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There's a huge fly in my room and he's been evading me for six hours now. I can't relax knowing some disgusting insect is buzzing around somewhere. My room is only the size of an average American prison cell so I have no idea where he could be hiding, he buzzes around, I try to swat him, he hides somewhere, and the whole thing is repeated as soon as I start trying to get comfortable and watch anime. Just fucking kill me.


nice shitty /v/ blog dude


I had put a napkin over my lunch so he couldn't get to it, but he hid again and when I thought he was gone I took the napkin off to eat and he was in between the slices of bread. Ironically only once he had ruined my food was he distracted enough to let me kill him. Mom had to open up a whole new can of tuna because I threw that sandwich in the trash immediately.


Known feel


wow what a wuss did you throw away a sandwich just because a fly landed on it

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