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You know what scared the shit out of me as a kid? Nine inch nails. I saw one of their music videos uncensored at my cousin at my uncle's house because he left the tape in the VCR and I had to sleep in bed with mom for a month afterwards.


Great post you fucking piece of shit


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Yeah even at that age I liked the misfits but that's because their songs and videos weren't scary or gross they were just cool with scary movie elements so they didn't scare me but nine inch nails was music for older people like my uncle and that video really scared me it was some guy who gets into a torture machine and gets his stomach and dick cut up then he gets grinded into meat and dumped into a field below the table it was terrifying to a wee lad


Probably dude, I'm sorry for calling you a piece of shit.


I would go sleep in bed with mom now since I just remembered it and watched it for the first time in 20 years and got scared again but I haven't slept in bed with mom since before puberty so I'd probably end up humping her with my boner in my sleep thinking she was a hot anime girl so all I can do is suffer alone


link to vid?


We're both alone


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I won't be responsible for exposing someone else to that sick crap but here have these sexy babes building a 雪だるま


Fucking retard

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