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How was your day yesterday /jp/?

Just got my wisdom teeth removed today.
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anime wins again


Can't make it far into Euphoria because I only need the one bondage scene with the mean girl.


sigh trying to find more info about what you're talking about but all im seeing is normteen seo blogspam about the tv show


type euphoria vn


Please stick it in mee just remembered this one

File: 1636232598506.jpg (428.27 KB, 1280x720, nb.jpg)

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I went to the dollar store to buy a spray bottle and as I was standing in line a foid walked right in front of me like I didn't exist (when your smv is sub 5 they normally can't perceive you). The woman started scanning her and I said no no no you can't just jump in line like that and the cashier said oh but she was already in line and I said oh so what I'm able to stand in line then come back 3 hours later and get my place? and the foid said just let him go since in he's in such a god damned hurry and I said you need to get the fuck over yourself bitch and then she started saying I need to learn how to treat foids and I said I don't give a damn what's between your legs. Then the foid started talking big about punching me or something and I turned and I flared my full cel aura and said DO IT THEN and about 7 foids standing there shit themselves and the supervisor told me to leave and I said oh you let her stand there and curse at me but as soon as I respond in kind oh no that's not ok because it's a woman and she started to realize her hypocrisy and said I should be better like it's my duty to kneel to the foids and "be better" by letting them have their way at my expense.

But yeah it felt good to knock one down a peg just a few billion to go.
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>I'm pretty sure you have made it clear that you believe women don't perceive you as male unless you're a 10/10 CEO so that doesn't explain anything
No one itt said anything like that.
>I'm also very unfeminine and definitely not attractive.
Oh so you're just lying.
>I don't walk around hating people so that might affect how they treat me.
Most hopeless romantics don't do that either but they still suffer microaggressions like OP. You are blaming the victims, pretending that hopeless romantics "walk around hating people" even though foids are the ones giving them disgusted stares and laughing at them behind their backs just because of they're looks. Even if some hopeless romantics are hateful that's just a result of being bullied by foids all their life.


File: 1636349211442.png (216.63 KB, 532x521, Screenshot 2021-11-07 at 2….png)

>when your smv is sub 5 they normally can't perceive you
I wasn't even talking about this thread but yes actually they did. The rest of your post just sounds paranoiac. Which is a legitimate problem, just like any other mental illness. I don't want to take that away from you. But the first step in overcoming your disorder may be self awareness.


File: 1636350515922.jpg (39.81 KB, 1280x320, math_major_by_roundcircler….jpg)




Reject and bully others and then wonder why they are paranoid about your oversocialized cattle hostility. It's the norm way

File: 1642528934726.jpg (2.56 MB, 4032x3024, 20200915_150126.jpg)

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utterly soulless sketch i did after fucking a prostitute
my life feels empty
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Your reflex is cynicism because you're insecure


i dont think that word means what you think it means neither does the post say what you think it says


id be fine going back to 2016 when nen was new and fresh and my friend posted here


My ACT/SAT English scores were literal genius tier


Same but the GRE didn't take the SAT/ACT because I went to community college.

File: 1636592730869.jpg (169.99 KB, 1200x800, 1635718368201.jpg)

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It's funny how norms tell you that racism is bad, but they see nothing wrong with heightism, even though both race and height are genetic.

Do you think I chose to be a 5'8" male?
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Arthur Fleck (Joker) is also 5'8



I thought the m in mog stand for male


The earliest entry on UrbanDictionary (your source for all the coolest memes) reads:

a HUGE black man.
damn man, that damn mog's comin' after me man!!! no, no.. NOOOO!
by rob the rabbit May 14, 2003


glad I'm not a midget

File: 1655964134865.jpg (129.71 KB, 1242x1211, FVfsoeFVUAAZyUG.jpg)

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Please rape my face
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Nice cartPlease rape my facee.




Please rape my face buddy Please excuse my poor English I am an incomparable homoOOOO


Did OP know that "cart*l meme" would get filtered? Was that his plan all along?


nice flipping avogadros number iq op he calculated everything to land the ultimate eI mem

File: 1655990691110.jpg (452.87 KB, 2000x2000, 1654595710781.jpg)

No. 568618 [Reply]

Merorin was here, you guys are faggots


Where are my replies you buddies


Maybe tone down the homophobia a bit.


shut up homo

File: 1628277715198.jpg (653.57 KB, 1000x1399, yande.re 264261 kinta_(dis….jpg)

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dual n back
mental arithmetic
spaced repetition
microdosing lsd
underwater swimming
dopamine detoxification
colloidal gold
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One time we went to the food bank place where grocers and such give their extra food or food thats about to expire and there were boxes and boxes of sweet potatoes and no one was taking them because most people that go to those kinds of places are obese Mexicans that don't know what sweet potatoes are so I got probably 30lbs of them it was a hell of a time over the next month or so


sweet potatoes are native to mexico dude


Mexicans aren't


how so?


File: 1629286518620.jpg (159.06 KB, 1435x1000, EGCAv82U8AEiXw0.jpg)

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Virtual Communism has arrived. At the end of capitalism the cybernetic guerrillas dissolve the walls of the Malls in terabytes of liquid pixels. Institutions? Post-Institutions. With the labor cloisters dynamited, the electronic class struggle seeks the reinstatement of the common: the public spaces of gigas and gigas of community data. Behind the fire there is of course a dance few of us know: Welcome to the ghost of post-capitalist Marxism, a ghost of anti-cyber fog.
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File: 1655911323275.jpg (280.18 KB, 533x800, 1654652668922.jpg)

Massive balls of flaming gas that have been around for billions of years and will live on for billions more do not know or care about your pitiful existence. There are millions of bacteria in your body that are born and die every minute that you are not aware of. Having said that I do believe that celestial bodies and stars are actually projections of more advanced sentient creatures that our primitive brains cannot comprehend. This universe is more than just space for carbon based lifeforms to roam around in spaceships and fornicate endlessly.


Guys like you are weird. We have a star right beside us and we have another star around 4 lightyears away. There is a lot of evidence to how they're made and what their lifecycles are like but you'd rather come up with some PREDICTABLE baseless theory about them.


File: 1655913035041.jpg (339.13 KB, 960x1200, 1652814025449.jpg)

1000 years ago there was evidence of them rotating around Earth and heretics were BBQ'd for wrongthink and 3k years ago people thought it was as flat as your brain gamma wave pattern.


That's a really CUTE doll!!!! ٩(◕‿◕。)۶


like looking at stars in the night sky when the moon is dark

File: 1655782144326.png (197.04 KB, 850x1200, a8a00b4c-bdd9-4533-8912-94….png)

No. 568521 [Reply]

We are cels
We like memes
What are your favorite cPlease rape my facees?
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I first used it to post funny pictures way back in 2014. It's supposed to mean "E l M e m e" but I shortened it to "E L M E M".
Otamim didn't like that so he filtered it "Please rape my face".


I think my favorite cPlease rape my facee is foid
But I also like mog and rope


do you still have any of the pics post em



File: 1655848258201.jpg (92.39 KB, 640x882, 16198971441470.jpg)

I prefer NoPlease rape my facees.

File: 1655818945307.jpg (48.93 KB, 500x500, artworks-000328037787-pifj….jpg)

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PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPlease stick it in meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Please rape my face

File: 1655684476040.png (1.57 MB, 1920x1080, 20220619_171508.png)

No. 568483 [Reply]

uuuh huh huh huh huh
Can I like take your order?
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love this anime


I don't remember this episode.


wonder if my boy is working on improving his personality




File: 1655777270037.gif (1.74 MB, 960x540, hamster fan.gif)

I already have max personality

File: 1655764180147.jpg (164.17 KB, 850x1131, 1655757279682.jpg)

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wamy has feet


That's a cute dress! Very pretty!o(*°▽°*)o




TIL girls have feet.

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