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Hello there, /ota/..

I just found out my sister had s*x before me today, she and her friends were talking about s*x positions downstairs and she (my sister) relayed what happened to her and her bf, she's 17 and I'm 21. I was preety sad when I heard about it because she vowed she'd stay a virg until married, now I'm the only virg in the family that disappoint their inquisitive uncles during holidays, I'm just trying to find anyone who share the same dillema..

Truly yours,
Ben Bologna


File: 1396624265360.jpeg (14.59 KB, 281x204, heero7.jpeg)

Not sure you saw the memo, but feels are banned from Ota anon.

Instead of feels we have Heero Yuy's.
The Heero Yuy when you'ce simply lost it.


Why do you humour your uncles' curiosity? Just act coy.

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