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Anyone else here like to just do a massive load of heroin after a hard day of work?


Which of those anime girls do you feel like when you're on heroin comfy in your warm bed with your heavenly blankets


I would if it was legal and I could buy it on the internet and it wasn't made by terrorists in the middle east but in America


I believe you can use it moderately and responsibly, something like once a week or less. The main reason people think this is so impossible is in part because typically the only people using heroin are already the kind of people who are fucked up. Almost all the people who would use heroin already lack self-control, are careless risk-takers, or just don't care about shit anymore. Combine that with the extreme stigma and legal boundaries, and you can see why there's not many "responsible" heroin users.

It's just a very potent opiate, assuming you have clean unadulterated diacetylmorphine, I don't see it as significantly any more dangerous than common prescription opiates.

Personally I wish crude opium was the popular thing, not prescription opiates or highly concentrated heroin that you could just throw in someone's face if you wanted to kill them. Opium was popular at many points throughout history, and it requires no processing, it's just the completely natural sap straight from the poppy.


You can buy it on the internet, and it's a hell of a lot safer than real life.


How does it even get shipped? Doesn't FedEx and USPS check for illegal stuff like that?

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