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And this is my 30 year old manbaby son. He refuses to work and refuses to go to college and generally does nothing all day except for watch foreign cartoons, play video games, post his inane thoughts on obscure Japanese interest forums and masturbate to the cartoons. He is a virgin that has never had a girlfriend and has probably not spoken to a woman besides me and his grandmother in over a decade. Despise his advanced age he never was able to grasp how to function in society with the absolute most basic things like eye contact and exchanging pleasantries without disintegrating into a mumbling mess. He even refuses to do the bare minimum of asking the government for money for his mental retardation because he's too scared to go through the process.

Despite this I still put up with it all because I am also dependent on him for emotional support and am far too old to have another child who would have an even higher chance of being autistic than this one.


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Wow, he is literally me…


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>He refuses to work and refuses to go to college

I live in America, if my family was rich enough to pay for college and a car so I could get there, I would've gone to college.

There's really no choice for me now except a life of wageslave or NEET and I choose the latter.

Also I speak Japanese fluently and can program and use Linux and run websites and lift weights.


yeah but you can't run an imageboard without letting it get spammed to death I am an incomparable homoOOOO


You can go to college for free. Especially if you're mentally handicapped enough to be here.


How do you become a NEET without your parents forcing you to get a job and kicking you out, because that's what mine did


Reroll for better free units


>Also I speak Japanese fluently
No you don't, dumb weeb.


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My mom doesn't want me to leave, ever.

Didn't you read the last part of OP's post?


Why not immigrate to Japan and get some simple computer job and run jbw game and live happily ever after then

A single mother is much less likely to kick you out. You probably were lucky enough to have both parents.


Top keks


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all i need to do is die before i turn 30


this is pretty close but i did go through the proccess to obtain autismbux and it seems i will be relying on it for the foreseeable future
also i had to interact with a female who is a similar age to me quite a few times this summer and we are on friendly terms although i have no doubt that she is aware of my disability


Is she your tard handler


they prefer the term wrangler


wrangler handler


no shes my little cousins nanny she pretty much looks after them full time so i saw her a lot when i was visiting them


autismo thread


i made small talk with the dentists assistant today
she asked me if i had the day off a couple times and we talked about the weather and ice cream and she said that she just got back from a trip from europe and i told her that i got a sunburn
she gave me a tissue for wiping my face and i end up tearing it in half when i was talking to her because i was nervous but i think i did well vocally and kept up with the conversation
then afterwards when i went to the front desk to get my bill i started stammering a lot trying to ask the girl behind the desk to call the number on my file so my mom could give her the payment details and also that my listed address was wrong and could she please change it
i think im getting better at pretending to be a normal person


Who does this Chadtalker think he is


chatted with someone in line at the store at the other day well more like he started talking to me but i had a nice response only didnt figure it till i was in the parking lot


hate when i start spergmumbling in public


they were some kind of christians but im not sure what kind they had long beards and long robes but they werent amish or anything since they mustve driven there


I reactivated my interpals account why are foreigners so weird


if dad didnt want me to be autistic he shouldnt have been autistic


dad was almost 40 when i was born
pretty sure he has a touch of the 'tism also
he was NEET since i was 7

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