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No. 6585

Oh shit


Who's that?


this "meme" is a CIA experiment



how dare you say that i am going to get my tripfriend who is NOT me at all and talk about you in this thread


hes dabbin


it's dat boi



You were always the kid who sat alone at the lunch table while all the me and the boys kissed the girls and watched sports together like adults. Your mom wasn't friends with our mom and you didn't go on a single play date with us, even though you say you were at laser tag last weekend.



oh shit wat up


File: 1465217079286.jpg (40.25 KB, 796x804, dabbin.jpg)


fukken saved along wit da filename


great post more dabbin shabs


File: 1465217490509.jpg (13.48 KB, 313x313, nico nico dab.jpg)


danite you're a beta manlet who idolizes human waste that we created ironically and then threw away.

trevor was a shistain who wasn't friends with anybody from /jp/ so when he got banned except his sockpuppets nobody cared. you actually think this guy is epic and want to be like him. you're really bad. your life is a joke. i really laugh hard when i see your past posts talking about degenerates and you're even replying to yourself. do you cry yourself to sleep at night?



I don't think he wants to be trevor
Trevor does the fake arrogance thing that most people grow out of by adulthood.


Get your own meta thread retards this already has a topic


he definitely thinks all the lies we told and about trevor are true and idolizes him. his image folder is filled with shit he saves from trevor too. this guy even dubs his site a gnfos spinoff.

all three of these subhumans so similar it's really amazing. they all do proxy/sockpuppets. they're all empty shells without any originality that just copy other people when they are repeating the same things. they all want attention and live lies where they try and build up their internet personality where they aren't even welcome.


look at this "classic" attempt at a trevor "he he" i'm so ironic i don't care. trevor gets angry at video games but pretends he's cool at all the humiliation he gets. his ego is glass. similarly danite has one too. he's really living it up right now cause i didn't start posting his images yet.


I do the fake arrogance thing too, it is the only way I can pretend my life is not so terrible and I am not so terrible.


What is it?


it's dat boi






Wat up boi


i just got you and how you're also the canadian poster too you little beta manlet danite.

your site is like you and dani talking with yourselves and then random people who come and visit. jesus christ. it's so bad.


Wait, are you saying Trev is Canadian fartboy? That makes sense actually, they both post the same images repetitively and one likes farts, the other diarrhea which is essential wet fart and falls under a very similar brand of 'humour'.


danite is that freak who stalked that person called denis using the canadian proxy. like i said originally he's a beta manlet. the first thread i pinned on him was the henri hate one. i also notice you make lots of sean jokes too.

hey you little faggot danite. tell me how you feel that you had your own name going on and some imaginary internet cred and now you're not even qualified to have your own name but you're simply an danite. you really dislike people who actually have friends since you sit on your website talking with yourself and dani. your idol is trevor who talks with himself constantly too.

even though wasting my time on you guys is the worst i've spent it in many years i'm having a great laugh at your life. usually freaks like you aren't around ota and instead somewhere else. if your idol wasn't trevor you guys wouldn't even be here. that's what makes everything more perfect cause your idol is a loser freak like you guys do does the same stuff.


its dat boi


File: 1465225260014.jpg (1.52 MB, 2000x1200, Untitled1.jpg)

danite tell me how much of a giggle you're having that you mixed in with dani? are you that fart posting canadian? it seems like it might be the case considering how much you post as canadian. hey dani your friends are getting destroyed cause you keep playing switch them. isn't that too mean? they should start to hate you after this all settles down.


dude you have serious autism I am an incomparable homo


dani you're insane and have spent years doing sockpuppets roleplaying with yourself. you think you saying i have autism means anything in particular to me? i hadn't even noticed you subhumans were actually crawling around ota for some time now cause unlike you fucking losers i don't spend every waking moment making posts on chans and talking with myself. this is 7 days worth of actually looking at what you scum have been doing only. if there an archive this would be so easy cause you retards only do the same thing over and over again and i can't see all the deleted posts since you idiots constantly get banned.


File: 1465226281740.gif (1.61 MB, 480x270, 1453744837837.jpg.gif)


you guys spent so much effort on this garbage i know it means something to you.i'm just glad i can trash it so badly for you


Very nice catch.

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