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No. 5808

T, ya know, you have been nothing but trouble for /jp/ community since you started posting on 4chan. You're always spamming Asa theres. Why?
>That was years ag-
Trump: Years??? Well you're repeating the same mistakes as back then don't you think?
>T silent
Trump: Im asking you a question! Cant you answer?
Trump: Oh gosh are you scared?
T: I, No si-
Trump: You know what you're scared. I can tell just looking at ya.

AND now you come into the season with Ota, Janny, Hiroyuki, and Niggy saying you are gonna close your board down because of your little brother?

>I-I- Hes to blame

You know what T, no. You've some how kept a steady flow of users up to now for your team, but in the end I don't like excuses and thats all you seem to do is blame others for your mistakes

T, you're fired.
Take gnfos and leave the board room.
>T sits there just looking at Trump
Go! Get out. Leave. You're done. Out.
>T proceeds to the cab outside
>His little brother is the cab driver
>T opens up his webcam on his laptop to talk on a live stream instead of looking into the cab camera

Trump: You know, he really finished the show looking autistic and he had potential, maybe 6 years ago when he was 23.

Trump's Son: You made the right choice for the future of the off shoots.

Ivanka: He wouldn't stop staring at me during the project asking if I knew "Milk" as if it were a person

Trump: Really? He said that to you???
Ivanka: Yes.
Trump: What a weird guy
>Looks to son
Trump: He's weird to you too?
Trump's Son: Absolutely
Trump: Good. Good we got rid of him then. Made the right choice.



Are you roleplaying as trump now? What the hell, sean?


guy on the left making a funy face I am an incomparable homoOO


Its a recap on the last episode of the Meme Apprentice. T shuts his site down and trump fires him.


Can you please keep your /pol/ memes out of here?


Are you saying Trump is a meme created by /pol/? Who goes to /po/ anyway?


Politics go on merorin. Have you noticed that nobody but you gives a shit about what you're talking about when you make these Trump threads here?


Good thread, I look forward to voting for Trump this year.


Don't vote.


Great thread as always Trevor, fucking kill yourself.


who the f**k are you quoting


>holy FUCK


File: 1464056222589.jpg (61.01 KB, 255x192, 1464054733919.jpg)

At party
Lots of people
T standing in the corner near the entrance with his drink in hand.

"How did I get here. I better tell the others I'm leaving. I know a few people, girls and guys here but there's too many new people. Maybe I can Skype with Milk tonight I'd I get back home soon"
All of a sudden T gets pushed through the doorway as a bunch of other guys and girls come in
Group enters with alcohol "Reaaaady to drink"
"Heeeeey it's Sean!!!"
A crowd of Asians pour in.
Sean starts talking to everyone and runs into T.
Sean makes a big deal that T is here giving him attention.
T shutters and goes stiff 20th wide eyes just going along with what sean says.
Sean goes to the women on the couch introducing himself and then proceeds to introduce Trevor talking him up.
All of a sudden the girls take interest in Trevor taking seans words making it look like T is alpha as FUCK.

"Soooo Trevor, do you like, have a giiiirlfriend? Sean said you were popular in High school"

Trevor opens his mouth while sean interrupts noticing T is going to fuck up.

Sean pulls T aside….


I see at least two asian women in there. Second to the far left whose the main figure in the photo and then the one in the right corner of the couch.

I can already tell I prefer the corner one.

Okay, you ready rookie? Go for the one on the right. She's probably something like 6'7. Taller women are actu ally pretty easy because men don't rally give them attention. If she's hot go for it. Just play your cards right. Look for how she touches you and flirts. Get her number but if she continues to try to talk to you after you walk away just keep going with it. When she backs off than you back off too. She's testing your strength. She's probably not going to go home with you tonight because she doesn't want to look like a slut in front of her friends, but go some where private if the chance comes, outside smoking or crossing paths for the bathroom or empty room. Watch her behavior if she's touching you tell her she's fuckiNg gorgeous. Look at her lips and back to her eyes. Shell notice. Go in then. Back away and put your hand on her neck and then keep going.
.if you're outside and you're going at it stop for a minute and ask if she wants to go back to your place for some drinks.

Ready, Go


>proceed to piss pants right in front of Amazon



Ron Paul: Look you fucking….

Ron Paul was going to call Sean a midget but notices they are about the same height and Sean's arms bulging through his shirt.

Ron Paul rethinks what he was going to say as Sean's focus is on Ron Paul as several different groups of people call sean's name.

Ron Paul realizes how much Sean actually seems to care.

Ron Paul: O-Okay Disability-fucker. Im with you.
Then the group of people come up to Ron Paul and Sean asking where the hell sean has been with grins and alcohol.

Sean: Oh you know just work, playing the field, lifting, and the girl. But this guy heres been keeping me on my toes hanging out too haha

Sean is referring to Ron Paul and the group is happy to meet him and asking questions.

Just then the two asian women you noticed talking and looking over at him and sean earlier when they he and him were speaking privately giggling come over.

As Sean predicted the tall girl and the coroner girl come.
Corner Asian: Oooooh so you're seeing someone huuuuh Sean?
Wrapping her arms around Sean smiling
Sean: Always
Corner Asian: Haha always what? She's long term?
Sean: Always room for another



The group laughs
The tall asian girl keeps looking at Ron Paul
Sean makes sure Ron Paul is involved as he asks for Corrner girl's friend's name.
Introductions happen.
Sean: Like I said earlier this is my friend Ron Paul.
Both girls introduce themselves enthusiastically.
Corner asian makes sure Ron Paul meets ron paul.

Sean: Hey lets all go get some drinks
Girls: Ohh Yeahhh I would love that.
Sean takes Corner Asians girls hand as he secretly singles to Ron Paul with his eyes insinuating..
"Okay lets go, get your girl and talk to her"
Tall Asian girl begins to as Ron Paul questions.
Sean hands drink after drink and the whole room is toasting drinks with Sean.

Everything begins to blur for Ron Paul.
Ron Paul begins to think: This tall girl isn't actually that bad…I just have to ask really simple questions and she's eating this up.

Things fade in and out for Ron Paul now.
Soon Ron Paul is as if he's in and out of a dream.


Hilarious, so pathetic dude.



Ron Paul is in the party
Ron Paul sees Sean going into the bathroom with Corner girl.
The Tall girl is clinging to Ron Paul as he waits for Sean outside the bathroom

Now all of a sudden Ron Paul is drinking more
Ron Paul is outside walking down the main street with tall Asian holding him up arm in arm and she won't shut up as Sean leads the four of them hand in hand with the Corner seat Asian laughing as they enter a ramen shop

Ron Paul is in the back of Seans car with Sean driving.
Tall Asian girl kissing his neck secretly
Sean and the corner girl up front laughing as they cruise down the street blaring music

Fading in and out the whole time.

Now there in Seans apartment
Or is it the corner girls apartment?
Sean pouring more drinks
Sean and corner girl kissing
corner girl takes sean back to a room
Ron Paul being lead away dizzy blacking out by the tall girl
Ron Paul sees his first pair of tits on him
He's being pounded on as the tall asian woman fucks his brains out but he doesn't really seem to understand whats going on.


7 hours later
Ron Paul wakes up naked in sheets in a room as the tall asian woman from the night before is also naked holding him as she sleeps.
Ron Paul is in shock, confusion, and disbelief.

The door opens.
Sean's head pops in as he begins to laugh and smile.
Sean: Nice bro.
Puts on ray ban aviators
Sean We're headed out to go get some lunch. Good job and I'll see you in a bit. Grab a cab when she wakes up and get some food together.

Corner girl is heard nagging sean to get going.
Sean: Yeah, just hold on.
Sean: Okay T, sia. Just lock my door when you leave. Tall girl should actually already have a set of my keys. She's been here before.

Sean shuts the door. Ron Paul is blank looking into the sealing. Ron Paul stops to think
T: The first night out with sean and I've lost my 29 year old v-card to this 6'7 asian girl…. Ron Paul stops to think again…
T: What did he mean she should have a set of keys? What does he mean she's been here before?



This is embarrassing even for you, Sean.


I genuinely enjoyed that.

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