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>being the ugly one in a group of friends



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Check out my background buttmin
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My friend made it for me with apps that helped him speak Japanese. I am too lazy to organize my phone until folders


>A cheap old iPhone is infinitely better than a cheap old Android which will lag and crash while an iPhone old as fuck will still be smooth as fuck.
That's a broad generalization that doesn't take into consideration phones from different vendors. Not to mention that's blatantly untrue. iOS is hella laggy on old phones. My aunt has one, and it takes minutes to complete an animation. That's anecdotal evidence, but compared to your anecdotal evidence, it's equally as valid. I can disable animations on los. And my rom is still actively maintained; whereas, apple abandons old hardware with reckless abandon. Beyond that, Lion only have a half life of about two years. So, you buy an iphone with a battery that's as fresh as a used condom or you can choose a phone on the market that has a replaceable battery and an unencrypted bootloader.
>Regardless I just bought me a good Android and I'm gonna put custom firmware on it and use it as my off the grid phone.
A custom rom isn't going to make your phone off the grid, especially if you're using gapps. You still have to contend with nonfree drivers, and a semi-libre rom still won't do anything to protect you from malicious libraries packaged by proprietary apps, or wifi triangulation, nonfree firmware, unless your intention is just to larp.
>200 which was good at the time
200 isn't good at any time. I can buy an n900 right now for $70. I bought my Mi Mix for 150, and I have twrp and los flashed on it.


Can you recommend me an android phone? It has to be small and fit in the pockets of my girl jeans.


You're not supposed to carry phones in your jeans, that's what purses are for.


Probably a moto g since they have big, replaceable batteries, are marketed as a budget option, and tend have a bootloader you can usually unlock. Just make sure you buy one that isn't locked to a specific provider.

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losermin have you pllayed earthboudn


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The first one for the NES yes

The official but never officially released English translation

Never beat it though. It reminds me a lot of Yume Nikki and Pokemon.

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Its litearlly me im in hell cuz im a bitter fuck holy shit


I can feel but I can't be felt…


That's what your mom said to your dad in bed last night needle peenio reenio

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the damage to your head is irreversible now please close your eyes i dont want you staring at me

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whatmin why do I get flood detecteed if i post at the exact same time as another nigga


Because vichan codebase is literally a bunch of bubblegum and paperclips.

PHP 8 is coming out soon and it's almost certainly going to fuck up everything.


what's your take on that kissu site


I think that it's running a vichan fork called NPFchan that I probably can't upgrade to while transferring all of /what/'s posts.

I think NPFchan will also be completely fucked by PHP 8

Jelly of otamin's dedicated crusty Debian server that has literally never been updated once.


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kissu is vichan, but I integrated how deletes revert the thread bump and took the archive.
That and a lot of alterations to the way things work behind the scenes and my eventual remake of all the pages.

The main thing that will become fubar when php updates again is the thread pages. Because tinyboard just stuck the templating engine(Twig V1.0 dated in 2012 or something) into the code without any consideration for dependency updates means that you're stuck doing hacky fixes when this breaks. Even NPFChan has some issues with this and last I checked didn't work on current PHP at all.
Mind you it seems like someone upgraded to a newer Twig version on the vichan repo so perhaps it's not dead anymore but the dev is working on a font website instead of imageboards now…


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I like how otamin simply doesn't care I respect that


Modern 2D art feels too generic and over refined somehow. Pixiv in particular is severely oversaturated with shallow artworks. You really need to sift through a lot of mess before you dig up something memorable.


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Can you post an example of what you mean?




Japanese media is inherently formulaic. Japan never had an industrial revolution of their own, so they've had very little innovation between their classical art and contemporary art, the latter of which is largely appropriate from the West by necessity (because they have nothing else to draw on). Where Japanese (and Asia in general) exceeds is in refining Western innovations with a level of nuance only a consumer could recognize. It's like brown rice its refined, palatable counterpart, white rice. Or a home meal to fast food. So, if you want to understand Japanese art better, just explore the Western canon, since that's what it's ultimately founded on, just less refined.

Also, you're judging the entire Japanese art scene in terms of the lowest common denominator of career artist. 90% aren't even that capable: they just find that niche where they can conceal the fact they're outsiders parodying outsiders parodying the afterimage of career artists long since dead. If you wanted sincerely expressive visual art, firstly, you wouldn't limit yourself to one medium, and, secondly, you'd be exploring Japanese avant-garde (it's in the name). The issue is that most laypeople want conservative art, they want established techniques, methodology, archetypes and themes, and they don't respond well to art that emphasizes expression over established technique; thus, why everyone bitches about dadaism in museums, e.g. "my child could draw better than that" without even attempting to consider artistic intention.

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I am going to kill myself when my money runs out.


I'd rather be homeless.


t. never been homeless. it's humiliating and you never really sleep. i got sick 5 times in 9 months while homeless and i never get sick. it was from lack of sleep. when you dont sleep well you realize how important sleep is for you.

the only cool thing about my lack of sleep was everything was surreal and atmospheric 24/7, people had auras and shit, and if you fall asleep for a few minutes you go directly into REM


I wouldn't do it again, but it's nice feeling perpetually miserable instead of feeling miserable half the day and anxious the other half.

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Hey someone was autobanned like 6 times because their message triggered the autoban filter somehow.

Sorry about that.




bravo whatmin, bravo


Yeah I literally have no clue how this message triggers it either, don't enter it you will get auto perma banned:


Edit: Nevermind mind I figured out what triggers it


What was it


his incompetence


Whatmin the fag

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do you think i can be successful


god willing


Pray for me she is cautious that I might come


i thought you meant success in suicide




No I meant murdering you bro lol

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I'm so fucking stupid

File: 1601946445331.webm (863.03 KB,408x472,[V LIVE] [IZ_ONE] 나코야!! 네….webm) iqdb



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/mero/ here, you guys are faggots


Where are my upvotes you niggers


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Pot my Pepe back in you tranny nanny. I never delete your shitty weeb images when you post on my board.


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I don't post on mero…


Not a lot of people do…



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