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No. 6731

ota-ch.com is dead. on ota currently out of 10 threads 8 are made by dani, 2 by gnfos and 1 by /jp/ every 20-30 threads. that underestimation is very modest and neglects to reflect that gnfos constantly bump their old threads. i won't write this under a false pretense that we need somebody on a white horse to save ota-ch. instead i'll say it's the duty of anybody from /jp/ to simply stop posting here or visiting the site unless otamin wants to stop being a "silent guardian". they spam 80% of the threads on the board and you delete 30-50% so the board is still entirely theirs. they'll create threads endlessly until enough aren't deleted that their content still dominates the board. the only real solution is for a mod to check post history of an ip. fresh ip/proxy with zero post history making 2-3 shit threads? it's dani/gnfos = ban/delete. see somebody spamming about josh/gnfos/subhumanish? check post history and ban. see a trevor blog? check the post history of ip in the thread and ban. ota-ch.com was good for a long time, but this is a new challenge that /jp/ didn't face before and otamin frankly isn't equipped to deal with it. 2 weeks ago the site was so terrible that i assumed the domain wouldn't renew. just last month gnfos were creating furry scat threads that are still alive. i have the most laissez-faire approach, but when water and dirt mix you simply get mud. it can't be /jp/ when gnfos is 50-80% of the board. otamin has been deleting about 50% of their stuff on good days but telling /jp/ to read a board with 50%+ content from people who are banned on other ip/proxy isn't logical discourse.


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if you don't want to solve this problem using tools as the admin and adding mods pass the keys to the kingdom. we need somebody like nenmin who wants an actual comfy /jp/ - 2d/random instead /b/ - randumb with partially 2d images. this is not the work of many people from /jp/ but simply fresh proxy spamming shit threads and even doing sockpuppets freely on a single ip.

they don't post on nen or sama because the moderation there can easily catch them and delete their sockpuppets/zero post history new threads they spam. pretty harsh, but right now otamin is only catching roughly 50% of their most shit spam and will probably go inactive in a few weeks like he was a 2 month ago. ota-ch.com wasn't the first, even the second, or the last instead the goal has been making a nice place for people from /jp/ to post 2d/random. we can give thanks for the times ota-ch.com was good but can't ignore the reality that dani is 50% of the catalog threads.


File: 1465584398633.gif (27.15 KB, 326x270, 1385360102229.gif)

no one is gonna read that trash heap of a text sorry


Do you expect anyone to read that?


File: 1465584405651.jpg (4.84 MB, 6000x6000, danite.jpg)

gnfos people in a word are sociopathic. if you had to guess then they're schizophrenic too. they're liars/sockpuppeters and their only aim is to vent and sh*tpost. all of them belong on /b/ but inserted themselves here because trevor and gnfos "irony". dani isn't an anomaly but the tip of the iceburg. dani is known for cummies, but what he does besides that is a lot worse and even more often. he has different persona like image+youtube/blog/cries for help threads. it isn't just lukewarm like these topics either, but also spamming /b/r9k/v/ macro images and other offensive content. worst of all he's making 8+ out of the 10 new threads spamming them on fresh proxy.

merorin admin(danite) is another. the henri centerpiece of the danite collage is a perfect example of how dani/danite operate. they simply load a fresh proxy with zero post history and do the most subhuman behavior possible with total immunity. if we had a mod looking at what people say then they'd simply be banned for being such a terrible posters. usually sockpuppet/proxy people have a specific style or goal but dani/gnfos subhumans are simply schizophrenic sociopath that want to spam and sh*tpost ruining ota for everybody.


File: 1465584439193.jpg (285.15 KB, 1600x1200, Nyo_001[0039-11,05,15].jpg)

toasting in an ebig bread!!!


File: 1465584468455.jpg (1.28 MB, 3000x3000, misc.jpg)

i feel that this was a grand waste of time but i know there's still people from /jp/ that have been looking at the pathetic degenerate state of the website and wondering how /jp/ fell so low. well, the answer is it isn't /jp/ in the least. it's gnfos who openly do furry roleplay on /b/ which are spamming fresh proxy and making lots of threads. otamin does a cursory glance catching 3 of the 10 proxy dani/danite is using to ruin the site. 50% of the catalog is dani on fresh proxy so it's safe to say ota-ch.com isn't actually ota or even /jp/ anymore.

http://kakashi-nenpo.com/ seems like the best choice to leave ota-ch.com. i'd mention ota-ch.org but i don't know the admin and it could be a backdoor for gnfos subhumans. unless he shows a zero tolerance policy for the "ironic" subhuman gnfos posting style then it's no better than ota-ch.com. nenpo has shown that dani/gnfos aren't allowed so i feel this is pretty solid. samachan gets mentioned a lot, but i feel nenpo is more like how ota was previously.

what-ch admin is steam friends with dani and even regularly talks with him. he can't even ironically be acknowledged as having anything to do with /jp/ at this point though.


Dani hasn't posted in days. Thanks for bringing him back up, I can't wait for him to reappear now.


You can't read anything in that image. Open up excel and refit it.


did yuo know children are literally starving to death while you whinge on about message boards on hte niternet I am an incomparable homo




we need to be pragmatic and remember how the site has fallen to the point two other websites were made in an attempt to solve the moderation issue half a year ago. even if otamin is active for a short burst deleting 50% of gnfos threads what about in 2 months? simply create new rules against randumb content/gnfos and then start looking at post history of people creating new threads.

i had wanted to write more, but it's pointless. if you want to detect dani or gnfos simply look at post history and see them making fresh threads constantly on new ip and ban/delete them. see them doing sockpuppets and acting like subhumans? check post history and ban them. gnfos and /jp/ can't mix so right now and i don't think otamin has the will to purge them so we need an exodus unless you want to talk with furry /b/tards spamming insane threads constantly.


File: 1465584646469.jpg (52.96 KB, 400x400, 1366474680875.jpg)

anitdani literally confirmed for /nen/min


File: 1465584699120.jpg (283.11 KB, 1600x1200, Nyo_001[2046-11,05,15].jpg)

is your evidence for me being the abo really the fact that we posted on the same date? are you just going to ignore all my posts on mero with a british flag before i stopped posting there?

also no shit was that a grand waste of time, dummy.


you need to open it in a new tab sean. don't enlarge it in the ota-ch window but another one or download and look at it. it needs to be that big to show lots of examples of what they're doing.


Oh hey, look. You're back and now 8 minutes later so is Dani >>258925. What could the correlation be?


people geting uppity with meta on the 2d random funposting boardddd im literally fall out of my chair


File: 1465584968889.png (682.17 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Bakuon!! - ….png)

Rest in RIP


you weren't the abo? can't pay attention to every random subhuman. you go find some examples yourself. i'm sure somebody will care, but you're still browsing merorin in that screenshot and talk like a gnfos while "supposedly" making that vegeta /v/b/ thread.


this guy has to be dani


And this is why the no-meta rule used to be strictly enforced on the original /ota/.


so if ota is filled with subhumans who are you directing this evacuation thing exactly


ota is dead unless otamin wants to stop being the silent guardian and crackdown hard on gnfos and dani. posters simply need to stop coming and let the gnfos take control until otamin shuts it down at this point.

i know you're banning them otamin but removing 50% when they make 80+% still leaves us overrun.


And that's why the original /ota/ died in less than 3 months. It was getting 50 posts a day when it was taken offline.



this thread is a perfect example. look at the post history of this shit and cleanse ota. this isn't somebody from /jp/ but a gnfos subhuman. it doesn't if it's dani, danite, trevor, or deji doing the sockpuppet. if you want to just look at the posts without matching ip/post history ota-ch.com will never get better. having schizophrenic sociopath spamming every discussion and calling it /jp/ is impossible to stomach.


File: 1465585469332.jpg (246.17 KB, 1600x1200, Nyo_001[2016-11,05,15].jpg)

Wouldn't be surprised if this was dani/meromin trying to force some kind of migration from a board where they regularly get banned, or if dani simply keeps an eye out for this guy because he loves the attention he gives him.

I mean really, would it have hurt you to look beyond the front page before making such a huge reach to identify me as one of the posters there? My last post on Meromin was here: https://censorship/jp/res/35247.html and if you looked back further you'd find that 90% of the British posts there match my posting style and filenames. You'd also find that I didn't post there often before I left because I was sick of dani and gayposts, but I guess you wouldn't include that anyway because it contradicts your image of me being dani's friend.


yes remove everyone who disagrees with op.

also fill the board with general threads of various otaku niches.


That's not why it shut down at all. Otamin got hacked or something.


hacked by antidani obviously. hes here to destabilize ota, thats his main mission.


File: 1465585747662.jpg (15.38 KB, 300x100, image.jpg)



a schizophrenic on fresh proxy spamming is not amusing. sockpuppet is not amusing and the fact the person who does it never posts anything otaku just adds more weight to this fact.

nobody cares about you stupid. you were just an example of a lying sociopath gnfos subhuman. you can't backpedal browsing merorin and posting the screenshot. everybody with a brain can see through you at this point. you're a shistain who pretends it's a "persona" so you can lie and sockpuppet talking about yourself in a 3rd person. you aren't liked so your opinion is moot. you post exactly like a gnfos subhuman inside that gnfos thread and outside of it too. your intelligence is too low to pull the wool over someone's eyes outside your own.


I didn't say that was why it was shut down.


stop with the revisionism, or stop making things up if you weren't there.

otamin took it down for "personal issues". I think he might have killed himself, or maybe just couldn't afford hosting.


I'd rather have 50 semi-good posts a day than 1000 meta garbage posts like this thread.


tl;dr faggot

kill yourself subhuman


File: 1465586049747.jpg (147.88 KB, 966x965, image.jpg)



File: 1465586106101.jpg (116.67 KB, 960x720, umicar.jpg)

Umi will be the first idol to have her own chan.


File: 1465586134581.jpg (296.41 KB, 1401x999, image.jpg)


File: 1465586151846.jpg (202.34 KB, 600x600, 1420762654603.jpg)

just stop while you're ahead of yourself


File: 1465586171734.jpg (284.41 KB, 1600x1200, Nyo_001[2251-06,05,15].jpg)

>nobody cares about you stupid.
You asked me to prove you wrong and I did. I've proved you wrong on so many things it's getting pathetic at this point, I almost feel like I'm bullying you whenever I point out that you're paranoid and dumb.

>you aren't liked so your opinion is moot.

What, and you are liked? You'd have to be delusional to think anyone considers you anything other than an annoying raving lunatic.


No his website literally got hacked by someone figuring out his admin password and he had to get a friend help him get it back. There were also constant DDoS attacks on the site, most if not all of it was done by foolz. You can find all the whole story on warosu if you bother searching.


File: 1465586244652.jpg (218.86 KB, 1000x1414, image.jpg)


translate it weebs


No, he couldn't cope with running a /jp/. He got hacked and temporarily took the board down once. His normalfag friend helped him with the site while he set things up again. Then not long after he took the site down permanently. It's ridiculous that people idolize him, he did an awful job.


dani/gnfos on full damage control this thread spamming images and etc. if we had an admin who wouldn't allow sockpuppets then almost all of this inane shit would disappear.

ota isn't filled with lots of gnfos subhumans. if it was then gnfos website wouldn't be 3-5 people talking with themselves all day.


my image


He wasn't very technically adept but he just wanted to give /jp/sies a save haven to hide from the janitor. He didn't really expect anyone to shit all over his site for doing that.


File: 1465586463731.jpg (198.91 KB, 1024x576, 1346536339051.jpg)

He wanted me to be janitor but suddenly shut the site down a few days later. I don't think he would have bothered if he planned to close /ota/. Or maybe me not knowing what "irc" was had something to do with it.


They weren't semi-good posts. It was 5 dude threads a day and 30 image dump posts by Saya with a handful of other posts.


Yes I know, which makes it obvious that he was new to /jp/.


i had wanted to make a plea for you becoming a janitor on ota-ch.com but these two schizophrenic sociopath dani and danite are too PREDICTABLE. you need to actually check post history and ban all gnfos behavior to remove their fun from the site. even if you delete stuff as a janitor they'll make it endlessly until some of the low quality shit gets through


Still better than anything on /ota/ these days.


Hey I know you should make /jp/ forums. with registration you could be in total control


File: 1465586787495.jpg (176.3 KB, 600x750, image.jpg)

I'm just trying to post SHABs here, not steal images.


It was literally the same shit. Dani is just the new dude/Saya. We had these same threads 3 years ago with different names in them. We had these same threads 2 years ago about Getter/foolz/a. This year it's Dani and GNFOS. Nothing is different.



it's can't be further from the truth. those people were infinitely better than dani. it's an objective fact even when you only loosely look at it. none of them were so low they would post roleplaying furry /b/ screenshots on ota or never make any otaku related posts while constantly doing stuff like danite does with sockpuppets posting /b/ material.


Yeah I remember having 10 meta threads about the latest internet drama every day and Saya was literally spamming the board with a new image dump every second back then.


Actually yes, that's what they did. Saya popularized hate for roleplaying on /ota/ and dude spammed the same inane threads constantly. They also had people just like you, who would spam 3d shit images of them and personal information to try to scare them off.


File: 1465587557998.jpg (127.95 KB, 850x638, image.jpg)


Completely false. Dude was promptly dealt with and Saya never did anything. The most you had on Saya was that he made a daily lucky item thread and you even made a youtube video out of that like it was some kind of shocking exposé.


if you want to lie then you can. nobody with a brain believes the worst of people use to do was comparable to what dani does currently. if you try and backpedal this angle then i'm just gonna assume you're part of the gnfos subhuman team. those people made threads others didn't like. dani makes 8 out of 10 threads with ota cunny kill me and does insane sockpuppets while sh*t when he's not doing gay furry roleplay on /b/. just fuck off trying to compare them. the absolute worst isn't equal to being bad.


It's not completely false. dude was never 'dealt with' on .net. He was only banned on .com and it caused a gigantic shitstorm. I have no idea what YouTube video you're talking about or what point you think I've made incorrectly, but people hated Saya and he was an enormous funposting and meta magnet. You're also completely ignoring the foolz raids.


foolz raiding isn't equal to somebody like dani. 4-5 sp*rky threads out of 10 pages isn't equal to dani making 8 out of 10 posts and having 30-50% of them deleted when otamin comes around. none of those posters did sockpuppets and were malicious towards the website like dani/danite/gnfos. they were simply weirdos in their own way and had people who disliked them.

most of all none were furry /b/tards who spammed that shit on ota. that's why dani and gnfos will never be like regular posters but instead sociopath raiders.


Getter and some other dude were the only people meta posting about Saya in literally every thread which was the lowest point /ota/ had reached at that point. /ota/min responded eventually by just banning anyone talking about meta shit. /ota/min also rangebanned the foolz spammers as far as I know but obviously couldn't deal with their DDoS attacks which is another story. He wasn't the best admin but a hell of a lot better than oatman here.


The people from Foolz were openly malicious and completely wiped the board with spam more than once.


where are they now? they come and go while dani is sitting here 24/7 making threads and being a parasite. they had lots of proxy but spammed obvious stuff while dani spams threads until otamin just lets him keep it.

ota doesn't have dozens of subhumans on fresh ip posting shit that's exactly like dani.


Month 1 it was Currybutt/Y10NRDY/AoG. Month 2 it was dude/Saya. Month 3 /ota/ was already dead and /ota/min couldn't even cope with a site moving at the pace of a snail. /ota/ has always been the same.


Yes but at least /ota/min showed up to ban them and there was an archive in place. oatman literally does nothing.


They moved on after over a year. Dani will probably do the same. Nothing is new.


stop namedropping people, you're giving antidani more people to pretend he knows about


Who gives a shit, no one takes him serious anyway.


who the fuck is dani i don't know what the hell everyone is talking about i have no idea who dani is or how he's spamming the board i just don't know what's going on


By the way OP is varappi


dont lay off the meds dude


wrong. none of them were knowyourmeme/cheezburger/furry /b/tards. you got dani who's the biggest subhuman i've ever talked with and then danite the other schizophrenic that openly admits he's from gnfos and then does malicious posts like >>6735 just stop trying to make this equivocal.

this is a wrong premise. none of those people have a subhuman support group like gnfos helping them and giving them encouragement.

i gotta ask, who are you? it's clear you're trying to downplay this too much. you can take on ota-ch.com for a couple years with dani while /jp/ goes to another website without dani okay. don't pretend to be /jp/ when you're talking with a schizophrenic /b/tard cause he makes almost every thread.


That would make sense, their English is pretty similar. I could have sworn varappi liked dani though. Makes it even funnier, because varappi doesn't belong here but thinks he does.


Actually no never mind, I don't think it can be varappi because varappi likes gnfos and merorin.


Actually yes, they did. And yes, they were. I'm not downplaying anything. I'm saying it's the same thing that's always happened, which it is. I think >>6801 is right and I shouldn't have to explain this to you anymore, Varappi. You were 15 when /ota/ was launched.


it's funny you're talking about somebody belonging here and you're a gnfos subhuman.

trevor didn't go away in the 3 years everybody hated him. he came back with a vengeance and now you're some gnfos subhuman trying to play this down the line and pretend dani will go away. if trevor didn't go away and dani is worse why would dani go away? who the fuck is varappi. some random kid that the gnfos subhumans hate i guess. since varappi isn't playing defense for dani he's at least two notch above you.


I'm not playing defense for anything. I'm correcting people who are wrong on the internet. You're saying /ota/ is worse than it's ever been, and it's not. It has always been like this.


ota never had a dani so you're lying and defending dani. you can't downplay the worst menace the board has ever had.


You're such an idiot. Ironically, varappi is one of the few people who have ever actually expressed their like of dani.


no u r


whatever. nobody from /jp/ needs your opinion that dani is okay and we need to accept the board being controlled him and gnfos. they can make their own decision and leave like anybody sane will.


i dont get it


Maybe you'll fit in if you keep acting like you know what's best for /jp/


I'm tired of talking with sissy cuckold fetishists, ex-STASI German autists who house Tunisian immigrant families in their apartment, nerdy buddy Urkel fags full of repressed rage who show up on internet forums to chimp out on their lunch break, Australian nutjobs who live in garages and think his pictures of Hitler talk to him, cock-addicted power bottom twinks carrying 8 different strains of HIVs, gypsy turds living in sewers using cable connection stolen from their neighbor while indulging in delusions that Romania was once the capital of the Prussian empire, ERPing glue-sniffers banished from krautchan, would-be school shooters, people who tug their cocks between the legs and pretend to be a girll, bug-eaters, self-loathing schizophrenic weirdos who vote for Hillary, schizophrenic Danish cummy spammers, idiot angry posters who came from /b/ and Mexican crackheads who live in vans and try to have sex with their mothers. Ota has too many of these.


am i suppose to post here or not can someone explain whats going on


You're meant to post here:


I'm not sure but the board looks pretty shitty so I think I'm going to start browing nenpo.


post on http://kakashi-nenpo.com if you're from /jp/ and want to talk about otaku stuff.

post on ota-ch.com if you think talking with a schizophrenic that makes 8 out of 10 threads and does various sockpuppets is your fancy.

ota-ch.org gets a mention but the admin isn't vetted and we can't allow gnfos backdoor. they've shown they'll spam shitty website as honeypots for users too much.


Fuck off /nen/min


who is we


the humans from /jp/ who were mislead into thinking ota-ch.com is actually /jp/ and it wasn't dani controlling the entire website for months and months. now that i show it's actually just an insane schizophrenic spamming threads until almost every thread is his we need to go where there's an admin to remove him


just him


thats really stupid you should kill yourself probably


not gonna slide this you subhuman roach. the light will shine on you. even if you misled for a long time the genie is out.


>Meta threads and discussion - notably including linking to other discussion/imageboards - are discouraged and may be subject to deletion and/or bans.

come through, oatman…


you're literally the same as dani, vulturing on this barren site and spamming it with your crap every single day.


Lol, half the posts in the collage was made by someone else. You don't know gnfos like people who actually used it so you're not aware of the different personalities that posted there and have come here temporarily.


opening with "lol" is the surest way to prove you're gnfos subhuman. just more evidence for the reader of your sockpuppet insanity you loser freaks. those pictures are more believable than some gnfos subhuman doing damage control and opening with lol

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