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Are you awesome?


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totally am


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My linens sheets are like hospital sheets

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so today as i was walking back into my building this nerdy white guy was trying to ask out a girl and asked her for her number and then was like oh ill just message you on snapchat i dont wantto bother you and she was like okay bye then he walked away and me and her were walkking to the same bulidinhng and as she wakled in with her friend they both started laughing and saying "oh my god" and just laughing about how awkward and dorky he was, the other girl and her kept cracking up in the elevator like "his heart must have been beating so fast" and they kept laughing at him and how funny he was.

i honestly don't even think he acted that awkward or nervous, i think i come off as way more awk to all people i interact with male or female young or old, and it really made me wonder about the guy, was literally a skinny white kid, not ugly or anything just normal loooking kinda nerdy i guess? like wtf. lesson learned, do not ever ask out a girl or theuy will all laugh at you when youre out of earshot
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I think the girl has low self esteem.
She doesn't feel like she's worth the time so is insulting the guy for trying.

Most girls or boys would be flattered but this person sees romantic advances as an insult because of a mental barrier she's put up


Girls get hit on all the time you dumb moid. So they have an infinite supply of dopamine. So an ugly guy hitting on them is kind of insulting, that he would think he was worthy or has a chance.


That's not true. The world is getting autistic as every and social isolation is at an all time high for everyone


the /whota/sphere prefers the term "boid".


Keep telling yourself that loser. Minorites will take your women


Fat,ugly girls still get hit on. A lot. Men will fuck whatever women they can get. Fat girls are even fetishize by "chubby chasers", men who really fixate on fat women. Also Black men love fat,ugly, average looking women.

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im gonna do it whatmin, pray for me !
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Congratulations bruh!




Thanks for the encouragement it gives me more faith in myself to succeed….


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Oh I'm not killing myself silly and I'm not any of those things. Projection isn't healthy!


we're all rooting for you to do the deed

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I lost my virginity at 15 to a 27 year old woman. Am I a badass or an abuse victim?
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So I realized the guys on this site telling me I was abused were actually just bitter and jealous that I had sex with an older woman when I was 15, and jealous that I've had sex while they're still virgins late in their lives


Did you know virginity grows back? Because it does


so i'm pure now????


no you are a faggot


Niggas be fucking their whole family! LMAOOOOO



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The gym brings out the incel inside of me. Whene'er I see a dude taller than me with a better more fit body and probably more handsome I feel so inferior.

I want to kill myself over being 182cm barefoot I don't understand how any of you can even have the dignity to exist if you're even shorter than that
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i'm being honest "tall guys" are usually 6'2" and up, 6'1" i guess but that's basically manlet emperor tier and doesn't really look "tall" unless the guy has a specific body type. like, this is a standard viewpoint that most american women have too. i want to be the best but i got a c+ in life, not even a b, let alone an A like I strive for.

I'm basically slightly above average, I want to be better than that.


I'm not even sure I'm 182cm exactly, I just know I'm a strong 5'11". What if I'm 180 or omething, how disgusting.


nah 180 is a strong 5'10 im def 182


Personally, I kind of like being a manlet. 5'11, to be fair, but, when I was young, I was kind of insecure of being taller than all my family members, since I was Asian. I felt like I didn't fit in. In retrospect, I think I was moreso afraid of my height because I wanted to compensate for what I felt was a lost childhood. Also, I wanted to be cute and amiable; and, as a child, I felt like men had a hard time garnering intimate friendships because their physical attributes were less palate-able. I mean, when I see people taller than me, it makes me stand up straighter and look people in the eyes. It's funny, but my height makes me self-conscious enough to conduct myself properly. The former is something I can't control, but the latter is, which, I think, is more valuable–that you choose to control what you can control.

To be honest, though, I've always felt like the gym is just an excuse to procrastinate. You can get good gains with just calisthenics and a pull-up bar. Bought a fixed-width dip bar for $50, took off the dip bars 'cause they sucked, put on some nylon rings with nylon teather in lieu of that.Got some good gains. I'm not super aesthetic, but I've had enough experience applying my gains to be somewhat confident about my strength and stamina when it comes to practical applications, which is what working out is really about. You don't need a pull-up bar, though. There are plenty of ways to improvise. You could even go to a park. Calisthenics are seriously underrated: you can be tall, short, fat, lithe, male, female, old, young, disabled and still do a pushup/farmer's walks/crunches or something to that effect. No excuses to be disorganized. The gym industry literally only exists because 90% of their userbase doesn't benefit from their services, because most people don't work out to get stronger.

I like this book, Raising the Bar by Al Kavadlo. It's mediocre, actually, but it gives an okay outline of some calisthenic routines. I find that most books on practical calisthenics are on-par with each other. It helps to know anatomy.


I thought this was the thread from three days ago


Where is this pasta from

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Post kino OP/ED themes

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bro…have sex


I had. Twice. It wasn't all that great. I went back to 2D


You just had bad experiences with ugly women. Sucks for you, you'll never experience being alive.


>having sex is being alive
I pity you


It is.


tiktok was good when it was only asian JKs doing it

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Which color?!?
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what the hell i looked this up and it's sujpposed to be better than linen but it's also much cheaper, wtf, well at least i have the more expensive sheets i guess.


try them out yourself in person
don't automatically take some random persons opinion on things


I wanna return them and get the blush omg


just dye them yourself, it might be a bit tricky though because sheets are so big, but linen will take dye easy.
it can be a fun project for you!


I'm too retarded to do that


I feel so much regret this will affect the rest of my life if only I got blush

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fuck jack and the rest of the commie soyboys


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never played ff or any rpg
had a mate who was into this shit as a kid, would play ff and grandia and i think zelda
he was a bit of a weeb too

i was into actually doing stuff outside

the irony now as adults he has done a lot of "actual stuff" adventuring and such normal things while i've spent my adult life staring at a glowing rectangle in my room and posting on anime imageboards


/what/ is a bolshevik board


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cummie soyboys OwO


File: 1580953907982.png (3.01 MB,1024x1579,IMG_1185.PNG) iqdb




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Depression is cured by eroticism
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Don't laugh at him !




Laughing is good for you.


i don't laugh


Maybe should, no wonder you're miserable.

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Final Fantasy XIII uses many pieces of open source software
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Actually one of the comfiest video game locations ever.


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whatmin r9 my build








Thanks guys I'll keep working on it

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