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Zoomer here, how do I avoid ending up like this? I don't want to kill myself when I'm 30.


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It's easy, don't be gay. Don't go sucking dicks, keep things out of your ass. Eat lots of meat and stay in christ


wonder what henri thinks of eating lots of meat


What's wrong with being like trev? I don't see what's so bad about his life.


Mindblowing that Trevor is the only virginal spinoff administrator


If somebody here still posts after losing their virginity I hope he gets fucking skinned alive by a Mexican cartel in real life and the video uploaded to liveleak for my viewing pleasure I hope they gut your fucking chest out and rip your fucking lungs out while you still fucking breath you mothefucker not in fucking minecraft or gta but in real fucking life you scumbags. If you ascended and you are still here I want you to know you are the biggest fucking scum on this planet and I would have no hesitation to pick up the fucking flat screwdriver on my desk right now and push it into your fucking eye socket you utter fucking piece of shits.

If I ever Ascend from here the first thing I'll fucking do is email the spinoff admins and request a perma ban immediately. Maybe make a good bye thread on ota or something and then off I go because I don't fucking want brocels to suffer because of me.


Why would that make us suffer? I'd just be happy for you, same way I was happy for zunbar when he lost his v-card. Did you accidentally mistake this board for wizardchan?




wish my friend henri was here

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