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So what's up wid it ? You know the deal, it's that boy Ramiro,

So the other day while I was practicing my Capoeira, I was thinkin about this awesome party house in Jersey with tons of alcohol and hot sluts, that I used to drive up to when I was in highschool. It was actually a fraternity house, but the guys weren't skinny faggots that wear their shirts tucked in. Weid huh ? Any way, I said fuck the club and decided to go holla at some of my boyz from way back in the day.

I roll into the house with my posse, but something isn't right. I'm thinkin : where are the kegs, and more importantly, I can't see a single descent girl. Just then, this little dweeb starts scopin me, then comes up and asks me who I am. My boy Roberto goes "Are u fucking serious ?! You're talking to Ramiro a.k.a the BO$$ of Jersey." Then the kid (who had a striking resemblance to Ferguson from Clarissa Explains It All) says something like ' Please don't take any personal offense to this, but this house belongs to the ota brotherhood, and so I must humbly ask that you please leave.'

I say "Listen Ferguson, you little faggot, I don't know about all that gibberish, but me and my niggas came here for some pussy, some jager bombs, and some yayo. Now since ya boy don't like having sex with blue whales, u better make the next two happen real quick." The kid mutters in a shaky voice, "My name isn't ferguson," and starts tearing up a little. My boyz just laughed, it was pretty pathetic. After that I gave Ferguson a nuclear wedgie and peaced the fuck out before ya boy got swarmed by all the fat girls.

So can someone please tell me what the fuck a "ota" is, and what happened to one of the sickest party houses in Jersey?


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You god damn… Stupid idiot!


That's mama Luigi to you!

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