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File: 1620488208270.png (2.35 MB, 1260x2000, untitled.png)

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When you're at a restaurant together make sure he knows you cannot eat omurice. Omurice is a Japanese dish of rice topped with an omelette and can be found on the menu in any family restaurant and many coffee shops throughout Japan. For those of you outside of Japan, any egg-based dish like a normal omelette should work fine.
When seated, make sure you are seated next to your guy so that you can share a menu. Find the picture of omurice, gaze at it with consternation and exclaim sadly:
"I absolutely can't eat omurice."
There is almost 100% chance that your guy will respond with, "Why not? You don't like omurice?"

Be silent for a few seconds for dramatic effect and continue: "I… well" (take a deep breath) "Every time an egg is cracked open those cute little chickees die…they're killed! Those cute little baby chicks… I can't bear to think about it! They'll never get a chance to be born, to hop around and chirp those cute little chirps…" It is good to shiver at this point.
Your guy will gaze at you in amazement! What a kind, sensitive angelic person you are! Next he will be feeling the need to spend the time to really get to know you. He's yours! Plans for a date are in the bag!

When you start going out with him, no doubt you will find yourselves at a similar restaurant where you can order omurice. You've got to know each other well enough, but of course he is going to ask. "Didn't you say you couldn't eat omurice?"

It is safe enough to blow it off with a "I'm OK with it now", or "Oh, I got used to it", or even a "Did I say that?…tehe-pero!"
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File: 1674674695184.jpg (410.6 KB, 900x749, 5db34c0b47255315ac754053a6….jpg)

was just thinking about the omurice trick at lunch today, what a coincidence


File: 1675743679444.jpg (4.04 MB, 2552x4093, untitled.jpg)


File: 1687430391543.png (1.38 MB, 1152x1632, untitled.png)


File: 1687436716876.jpg (Spoiler Image, 187.99 KB, 773x888, 1687387071354446.jpg)

So sick of seeing the Lisa Simpson crap bumped to the top of sadpanda everyday I had to block the uploader


uncheck the western tag

File: 1687401809950.jpg (1000.69 KB, 1600x1200, mario.jpg)

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Mariobros… We won.


>You must be 18 years of age or older to use this website.


soyjakking intensifies


File: 1687418308171.jpg (400.57 KB, 1400x934, sample-38cf9b89965a06083c5….jpg)

Stop bullying the mario bro, like you're so mature for not liking tendie games.

>Super Mario RPG remaster

Seems like almost 1:1 the same game with new graphics. If I'm going to play that ancient PoS I'd rather with SNES graphics, I tried a couple years ago personally and didn't get far.

>Luigi's Mansion 2 Switch port

No one played this game because it was on 3DS and is still impossible to emulate. Maybe interested.


New 2D Maryo with weird gimmicks, kinda low-effort looking. If you like 2D Maryo it might interest you, I don't really like sidesrollers in general.
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File: 1687383216991.jpg (42.54 KB, 494x472, 1681681369038886.jpg)

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Stop spamming cp on my board you fucking buddy. I know it's you. There will be consequences.


File: 1687385467969.png (999.7 KB, 1302x2250, 1468134927550.png)

I know there's some guy personally doing it on your board now meromin, but speaking of the normal spam it's a real issue for all imageboards. There's nothing stopping them from spamming their links with SFW images and that would make a huge difference, the links don't matter but the illegal images do. They're either some third-world retard that has no clue about cp laws in the west, or evil pieces of shit who don't care how they effect people and get boards shut down. It's insane that possession isn't legal, or how it's treated so harshly in the US. It's incompatible with the modern internet, 99% of people caught are total retards or grandpas using phone apps or bittorrent, it's pretty evil we're taking these retards, sometimes not even 18 years old themselves (seriously there's 16 year olds getting charged as adults), and ruining their lives over 1s and 0s. In Russia possession is legal, like I said you just can't be doing this to people with how the modern internet works. There was just a report the feds have 100,000 tagged US IPs through bittorrent they aren't even investigating because they can't physically arrest that many people. I think this will be a bigger talked about issue in the next couple decades, like drug laws were these past two decades (once the families of politicians and rich people started getting effected of course)


It's just some glowie trying to get my hoster to ban me
First he posts it ony board, then he reports my site to my provider for "distributing cp"


whoa nice i need to start going to mero more


File: 1687403488650.jpeg (291.24 KB, 666x1000, ba06c0ed0ad8cc1af10030926….jpeg)


File: 1640298078086.png (1.86 MB, 1000x1311, __saber_fate_stay_night_an….png)

No. 555869 [Reply]

I've come to lay waste to this wretched board.
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File: 1640299717086.jpg (529.71 KB, 1920x1080, brutal mog.jpg)

I'm going to fail yet another Amagami challenge if I don't think of something FAST


File: 1640300635424.jpg (117.18 KB, 761x1200, 1634228059426.jpg)

delay *this*


is this who i think it is?


yeah it's saber


mission accomplished

File: 1632182276396.jpg (202.63 KB, 1090x1500, 3kg.jpg)

No. 549776 [Reply]

Looking jacked for the boys
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File: 1658027251792.jpg (2.92 MB, 2118x3000, 99591630_p1.jpg)

Had a great anirun ota. love anirunning!


run into flippin traffic


File: 1675127651249.png (1.47 MB, 1920x1080, untitled.png)


File: 1686230625634.jpg (508.32 KB, 2362x2030, untitled.jpg)


File: 1687369753211.png (1.95 MB, 1920x1080, untitled.png)

File: 1636229434198.png (232.17 KB, 821x238, 1636183503743.png)

No. 552374 [Reply]

they're coming


back to the big g


ELEETO DELETO jani-jani chan


suck my cock, dude


I'm cumming

File: 1687292889755.jpg (527.63 KB, 534x700, 1590864378744.jpg)

No. 593096 [Reply]

How do I get an engineering job (or I guess any decent paying job you can get with a engineering bachelors) within less than a month… I can't be NEET and live at home anymore…
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when you realize youre never actually going to do it and thinking about it is simply a waste of time


it never goes away


no what I meant by that is when do I stop feeling on the verge of crying absolutely miserable and start being able to enjoy things I did when was neet


File: 1687336507625.jpg (117.63 KB, 444x580, 5920f99eee77e5244a114db9a1….jpg)


File: 1687356458287.jpg (290.51 KB, 1080x1080, 1687352912719204.jpg)

Not as good as Greta's

File: 1644941951021.png (77.47 KB, 1116x964, 1643652657299.png)

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IT'S SUDO!! (笑笑)


File: 1684683571535.jpg (543.23 KB, 2048x1365, 18PIG-COUCH-superJumbo-v3.jpg)

Patchi is a…. bed ?!?!?!?


pig if true


File: 1687354024226.jpg (25.02 KB, 350x600, sudo and honkers.jpg)

File: 1631994166030.jpg (87.53 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Kageki Shoujo….jpg)

No. 549635 [Reply]

The norms stole my ability to smile now when I try to fake one in the mirror I look like I've got gas
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teh norms
we must stop them


teh n0rmzorz


File: 1687190810110.jpg (320.15 KB, 1326x2048, untitled.jpg)


started trying to practice smiling in the mirror recently but how am i supposed to know if it looks good dont think im a good judge


you got to make sure you smile with your eyes if you dont youll look creepy and inauthentic

File: 1633367332226.jpg (168.58 KB, 850x1451, __uzaki_tsuki_uzaki_chan_w….jpg)

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File: 1633539850906.jpg (206.72 KB, 1881x1086, 93271250_p0.jpg)

Had a dream they made a Love Live x South Park crossover show.


I was actually thinking about SP today during one of my depersonalization episodes


Sleepy mommy tittys



File: 1687342914824.png (1.09 MB, 1392x803, 1687342877927.png)

File: 1671386308719.jpg (203.7 KB, 1465x976, E6VNUhPVUAEQjKv.jpg)

No. 579759 [Reply]

uni on ota! :3
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File: 1679951362055.jpg (110.07 KB, 1440x810, FsOU7DCacAAHQZg.jpg)

Today is Uni's 3rd birthday!!
Say "Happy Birthday" to Uni :3



happy brithday uni on ota


the birthday cat


meow meow birthday


File: 1687312495128.png (626.69 KB, 657x885, FzGFFulaAAAWfga.png)

File: 1687095398349.jpg (516.48 KB, 1115x957, FtdkFfMXoAIkxzL.jpg)

No. 593001 [Reply]

Life sucks
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File: 1687109720914.gif (81.03 KB, 450x325, giphy.gif)

yeah flan is one of my favorite touhous have you heard of flanfly


File: 1687141038021.jpg (233.92 KB, 850x1402, 4672363785f4002b40eaff1e2d….jpg)

drinking yebisu just like in my animes
NOT a bad drop


File: 1687273710945.jpg (196.04 KB, 1364x1668, Fy_tyuTaQAAnSpI.jpg)

Life really sucks


These xanaxs aren't that great rather just snort k or even drink alcohol


drink alcohol

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