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If any of you anime cringelords still support Trump after this you are beyond retarded, even dumber than the old boomers who support him.


This is proof he is just another puppet just like Hillary and actually worse since he's part of the Republican party. Literally Bush on steroids you stupid fucks.


Great post gnfos subhuman.


thanks ill keep it up


I'm legit scared of him becoming president, he's basically Hillary's agenda, but with a fascist authoritarian flavor and rhetoric.

America is so fucked holy shit


trump supporters are pathetic


He chose a mainstream running mate to balance the party's support.

Get over yourself occult-kun.


You know you're a PREDICTABLE paranoid libcuck retard when even fucking SEAN sees no problem with Trump


no he didn't you stupid fuck. if that were true and he wasn't a zionist puppet then they would impeach him once he's president and put pence in charge. That won't fucking happen because Trump is the NWO. All those Illuminati conspiracies you have about the authortarian NWO are literally Donald Trump. He's it personified. He's the embodiment of all the Alex Jones conspiracies yet alex jonestards like you all support him in the most stunning display of retardation and irony.

Trump is literally worse than Hillary
that's because Sean is retarded but at least he isn't a brony real life autist like you


please, please fuck off with your american politics thread, it's painful to look at them. go to /pol/ and stay there.


If you aren't American you deserve fucking death you cuck


File: 1468599292984.jpg (58.54 KB, 458x444, ed (3).jpg)

>when someone mentions Trump near me


kill yourself fatman


holy fuck i want to get out of this country i can see the fuckign cards i dont want to be here when shit hits the fan you retards can have fun with your "happening"


>he can afford to eat something other than government sanctioned halal rations! Fatty!
lol suck this fat dick eurocuck scum


sorry I can't find your dick under all those layers of fat bro


if sean thinks something's good then it's obviously the most retarded option


That's the thing with conspiracy theories. There is controled oppostion. Some of info wars is controled oppostion yet they have a huge audiance.

I've looked into the conspiracy of trump being part of the nwo and it's all turned up to be false and people who have fallen for controled oppostion. I was right about trump almost mocking gringrge/giving him props aND I'm right about this too.When trump talked about gringrge in his speach he was laughing and mocking him because he said trump would never be president because he didn't belong to the secret societies. He should have chosen the general, but he chose move his chest peice to appease the controled republican party when in reality he's going to do what he,wants for the better of America surrounding himself with staff and security he trusts.

Trump has stated several times that Isreal will pay the U.S back and funding will change. He infultraits zionists with nice talk about Isreal when all he says is he's pro Isreal state but never zionists nor really saying flamboyant things of their leadership. Keep your enimies close.

You want me to bend. You want me to embrace that the occult is winning but I wont. Everything Trump has done hurts the agenda. He will prosicute many offices clearing house in office.

You can't pawn Sean.
Deal with itm


The beauty of it is that unlike nephilim and all the other gay shit he talks about you can clearly see that Trump becoming the president will benefit not only the US but the entire Western world.



No, you're just both morons. Sean is just a stupid norm who comes here in the same way normies watch TV shows until they go to bed. I feel bad for Trump honestly, people are going to be trying to kill him/extort him for the rest of his life, all because of how naive he was. You think Hilary didn't grow up racist? She's from Chicago and went to a private schools her whole life. But she's not dumb enough to blatantly admit she's racist, she makes dumb jokes sometimes, but nothing on the level of Trump.


File: 1468600492082.jpg (102.51 KB, 619x658, asd.jpg)

>You can't pawn Sean
Except for the time you got pawned when the FBI cleared Hilary, I am an incomparable homo, idiot…….


Lol here comes Kasumi chimp, get the fuck off my board you fucking shitskin


TV is for the weak.
I don't watch tv.

Cia and house of reps are still pursuing the case. Fbi under death threats. The day will come and then you will realize how high trump sits in ritiousness


You're dumb if you think Hillary is a better alternative


>Mike Pence

literally who


The guy you are replying to is unironicly a satanist who is fearful trump is going to turn the entire manipulated system on its head, so he's desperate to pin trump as an insider for his own beliefs. You can see is liberal panic in everything he posts. He's desperate clinic to straws.

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