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You ever think about how bad of a father you would be and how it's probably a good thing you ended up cel?


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I'd be a great father if I simply had money.

But because of my unwillingness to participate in capitalist society (not my unwillingness to work, like farm or build a house, but it's literally illegal for me to do these things) yes I'd be a "bad father" because literally everything is about money under capitalism.

No money = no pussy


good thing i hate cels who blame all their problems on everyone and everything else like the freak above me


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It is illegal to just build a house in the woods.

It is illegal to just hunt/fish.

It is illegal to just farm.

It is illegal to collect rainwater in some states.

It is illegal to shit in a hole.

If you try to build a house on land you own in most places the state will declare that your house is condemned and unfit to live in and demolished at your expense.

Why would the state do this? You didn't have a permit. You didn't submit plans. You didn't build your house to "code". You violate zoning rules. You didn't have an inspector. You didn't connect your house to municipal water / electrical / sewer. You don't have a septic. You didn't have a licensed "X" do "X" job. You didn't pay property tax. This list goes on.

Look you fucking faggot, none of this is my fault, I did not consent. I will not play the fucking game and be a wageslave.


I used to. I don't think about much at all these days.


You wouldn't. Do you know anyone with children like a friend or an acquaintance that you spend a lot of time with? My boss has 2 kids. A son who's 3 and a daughter of 2 and let me tell you parenting is not as easy as it sounds because I see them every day. You are trying to put something in the head of those little creatures but you have no idea how it's going to turn out. Every single thing you do affects them and you need to anticipate how it may turn out. Sometimes I find myself thinking how would I deal with this or that, what's right and what isn't. When it's appropriate to scold or praise. Kids are very unpredictable. Look at your own childhood and try to put yourself in your own father's place as he was raising you.


>Look at your own childhood and try to put yourself in your own father's place as he was raising you



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I'm so pilled I know the recipe to create the ultimate Chad, even if half their genes came from my shitty side. They may not like me when it's over but they would be successful whether they like it or not.
If it's a girl then I don't know… Probably the only way to raise a girl properly today is to homeschool her and try to keep modern culture out of her reach.

But these days a foid will simply get bored and decide to ruin all of your lives by getting a divorce and the government will make it so you hardly see your children again so it probably is for the best even though it sucks sometimes knowing you'll never be able to live that norm life they taught you about growing up.
Too many people anyway.


I would be a perfect father, me being cel is a disservice to the world and a great injustice.

Nah it's pretty easy. The reason your boss has issues with his kids is because he's at work most of the time and has pretty much left his kids to be "raised" by public school, TV, and the internet. I bet he has at least 3 different brainless apps downloaded on the phone to keep them busy. Well I guess they're too young to be getting damaged by public school yet.


That all sounds gay af *giggles* why would you want any of that? *giggles*


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sigh gigs


sigh Hayzuz


why are you even dreaming of this be honest with yourself youre a sheltered pussy even if all of this wasnt illegal you wouldnt leave the comfort of your room for some macho fantasy


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The movie theater called they want their projector back.


Lol! It's, like, that "your projecting" meme, but with an intelligent twist!


this dude is posting on a spinoff of an already niche japanese hobby board thats full of homebodies which requires one to pass several sanity filters to end up here and hes saying im projecting like do you think other people are stupid or are you that stupid yourself


im norm


THE Norm??? I thought you died!


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haysuz has been catfishing with my pics and getting pussy pictures


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love the comfort of my bedroom/mindprison


if you guys thought my boy was bad wait until you hear about andrew tate


nothing comfortable about being in my head


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You know those animes where they're transported into someone's psyche and there's all sorts of weird stuff going on.
Sometimes I think about how terrifying mine would be.


my castle is impenetrable


I don't know those animes


File: 1657626290688.jpg (186.6 KB, 1920x1080, [Taedium] Machikado Mazoku….jpg)

i wouldnt have turned out like this if shamiko had invaded my psyche and pried me out


norm brain divers would experience a psychotic break within minutes of entering the mind of The Truecel of Ota


Make a Shamiko tulpa


part of loving someone is wanting whats best for them therefore i couldnt make tulpa binding even a copy of shamikos soul to me


Become the kind of man Shamiko needs


she doesnt need a man she already has momo

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