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This is the official (50% Christmas edition) /what/ blog thread. If you have something to say but don't want to make a thread for it…
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>Why would they expect an apology if the person bought it and then broke it later.
So you are part of the trash that the sign is for


If you break your mouse do you call the manufacturer to apologize?


if you think a massproduced mouse is the same as a handmade katana, you are in the wrong conversation


Has Japan apologised to China, Korea, almost the entire SEA and the US for its war crimes? No? Well, shit.


if you break a handcrafted and handpainted vase do you call the artist to apologize?


If I met the artist, sure. What would you buy art for, if you don't admire it? That's what that image is about


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so what if the artist came to your house and broke the vase he made, would he need to apologize to himself???


why are people so eager to show everyone they are part of a niche, closed off subculture which they are not well acquainted with that they don't really belong to



Looks like they're having fun with it, what is the issue?


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anime is norm shit


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sigh… No cute boy to bap on the head with a baguette.


ill smack your butte with a baguette but im not cute


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smacke smacke


File: 1611678941535.png (27.32 KB,865x155,01253r.png) iqdb

he's making fun of lunix pedocels


>video editing with C commands
he doesn't know what he's talking about


since when is /what/ forced anon?


well you see every time his pet retard abuses something whatmin inconveniences and punishes everyone else

the site didn't have a post timer and a thread creation timer either and yet now it does, he's going to tell you it's against spam in general but he's lying through his teeth


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>the site didn't have a post timer and a thread creation timer either
It literally always has.

Someone would have to actually edit the vichan config and change those values to zero.

> it's against spam in general but he's lying through his teeth

The DNSBL actually aren't for him.


so why'd you make it forced anon
the name made it easy to ignore his posts


okay, you increased them though, and I wasn't talking about DNSBL anyway


File: 1611686807102.jpg (205.73 KB,1012x716,1547250148199.jpg) iqdb

They're at 30 seconds and have been.

The only time they're increased is when I go to sleep on days where the spam is bad.

Btw he has been range banned for the past 2 weeks.

He has a lot of VPN addresses, you may have seen him spamming ota lately too.

TLDR keep looking for something to bitch about


so they aren't increased except for when they are gotcha

>Btw he has been range banned for the past 2 weeks.

that's irrelevant given that he still makes more than half of the threads on here even after discounting the ones you delete

>He has a lot of VPN addresses, you may have seen him spamming ota lately too.

irrelevant excuses, if you truly wanted to get rid of him you could

>TLDR keep looking for something to bitch about

keep being an incompetent, shit admin you butthurt retard


are you the meta guy who keeps being mad about everything on every board? you need to leave bro


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No that's me but I take a break sometimes


File: 1611710538895.jpeg (56.1 KB,599x598,image.jpeg) iqdb

Feels goody good~


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i looked at an archive of a dead board and my post was the last one on it, 8 years ago


asagohan understands


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I wish I could still smoke weed


File: 1612010757753-0.png (419.91 KB,599x596,1608293648705.png) iqdb

had a dream I started smoking again


>Oh what's that? You lost all your money on the stock exchange? Oh dont worry, I'm sure I'll think of someway for you to repay me.

How about you wageslave from 9 to 5 every day in the office doing nothing productive at all for the rest of your life and eat the bugs because we can not spare any more real food on useless idiots like you also go ahead and take this vaccine that should take off 15 to 20 years from your life just so you can die faster? Don't forget to chop off your dick and go full trans we don't need any more freaks like you.


Literally who are you quoting schizo


accidentally installed manjaro


why can't a linux system run a simple radio stream out of the box why does there always have to be a workaround involving 20 pages of possible solutions on the forums


File: 1612190604034-0.png (459.55 KB,800x600,1563042737016.png) iqdb

Woke up with a fever…


> run a simple radio stream
What the fuck you mean "run" schizo?
If it's a webradio, you can copy in the url into VLC


I do the same with mpv and emacs. Actually, before my Pinephone broke, there was this cool streaming app that let me discover a lot of French and Québécois radio stations. That was pretty neat.


I'm in the ER today and the nurse asked me if my wife was a nurse, but it's really my mom. Think that's the first time someone asked if I had a wife.


File: 1612210216081.png (10.6 KB,537x120,‏.png) iqdb

translate this shit whatmin


File: 1612211007020.jpg (43.72 KB,550x574,1611970899003.jpg) iqdb

Install youtube-dl


File: 1612212084501.png (386.67 KB,679x571,__popola_and_devola_nier_a….png) iqdb

I hope you're okay.

I'm never going to an ER again unless I'm literally dying.


File: 1612212684108.jpeg (78.47 KB,550x1400,EtD9_AEVgAMiTgw.jpeg) iqdb

Yeah that's when I go too.

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