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Don't be a Samamin whiteknight /ota/min you cuckfaggot


I'm tired of talking with sissy cuckold fetishists, ex-STASI German autists who house Tunisian immigrant families in their apartment, nerdy buddy Urkel fags full of repressed rage who show up on internet forums to chimp out on their lunch break, Australian nutjobs who live in garages and think his pictures of Hitler talk to him, cock-addicted power bottom twinks carrying 8 different strains of HIVs, gypsy turds living in sewers using cable connection stolen from their neighbor while indulging in delusions that Romania was once the capital of the Prussian empire, ERPing glue-sniffers banished from krautchan, would-be school shooters, people who tug their cocks between the legs and pretend to be a girll, bug-eaters, self-loathing schizophrenic weirdos who vote for Hillary, and Mexican crackheads who live in vans and try to have sex with their mothers. Ota has too many of these.


She's not cute and looks over weight


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How do I get this babe to respond?


Post it somewhere else

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