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i cn't make eye contact unless im on adderall


Stop posting lesbians.


Change in plan- Im' gonna just take my amphetamines almost every day for the next couple months. Don't think I'll survive in this normsphere without them


known this feel


the comedown is hell though, but i guess it beats living an even weirder psychotic "comedown" 24/7 which is what ive been without it


Then I'm gonna need to finally go back to a psychiatrist to get more. Don't want them to try to make me take other drugs. Fuck.


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this is you on adderall


she looks the same


I eventually gave up on it. I'd rather just suffer as myself than faking normalcy by inhaling a constant stream of adderall gas. Its not good for your brain and body either.


I don't have a choice. I have no family to rely on anymore. Unless I get NEETbux I'm just gonna stick with this.

It's really horrible when you're so depressed and full of paranoid thoughts and fear and feel disconnected, and everyone in public can tell how weird you are, and only some act kind to you, most think it's amusing or pathetic, and the ones that are kind are usually just like that because they feel bad for you. I literally can't look people in the eye and if I force myself too I creep them out. The way I walk is overly self aware paranoid and self conscious, everyone looks twice at me because of how weird I come off as, it's like an aura. When I'm on amphetamines I'm thinking about myself and other things and feel more confidence and more comfortable because I feel more myself.




Fěl when sold my Adderall in a small town and some kid toke 3 30mg and OD'd and then the cops were going door to door in the majority black living areas.


haha you owned that teenbro

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