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Storm took out my power but some things still work. Computer and internet but not all the lights. Weird.


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Flipping the breaker didn't do anything.
I can hear mice running around in the walls.
I wish my room was clean they probably like the clutter on the floor.


If you have led lights, it's possible the storm took out the power supplies in them. They are supposed to have varistors in them that prevent such damage but they might be omitted in the cheap ones


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These were normal bulbs. I also forgot to say the neighbors lost power too and my fridge is off. I think this just confirms my theory that the electricians were drunk when they wired the house or something. Worked out well for me though since I could stay on my pc and still had internet during a blackout.


Oh well that changes a few things. Did you try to power the fridge from the same socket your pc works off of? If you have multiple incoming phases the storm could have roasted one of them outside on the street
If they are classic light bulbs, you can just check if the filament is still intact


File: 1625916350892.png (1.93 MB, 1600x900, 1624789922864.png)

Also if the electric system is a little newer, you can have something called a phi-relay in there which is a life protection relay that measures current going through the ground plane. Lightning rods are grounded so it's possible one of those tripped since they have very low thresholds (they are supposed to detect when you electrocute yourself and become the grounding)
Although these are newer things



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That sounds interesting. I'm still not sure what happened but power came back a few hours ago.
Nothing was damaged at all. Everything's back and working.
Really weird.


sigh wish i had a vtuber friend to trade commissions with of our donut steal oc

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