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This is just proof that he loves me


I like doing this in ERP because it's a hot scenario. Like treating someone so bad and they end up falling in love with you because their brain gets messed up.



>Salimata was always told she should be proud to come from a family of wife beaters.

>"You're the daughter of a woman whose husband broke her hands. Your grandmother's legs were fractured by her husband. You must be loved," Salimata said, citing her mother's words.
>The 19-year-old woman from Mauritania's Soninké ethnic group, married to a man who also beats her, said she taught herself to believe what her mother told her.
>"I felt like an animal that had to be disciplined," she said. "As time passed, I came to believe that my husband beats me only when he is at the peak of his love for me."
>Wearing a colorful scarf that shows her Fulani heritage, Samba smiled and said: "A Fulani woman always takes pride in being beaten by her husband," and often shares her experiences with other women to show off his love for her.
>"This is one of our traditions," she said. "We see wife-beating as a common and normal practice, which sometimes includes pouring cold water on the wife's body."

Socially utopian society


paste fuhlippin buddies Please stick it in mee


In their tribal villages the Sambia segregate the sexes as much as possible. Men and women each have their own paths and meeting places. The boys have no contact whatever with the girls. The initiation process for them begins somewhere between ages 7 and 10. During the first phase, which lasts until they are about 15, they are expected to suck the PENIS of a mature boy every night and swallow the sperm. Without regular ingestion of male seed, the Sambia believe, boys will never grow up into strong, mature men.
At first some of the boys dislike having to do this, but gradually all come to enjoy it and often strong ties of friendship are formed between the sucker and the sucked. After puberty the boys enter the second phase of initiation: it is now their turn to provide seed for the benefit of the younger ones. They do this until, at around age 22, they marry. Marriage terminates the young man's homosexual life, since once his PENIS has penetrated a woman's vagina it is no longer considered clean and it would be dangerous for any other male to touch it.


sick savages, this is fucking disgus-
>since once his PENIS has penetrated a woman's vagina it is no longer considered clean


Happy women's day! Be sure to show the women in your life that you love them today!!!


Happy International Women's Day!


You're not funny.


dad thinks I'm funny


funny post!

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