,Koikatu_F_2020032017044907….png) iqdb

upload legendary koikatsu cards!

File: 1590092832729.jpg (2.85 MB,4032x3024,A80C352A-AD73-4327-A975-85….jpg) iqdb


The entirety of my life consists of imageboards and porn, with Youtube and social media apps like twitter on occasion.

Literally why is this a better life than revenge?


`you ever think about what your potential could be if you had constructive thoughts and an established goal. Sometimes I lament the loss of a meaning


i do but i dont have the strength to d oit


You have the strength to post here all day just finesse that into something you think is positive


i literally can't.


You have dreams and things you want to do? Thats great. what are they


for me, i do a tiny amount every day and i dont expect quick results.

before i realized that, i would quickly be disappointed my lack of progress,
and then drop the project entirely, but now i just do it at snails pace.

File: 1590124853914.png (676.88 KB,874x874,Grey - Elsa Smells Clothes.png) iqdb


Suicide, like any other murder is a sin because it is a sudden disturbance of the harmony of the world. It is a sin because it defeats nature. Nature exists for the sake of the soul and for no other reason, it has the design, so to say, of giving the soul experience and self-consciousness. These can only be had by means of a body through which the soul comes in contact with nature, and to violently sever the connection before the natural time defeats the aim of nature, for the present compelling her, by her own slow processes, to restore the task left unfinished. And as those processes must go on through the soul that permitted the murder, more pain and suffering must follow.


File: 1590124930157.jpg (429.95 KB,1056x1500,004.jpg) iqdb

And the disturbance of the general harmony is a greater sin than most men think. They consider themselves alone, as separate, as not connected with others. But they are connected throughout the whole world with all other souls and minds. A subtle, actual, powerful band links them all together, and the instant one of all these millions disturbs the link the whole mass feels it by reaction through soul and mind, and can only return to a normal state through a painful adjustment. This adjustment is on the unseen, but all-important, planes of being in which the real man exists. Thus each murderer of self or of another imposes on entire humanity an unjustifiable burden. From this injustice he cannot escape, for his body's death does not cut him off from the rest; it only places him, deprived of nature's instruments, in the clutch of laws that are powerful and implacable, ceaseless in their operation and compulsory in their demands.

Suicide is a huge folly, because it places the committer of it in an infinitely worse position than he was in under the conditions from which he foolishly hoped to escape. It is not death. It is only a leaving of one well-known house in familiar surroundings to go into a new place where terror and despair alone have place. It is but a preliminary death done to the clay, which is put in the "cold embrace of the grave," leaving the man himself naked and alive, but out of mortal life and not in either heaven or hell.


File: 1590125104704.jpg (698.33 KB,1200x1010,74379229_p0.jpg) iqdb

The fate of the suicide is horrible in general. He has cut himself off from his body by using mechanical means that affect the body, but cannot touch the real man. He then is projected into the astral world, for he has to live somewhere. There the remorseless law, which acts really for his good, compels him to wait until he can properly die. Naturally he must wait, half dead, the months or years which, in the order of nature, would have rolled over him before body and soul and spirit could rightly separate. He becomes a shade; he lives in purgatory, so to say, called by the Theosophist the "place of desire and passion," or "Kama Loka." He exists in the astral realm entirely, eaten up by his own thoughts. Continually repeating in vivid thoughts the act by which he tried to stop his life's pilgrimage, he at the same time sees the people and the place he left, but is not able to communicate with any one except, now and then, with some poor sensitive, who often is frightened by the visit. And often he fills the minds of living persons who may be sensitive to his thoughts with the picture of his own taking off, occasionally leading them to commit upon themselves the act of which he was guilty.

To put it theosophically, the suicide has cut himself off on one side from the body and life which were necessary for his experience and evolution, and on the other from his spirit, his guide and "Father in heaven." He is composed now of astral body, which is of great tensile strength, informed and inflamed by his passions and desires. But a portion of his mind, called manas, is with him. He can think and perceive, but, ignorant of how to use the forces of that realm, he is swept hither and thither, unable to guide himself. His whole nature is in distress, and with it to a certain degree the whole of humanity, for through the spirit all are united. Thus he goes on, until the law of nature acting on his astral body, that begins to die, and then he falls into a sleep from which he awakens in time for a season of rest before beginning once more a life on earth. In his next reincarnation he may, if he sees fit, retrieve or compensate or suffer over again.

There is no escape from responsibility. The "sweet embrace of the wet clay" is a delusion. It is better to bravely accept the inevitable, since it must be due to our errors in other older lives, and fill every duty, try to improve all opportunity. To teach suicide is a sin, for it leads some to commit it. TPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1590128427016.jpg (22.95 KB,512x512,1590118564541.jpg) iqdb

Do you really think anyone will read all this shit?


I'm saving it for myself to share to my irc and discord friends I know you guys only exist for my bullying quota my childhood conditioned me to need


>to share to my irc and…
you almost made it


Stay mad pedo boomer

File: 1590084056836.png (209.26 KB,600x522,1457784739855.png) iqdb




Cringe incel detected


File: 1590108623027.png (229.04 KB,567x319,1589892799674.png) iqdb

>Cringe incel detected


File: 1590033994642.jpg (31.7 KB,266x257,1434829199268.jpg) iqdb


Stop cummying.
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woke up and cummyed 2 times
then went back to sleep


File: 1590084468492.jpeg (651.94 KB,2560x2560,image.jpeg) iqdb

cummed twice last night
pic was my second cum


Please stop.


I thought I posted in this thread


Please go on


did you cum on that poor girl?

File: 1590015342347.jpg (87.03 KB,736x718,1523660139808.jpg) iqdb


I just coomed in my pants. I can't leave my room now because there's a huge coom stain on my pants!


My cum has started shooting all over the place again

Those Supplements and vitamins really be hitting


i started getting rock hard boners when i awaken too. i think i'm finally healing but i do have to spend the rest of my short life with these rod and nails and titanium in my body, which has made my sweat smell weird and chemically. i thought it was from the meds they put me on but i'm not sure now


Oh no it was this thread

File: 1590101246403.jpg (234.35 KB,1538x2048,EYipxPjU0AIH4y6.jpg) iqdb




cummie tummie~

File: 1590097783281.gif (572.58 KB,500x338,1587878257300.gif) iqdb



File: 1590080703812.webm (1.37 MB,720x1280,VEAwRXY-S3DHPEMD_1.webm) iqdb


White people need to be genocided.


YOU should be genocided, shitskin


we will eradicate your "people"


File: 1590083821354.png (304.1 KB,393x382,1590037514-0.png) iqdb


Nigger HUSH!

File: 1590087358283.jpg (71.08 KB,850x566,9UZrBZw.jpg) iqdb




murder him whatmin


you are SOOOOO steamed LMAO
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fuck off retard




File: 1590090540267.webm (11.19 MB,1280x720,soylent.webm) iqdb


File: 1590083589503.jpg (34.35 KB,541x327,1567024717337.jpg) iqdb




the prequels are hte most redpilled trioloy against the jews in history. unortunately george lucas pussied out because of his jew golem braindead fanbase who raged and hated jar jar. jar jar was supposed to be a secret sith lord who was the catalyst for everything but lucas kept him as a bumbling retard because he felt the goyim weren't ready for a redpill that large unveiling the stupid as secret mastermind jews


I liked this song when it came out. I also got Hybrid THeory when I was 12 and memorized it because I played it so much. the early 2000s were special but the late 2000s were worse than the 2010s

File: 1590036202192.jpg (135.47 KB,1280x905,1541303075765.jpg) iqdb


die in a fire tardmin


this doesn't look like femdom to me


dab on him tardmin


Looks like cute pure gentle femdom


You're so mad

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