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i'd like to see how otamin tries to wriggle his way out of this one


It's funny isn't it um looking at other culture you see this sort of culture in which some women try to colourize themselves differently. Which is weird when I think about how blackface is illegal and or/unacceptable meaning what would be the societal condoning/opinion over blackening your skin considering this practice exists for all other tones.

On a personal note I like pale skin and would wish women would stop making their skin caramel but it has been pushed for a while now in the uk. But thankfully there will always be cultures that look different to the norm so i'm confident my pale qt exists.


the ones on the right are probably in their twenties but look late thirties yeesh


they're 30 and 38


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white skin is translucent
even tanned you can still see veins

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