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No. 6262

I have literally spent hundreds of hours trying to figure out this site, and after tonight, I can finally say that I have beaten you, Samachan.
I found the hidden board where all the Samachanners actually post. It seemed odd to me that the site had any activity at all, since it had just sprung up out of nowhere. With no event causing the birth of Samachan, I had to wonder why it was even around. And after all of this time, I still cannot answer that question. But what I do know, is that this whole board, frontpage and everything, are an elaborate front for the actual boards that have activity on them. They don't even use the same software that this board does, that's how deep this all goes. They've painstaking covered their tracks, even down to using complete different software for the actual site.
I didn't give out the link to the boards since it took me forever to find, the users there probably come here too, and most of all I'm going to post on those boards as well, so if I found them, so can you. If this is how new members are initiated, well let me tell you, it was a hell of a process.
Great fucking job, Samachan. You managed to keep me in the dark about the meat of the site for the past 6 months. But that all ended today.
To all my fellow Anonymous, happy hunting. You're all being decieved!
Posted here just in case its deleted by the Samachan mods before anyone can see.


if ota had that technology it could have been spared


>I knew this girl she went to UCLA

And no thing of value was lost.


explain further




samachan is literally an /a/ spinoff


so is /jp/


File: 1460052599338.jpg (255.32 KB, 600x800, 43744086.jpg)

A cousin of someone I know has a sibling that wants to know why they can't post on /sama/ without an image?


because they're using a broken vichan implementation. bitch at samamin and himako to have T send them the fix


firefox 45+ breaks, but below that is fine


File: 1460055806385.jpg (61.38 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Fushigi na ….jpg)

Sometimes I want to share my favorite /ota/ secret but I figure everyone that matters already knows


post the fucking link you retard

I can't count all those hyphens


holy hell youre a faggot. who cares?


I know many ota secrets but now I'm curious that maybe there's a secret I don't know!
Please give a hint.


Haven't figured the name of the secret board yet…


I figured it out….


/z/ is the only good board on sama anyways


dont watch enough anime to talk about it with the big boys???


from what I saw of the anime board its just blankposting screenshots of whatever 1-cour anime is currently airing. BORING


Is there actually a hidden board?


File: 1464562983305.jpg (27.9 KB, 362x500, 1290196457885.jpg)

Yea we're all waiting for you.

Come on let's go!


File: 1464567808803.png (935.06 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Love Live! ….png)

Doesn't work. Doesn't exist.


Yeah, there's a "secret" board with 10 million posts.

How do you even know to breathe?


sounds like the anime threads on here
they have/had a board where they're running 4chan's old software


Who the fuck cares god damn


It's literally one of the admins of samachan that makes all these fucking threads no one else cares about some irrelevant /a/ spinoff


I wouldn't doubt it, why can't people just discuss ota when on ota.


No, its this retard from /what/ who has been obsessing about their admin for months now. You can literally see him write that he's doing it because he wants her to delete her site or some shit. Regardless, you're feeding into his ego whenever you fucking respond. Just ignore it


>merorin calls it /jp/ but discusses nothing /jp/ related
>a /jp/ spinoff yes this is good lets discuss this site this is welcome
>sama calls it /a/ and discusses otaku culture, anime and everything the jay should


File: 1464575334490.jpeg (139.31 KB, 504x734, kiripotty.jpeg)

Their threads are better than the /gnfos/ ones.


This isn't a subhumanism competition.


lol samabitch is steamed


man if only i was some chink girl, i'd live life on easy mode, just go to cons and whore it up
but instead i'm on /ota/ telling you not to get mad and just ignore it while sitting in my underwear in the dark


I'm sitting here in my underwear with the lights on for once.



U mad




it's just subhumans like dani and other banned trash terrified at the idea people will go to samachan. these scum get instant banned when they make a post at samachan.

anybody who was here originally actually feels bad that real /jp/sie are stuck around these meroin and dani subhumans on /ota/. we want you to enjoy life and wouldn't wish these things on even our most disliked foe from /jp/.



dani is out /jp/ing /jp/


File: 1464589177435.gif (402.56 KB, 640x360, 1440246295565.gif)

I've never been banned there and I've been posting at 1 month before gnfos was hosted there….


say that in english
/jp/ has a long history of /v/ posters coming to it and making the worst topics until they're banned. dani copied people like squidy to pretend he wasn't some fresh /v/ scum and is only around cause the admin quit.



he didn't quit


File: 1464590385758.jpg (148.45 KB, 1024x768, 1408914439015.jpg)



he doesn't have/want to spare time instant banning people like dani. i don't blame him either.
*scoffs* *points finger and laughs*


she did that to get them off /ota/, she even helped dontoon set up a site. that was the entire point, then she banned and deleted everyone. it was win win, got them off /ota/ for a day and she was able to make a list of a ton of shitty posters who had started to come over, which is probably why people get mad because they're already banned and can't shit it up. dont act like you didn't see people saying how much they wanted to rape or kill her or even spamming her anime board after the fact
i think its a nice site, i go on it and /nen/ occasionally when here gets bad


only a retard from /v/ would think this. you posting anime images and pictures off booru's doesn't qualify as otaku, anime, or manga. this is why you're such a cancerous subhuman. you came to /jp/ and lifted all the classic images to pretend you shouldn't be instant banned and now you're all your posts are just shit off /v/ like the original scum you are.


he literally posts screenshots of himself on /v/ and /b/ dude, you can't reason with him
samamin you never responded to my
email about me saying i'd like to get lunch with you


>Please stick it in mee i don't care dudez i don't take nuffin srs. silly nerd go take it ez like me ;^)
if you weren't such a creepy subhuman this could work. when you get banned you come back with proxy and throw tantrums though showing how much you care. your whole pathetic life revolves around your shitty dani identify cause you're irrelevant on 4chan and would be a literal who if otamin was still around to ban you quickly


man dani is getting roasted i don't think he'll live up this one


you're lying scum. your dani identify is because you name drop yourself constantly and beg for steam friends while using old images so you weren't run out immediately

i'll give you credit though subhuman. i don't know if you stealing wtH and squidy images was the plan or just a coincidence. it gave you really good cover since it even fooled me though. i didn't really want to connect the dots, but when i saw your pathetic subhuman steam profile i should've known you were just some /v/ scum who replies to their posts and fakes everything. you're the biggest cancer i've ever seen on ota. it's really sickening to think some /v/ subhuman hijacked classic personas to blend into ota so they could spam it to death. i want to vomit when i combine this with your actual face


everybody knows you care though freak


if memory serves me then i remember seeing your subhuman name early 2015. i'm pretty sure you were banned and name dropping yourself at the time too. between the gay posts and classic images from 2011 i turned a blind eye though. red flags went off when i saw your pathetic steam profile. if you were truly from the era that your images came from why were you such a freak with a weirdo profile who didn't even have any friends from when steam funposting kicked off? you love to use squidy/wtH images but neither of these people would have to beg others to add them on steam like you.

dani you're fake. not only are you a subhuman but you're a freak who pretended to be other people and copied your entire posting style. you're nothing but a fresh /v/ scum who appeared like 2 years ago.

it's embarrassing that i defended a subhuman like you thinking you were just a sicko. if i had known you were a sicko from /v/ i would helped them lynch you then.


shut the fuck up already, autismo


If you're a bad boy, bad girl, bad baby just tell me so I can block you on steam.


shut the fuck up dani. stupid /v/ scum.


sick burn, you freak. you look like like an albino pygmy. you have the big buddy lips, huge friend nose, and dumbo ears. what kind of sickness produces something like you? i think there's some truth in all this mind control business. you seem like something grown in a test tube they forgot to flush down the toilet.




yep. i bothered to even search warosu and he appeared around this time 2 years ago begging for steam friends. i guess he came to ota and started name dropping himself while spamming images around that time too.

as expected, some piece of shit from warosu 2 years ago is the biggest cancer ever to post on ota. between hima and dani what could be worse


>between hima and dani what could be worse

You seem to be making quite a case for yourself.


just type your usual gibberish next time. writing something so obscenely stupid only wastes your limited mental functions.


Not only are you as annoying as dani, you're as idiotic as him. Sasuga.


i'm as annoying as the guy who has spammed a thousand mind control threads?

are you even trying to pretend you aren't dani? you can't be uninvolved when your stance is so obnoxious.


great thread guys

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