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I could be manager by now if not for this………………


I'm literally going to cuck my boss if I don't get that manager position by next year.


Stop blaming other races and diversity fornot getting a raise or job. Unless you're talking about public broadcasting or low ranking government jobs than this doesn't really apply to you anon. Besides, you know how many other countries would say this about you outside of white countries? The melting pot thing is pushed in schools up until University it seems, unless you're in social justice classes.


Shut the fuck up, rabbi.


I'm not. I don't support the idea of cultural multieculturalism. The false notion or verb of "combining" multiple cultures destroys the specific culture that those pushing for muliculturalism want to destroy. Its the same garbage the commies push "One new unified culture of destroying the old ways that have held the people back" etc. The sold combining of other cultures is just dividing us to destroy us. I still think you're full of crap blaming others. I've heard blacks do this when I've seen it wasjust their naive and unprofesional behavior that hindered them instead of the so called "racistism". What is your job anyway? How much schooling do you have compared to this other worker? How much community and extra activity do you have compared to each other? Compare the facts before spouting out "muh multiculturalism" and "THE JEWS". Its not actually the jewswho do this either, but rather kabalists who hide their motives, finances, and relgious beleifs behind the Hebrew faith and jewishethnicity.


I literally didn't read your post.

U mad?


Not at all. Just having a conversation.

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