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This is the official (50% Christmas edition) /what/ blog thread. If you have something to say but don't want to make a thread for it…


File: 1608762776993.jpg (293.12 KB,1280x714,1576333958317.jpg) iqdb

Of course, why would not want to make a new thread though.


File: 1608762839744.gif (688.66 KB,200x200,1357434354610.gif) iqdb

Y'all want a nigga to blog I got lotsa literal schizo ramblings I uses to spam


Sigh… One of my porn gf's is having trouble uploading videos….



File: 1608766169534.png (1.26 MB,1239x1001,1608689335561.png) iqdb

Gonna cut off all my whatfriends useless cummers teehee~




i saw this one on /ota/!!


File: 1608779656723.jpg (179.1 KB,850x1236,toshinou kyouko!.jpg) iqdb

first day of my break
got a 90 min deep tissue massage to start
then went shopping got some tshirts
got home and cleaned bedroom and washed grubby bedsheets, ready for occupying for 2 weeks
been cloudy and rainy the last few days but the sun came out so caught some rays while drinking lipton lemon, humid though


no complaining *slices it off*


File: 1608798598489.png (30.5 KB,937x217,Screenshot_2020-12-23 math….png) iqdb



File: 1608804314937.jpg (329.33 KB,600x600,1608802897291.jpg) iqdb

Hello, I'm /what/min and I'm dumb


Haha retard!!


but he is dumb he only likes to pretend he isn't because he's using pedocel os


File: 1608838630666.jpg (125.15 KB,1280x720,cocoa.jpg) iqdb

shoulders are a little pink today..
think im gonna go sit in the sun again though anyway
i keep meaning to watch anime before sleeping but have fallen asleep before managing to for the last three nights



you will literally be a shriveled testicle by 30


Yeah that's why I'm hesitant to take his amd advice


im 31 and look great




I bet you look like shit and are in denial


File: 1608880815436.gif (2.16 MB,500x280,1544926274675.gif) iqdb



File: 1608944459425.jpg (596.07 KB,1969x2560,1577085808660.jpg) iqdb

went for my yearly boxing day swim
the sand was golden, the sky and water mostly blue and there were towering cumulonimbus on the horizon, it was half way to an anime beach episode

of course i was a loner and had no harem of cute young girls to frolic with in the water, it was also kinda cold


I was literally going to post this picture.


I find that it's easier to get over the awkwardness of being a loner by doing a sport. Going to the beach? Go swimming. The park, go jogging. Obviously, people don't really care, but looking like you have something to do can mitigate the discomfort.




this but unironically



Kuro cute on this
Would headpat


kuro is a good girl


File: 1609131774209.png (1.3 MB,799x1200,3_52714_799_1200.png) iqdb

went swimming again but this time went to the shit beach which is a silt beach and just gross and dirty. a spider crawled on me at one point, and it was cold, it wasn't particularly enjoyable
fucking weather just isn't heating up


I've been spray painting the cups to my headphones because I xlr modded it, but I keep on sanding down the cups, spray painting it, and then sanding it off again and starting over because I'm not happy with the surface finish. I must've done this five times now. I've been huffing paint thinner for two days straight, essentially, and I kind of have a headache, but I can't stop myself. I just keep doing it over and over again.


You're a pussy you ain't smelled shit compared to the things I had to smell.


what do you think i preventing a nice finish?


lold hard. did you try applying a base paint first and applying the color you want on that?


Nothing. Every time I put on the primer, paint, and topcoat, it's pretty much satisfactory. I use a high grit, so the surface is relatively smooth. Once or twice I may have smudged it with my finger, but mostly I'm just looking for excuses to start over.


File: 1609286853494.jpg (154.34 KB,1200x1184,1609180954402.jpg) iqdb

bought ten pairs of underwear
long leg fitted technical trunks
they were a good price and there was plenty in my size at the shop so i bought them
my old ones were getting a little tatty and stretched

you know how you cant try them on or return them so it's kind of a gamble with the sizing but they fit great and the relief i felt was immeasurable


The world economy is about to collapse you should be buying crypto


cant buy trunks with crypto


You will eventually


File: 1609294186428.jpg (106.25 KB,823x833,usdEnI0qy_WEAEMn1K20201229….jpg) iqdb

Meanwhile the true inflation is like 5-10%. Ignore the government reported CPI.


Find your nearest city, how much have prices really been going up?

>Los Angeles

>5 year average inflation: 12.1%


You can just buy one pair by itself and see how it fit and how it feel and also importantly how well it holds up after a few washes and then you can commit to buying lots of them later and it's not a gamble since you already know the sizing and how long they last.


File: 1609363005730.jpg (38.91 KB,659x550,duhh.jpg) iqdb

Is that hella gay /what/friend still around?
The one we thought was Denis but it wasn't actually Denis.


Does anyone still have that group photo of the dorks all cosplaying as 2hus and there's that one cute emo remi boy who had cuts on his arms?


Cutting is a bad idea I still have scars from 17 years ago


All of my scars disappeared, I guess I didn't cut myself deep enough


File: 1609729492983.jpg (74.78 KB,412x491,s24.jpg) iqdb


How old r u


I compulsively download JAV by I almost never watch it. And when I watch it's barely than 5 minutes in total.


File: 1609762289026.jpg (55.16 KB,492x697,1367622124261.jpg) iqdb


That Okuu has serious "you're saying no but your body is clearly saying yes" vibes.


there was like a really godawful remi in the back row in the full picture.


File: 1609808190746.jpeg (80.56 KB,533x452,image.jpeg) iqdb

What a shame…though the Remi I'm seeing is quite cute indeed the things I would do to that boy just look at those cuts he's so vulnerable and clearly needs taken care of…


File: 1609818260196.jpg (8.21 MB,6143x4100,8065540166_cc8144adfa_6k.jpg) iqdb

all i can say is
which one is whatmin lmao


That's one of the full pictures, there's at least one other where that fat remi centre-left back row was posing, that's where the crop >>33444 comes from.
there might be more group photos of this bunch but I might be getting confused with some of the crops.

I think they put the cutest girl dead centre very intentionally lol


File: 1609824412383.jpg (8.16 MB,6143x4100,8065542535_72bf25ad30_6k.jpg) iqdb

flood detected..


All the way on the right with the suit.

I'm not cosplaying touhou and don't give a fuck.


Who would you be willing to cosplay then?


Homer Simpson


Devour my trousers fag


File: 1609848026600.jpg (576.03 KB,1413x1329,1367775887841.jpg) iqdb

That's "Uncle Remilia" to you, kid.


oh jeez, that's the one.


more like homo simp heh


cute boy in front


Are we sure that's not Jim Sterling in the back?


His dress is so pretty…


It is the boy that always makes the outfit.


i guess i'll never look that good then.


You just need to find the right outfit to suit your established boyishness an emo boi dressing like a vampire works because of the pre established association of the two styles.
If he dressed up like say Saber from Fate he would look awful.


reported a kissu thread on ota… teenmin actually deleted it lol


be my friend pls!


File: 1610063406000.jpeg (106.95 KB,424x600,image.jpeg) iqdb

Sure so how should we connect and keep contact with each other?



File: 1610065005730.jpeg (30.4 KB,500x533,image.jpeg) iqdb

Ah o'key I haven't logged into my steam in over a year now so my account might be frozen but I'll add you once I'm settled back in.


File: 1610067974564.png (187.81 KB,800x627,68748458_p19.png) iqdb



File: 1610069307380.jpg (115.38 KB,900x720,581ac4b015fcaae441a700e518….jpg) iqdb



Otamin really hates kissu for some reason.


A lot of people do. If you have to ask there's no use explaining it to you since you're probably one of the people who posts there. It's not unwarranted.


otamin thinks his site is dead because pissu stole the userbase, and not because he let schizos shit up the site for years on end.



There's more to it. Bun is dead and smeared with shit it doesn't stop good posters from going there.


The advertising on ota was really bad. Telling the same people on the same website of the same thing for 10th time is just going to poison the well. I tried to convince someone that it's a very bad way to get new users, but otamin took action himself. I don't fault him for it at all.
These days I think it's more of a general culture clash.


>Bun is dead and smeared with shit
yes, just like ota which is my point.


he hates nen too, he usually just sends threads to ghost but he outright deletes them if it's a thread about any of those two sites, like he'll swoop in right away and delete 'em while leaving spam to fester


File: 1610101777515.jpg (Spoiler Image,164.4 KB,1081x758,b79e80cfda59d49a2edc55c261….jpg) iqdb

no stinkneet gf


File: 1610121529260.png (952.41 KB,1280x720,1595166291577.png) iqdb


seeing people hating on anime and weebs is so uncommon these days


It really hasn't changed. It's just like "nerd" or "geek" now describe people that aren't what were previously nerds or geeks. A "weeb" is someone that reposts an anime meme on facebook, whereas people with a deep love of Japanese media are "autists" or something else.


File: 1610237956212.jpg (263.38 KB,800x601,sailor moon bitches.jpg) iqdb



Last time I went swimming, some small crabs found their way into the pockets of my swimming trunks.


he's doing it again


File: 1610439380562.jpeg (766.56 KB,1062x1281,6428428A-510F-4F40-BD22-5….jpeg) iqdb

Seethe tranny


Pussy ass niggers


Oops accident :^)


File: 1610504618909.jpg (1.29 MB,1200x1200,84302644_p0_master1200.jpg) iqdb

Sorry don't take it personally

I saw super NSFW thread and just deleted it.


File: 1610568965761.png (81.45 KB,711x233,banned.png) iqdb



File: 1610586013669.jpg (45.7 KB,549x549,1601110665277.jpg) iqdb

Get that ass banned.


File: 1610589786733.jpg (382.77 KB,850x1200,1598043788395.jpg) iqdb



File: 1610590109888.gif (837.65 KB,500x281,1600568878838.gif) iqdb



File: 1610593957869.jpg (28.62 KB,522x527,1600898189366.jpg) iqdb



getting a "security exception" type error when trying to post an image


File: 1610611787277.png (711.06 KB,1012x1088,1381928251800.png) iqdb


My dad called me a piece of shit even though I'm the one sustaining him. Lmao



You should stab him in the neck while he's sleeping.


File: 1610747812409.jpg (2.75 MB,1764x2508,9007f07a62040676aec40eeb09….jpg) iqdb

fuck… everything's cold

*starts beatboxing*



500 Internal Server Error


File: 1610770238883.jpg (Spoiler Image,11.46 KB,192x192,cowboy.jpg) iqdb

Gonna waste some more money to buy some aftermarket grado drivers. Split between the symphones v9 and turbulent x's.



File: 1610808194188.gif (798.04 KB,480x360,fedora server.gif) iqdb

I didn't know she was from TMNT I was too young to watch it.


File: 1610859888557.jpg (171.61 KB,800x800,robb bank.jpg) iqdb




File: 1610936141206.jpg (110.03 KB,800x560,3904740_p0.jpg) iqdb


File: 1610958095891.png (9.92 KB,771x168,403.png) iqdb

Wow this is pretty cool. Whatmin has nothing when it comes to autism compared to that tranny.


he did this to me five years ago from my entire university ip range and all my mobile ranges too. he even went and deleted my nice threads that people replied to normally just to spite me


lol what did you do to make him mad?


Whatman you should follow this example!


I think whatmin wants to cream pie Pajeet…


File: 1611119784280.jpg (98.54 KB,1024x936,1610213892417.jpg) iqdb



File: 1611119966706.jpg (115.37 KB,750x547,1594140480139.jpg) iqdb



File: 1611122400119.jpg (248.51 KB,1024x538,1610269743858.jpg) iqdb



one of these two invented the internet and landed on the moon


"you'll never guess which one!"


File: 1611126920989.png (147.21 KB,870x1236,1610100260652.png) iqdb

Ok but Japan is literally the most advanced and civilized country on Earth.

There is no crime and everyone minds their own business and is very lenient and tolerant on anything you do that doesn't directly hurt other people with the exception of drugs and censoring genitals.


ah yes tears of a coping weeb living thousands of miles from his utopian dreamland


File: 1611127464586.jpg (142.62 KB,812x521,1890 geishas smoking.jpg) iqdb

It is highly capitalistic, everyone has high social inhibition, both of these leading to a loneliness problem.

And they do have a few retarded laws like censoring genitals and copyright/modding/drugs.

But that's really it.


okay? why are you still in america then


File: 1611128147406.png (527.09 KB,937x1108,1604092228666.png) iqdb



The doctor says i'm just depressed but i know the drugs ruined my brain.


File: 1611200981716.jpg (108.98 KB,750x1063,d50d482d276c57e46da3cd6723….jpg) iqdb

had some work at a house down a road i hadn't been down in a long time
the road used to lead to a plantation forest and at the time (06/07) associates and i used to hang out in the forest and race in old cars or smoke/drink/ just be degenerates
we even had a little hut in the forest with seats and a fire..

now the forest is long cleared and a highway put through the middle, there and now many houses built there

where'd the years go



There's no crime because it either went unreported or uninvestigated. All of their convictions are for elementary cases or were wrung-out confessions.


Lies my Japanese friends told me it's not safe for women to walk alone in Tokyo at night and rape is still a problem there not even counting the touching on trains


>People don't steal so there's no crime


Why are guns banned in Japan if there is no violence


Uhhh what about the nigerian and eastern european hustlers scamming and harassing people in r*ppongi, shinjuku, and harajuku?


File: 1611364645386.jpg (315.19 KB,2248x1258,359ac406d1efc6024236516fce….jpg) iqdb

just changed the oil on my van


File: 1611382457816.jpg (88.79 KB,737x737,3e896ca806f9b5e26a46d63720….jpg) iqdb



>pov you pass out in japan 22st century


When you account for the cost to dispose of the oil, it's easier to just pay someone else to do it.


Just flush it?


it just goes on the burn pile #ruralliving


oreilly and lots of other auto parts stores take used oil for free. Did they also try to upsell you on some blinker fluid?


File: 1611446633837.jpg (226.78 KB,640x853,hzo166dmuc861.jpg) iqdb



File: 1611447830668.jpg (104.36 KB,850x478,__ghost_ogre_snow_rabbit_y….jpg) iqdb

I'm going to assume they don't mean in the store, but went and hit it against a big steel pole or something then came back to complain?

I thought there was barely any licenses allowed for Japanese sword-makers and Japan has strict laws on swords, so they're all like $5,000 but also well made?


Why would they expect an apology if the person bought it and then broke it later. Face it white otaku are trash human beings


ive seen videos where you can use one to do the "slice a rolled up mat" in half thing and the gaijin with his inferior technique but superior strength just bashes the thing into the mat and it breaks in two.

probably part of museum or tourist thing

i mean, you'd think they'd just have cheap chinese ones for it


File: 1611482998828.png (28.54 KB,277x392,quake.png) iqdb



File: 1611496398124.png (165.81 KB,419x432,1598167642346.png) iqdb



>Why would they expect an apology if the person bought it and then broke it later.
So you are part of the trash that the sign is for


If you break your mouse do you call the manufacturer to apologize?


if you think a massproduced mouse is the same as a handmade katana, you are in the wrong conversation


Has Japan apologised to China, Korea, almost the entire SEA and the US for its war crimes? No? Well, shit.


if you break a handcrafted and handpainted vase do you call the artist to apologize?


If I met the artist, sure. What would you buy art for, if you don't admire it? That's what that image is about


File: 1611561770924.jpg (287.94 KB,800x600,1449832534251.jpg) iqdb



File: 1611562256510.png (610.73 KB,1181x455,mio.png) iqdb



so what if the artist came to your house and broke the vase he made, would he need to apologize to himself???


why are people so eager to show everyone they are part of a niche, closed off subculture which they are not well acquainted with that they don't really belong to



Looks like they're having fun with it, what is the issue?


File: 1611609200229.mp4 (261.64 KB,902x1046,bread.mp4) iqdb



anime is norm shit


File: 1611613000960.jpeg (221.24 KB,748x857,image.jpeg) iqdb

sigh… No cute boy to bap on the head with a baguette.


ill smack your butte with a baguette but im not cute


File: 1611627479843.jpeg (56.99 KB,567x839,image.jpeg) iqdb


smacke smacke


File: 1611678941535.png (27.32 KB,865x155,01253r.png) iqdb

he's making fun of lunix pedocels


>video editing with C commands
he doesn't know what he's talking about


since when is /what/ forced anon?


well you see every time his pet retard abuses something whatmin inconveniences and punishes everyone else

the site didn't have a post timer and a thread creation timer either and yet now it does, he's going to tell you it's against spam in general but he's lying through his teeth


File: 1611684975428.jpg (290.4 KB,1000x1333,1611635588215.jpg) iqdb

>the site didn't have a post timer and a thread creation timer either
It literally always has.

Someone would have to actually edit the vichan config and change those values to zero.

> it's against spam in general but he's lying through his teeth

The DNSBL actually aren't for him.


so why'd you make it forced anon
the name made it easy to ignore his posts


okay, you increased them though, and I wasn't talking about DNSBL anyway


File: 1611686807102.jpg (205.73 KB,1012x716,1547250148199.jpg) iqdb

They're at 30 seconds and have been.

The only time they're increased is when I go to sleep on days where the spam is bad.

Btw he has been range banned for the past 2 weeks.

He has a lot of VPN addresses, you may have seen him spamming ota lately too.

TLDR keep looking for something to bitch about


so they aren't increased except for when they are gotcha

>Btw he has been range banned for the past 2 weeks.

that's irrelevant given that he still makes more than half of the threads on here even after discounting the ones you delete

>He has a lot of VPN addresses, you may have seen him spamming ota lately too.

irrelevant excuses, if you truly wanted to get rid of him you could

>TLDR keep looking for something to bitch about

keep being an incompetent, shit admin you butthurt retard


are you the meta guy who keeps being mad about everything on every board? you need to leave bro


File: 1611700384675.jpeg (199.13 KB,1069x2048,EUYNE4NUYAE8HIB.jpeg) iqdb

No that's me but I take a break sometimes


File: 1611710538895.jpeg (56.1 KB,599x598,image.jpeg) iqdb

Feels goody good~


File: 1611731831846.jpg (449.63 KB,1366x1536,1610887041592.jpg) iqdb



File: 1611824494729.png (1006.47 KB,857x746,b63.png) iqdb

i looked at an archive of a dead board and my post was the last one on it, 8 years ago


asagohan understands


File: 1611900275671.jpeg (506.7 KB,2048x1530,EsQEbIEVkAE3U9-.jpeg) iqdb



File: 1612007925023.png (559.83 KB,480x521,1611992606660.png) iqdb



I wish I could still smoke weed


File: 1612010757753-0.png (419.91 KB,599x596,1608293648705.png) iqdb

had a dream I started smoking again


>Oh what's that? You lost all your money on the stock exchange? Oh dont worry, I'm sure I'll think of someway for you to repay me.

How about you wageslave from 9 to 5 every day in the office doing nothing productive at all for the rest of your life and eat the bugs because we can not spare any more real food on useless idiots like you also go ahead and take this vaccine that should take off 15 to 20 years from your life just so you can die faster? Don't forget to chop off your dick and go full trans we don't need any more freaks like you.


Literally who are you quoting schizo


accidentally installed manjaro


why can't a linux system run a simple radio stream out of the box why does there always have to be a workaround involving 20 pages of possible solutions on the forums


File: 1612190604034-0.png (459.55 KB,800x600,1563042737016.png) iqdb

Woke up with a fever…


> run a simple radio stream
What the fuck you mean "run" schizo?
If it's a webradio, you can copy in the url into VLC


I do the same with mpv and emacs. Actually, before my Pinephone broke, there was this cool streaming app that let me discover a lot of French and Québécois radio stations. That was pretty neat.


I'm in the ER today and the nurse asked me if my wife was a nurse, but it's really my mom. Think that's the first time someone asked if I had a wife.


File: 1612210216081.png (10.6 KB,537x120,‏.png) iqdb

translate this shit whatmin


File: 1612211007020.jpg (43.72 KB,550x574,1611970899003.jpg) iqdb

Install youtube-dl


File: 1612212084501.png (386.67 KB,679x571,__popola_and_devola_nier_a….png) iqdb

I hope you're okay.

I'm never going to an ER again unless I'm literally dying.


File: 1612212684108.jpeg (78.47 KB,550x1400,EtD9_AEVgAMiTgw.jpeg) iqdb

Yeah that's when I go too.

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