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Weebs, I have a proposition for you. The normies are taking over 4chan and I think it would be in everyone's best interest if they were dealt with. I will call off my war on you if you agree to help me in this matter. If we succeed in purging the normies then /qa/ will be yours and we will stop exposing the weeb mafia to the public eye, as long as you stay out of our territory.
All I need is your help to rid /r9k/ of it's growing normie and tranny problem. If you agree to this proposition meet me at the border of /r9k/ tomorrow and be ready to spam. It could take days, or even weeks for us to succeed, but if we do I promise that I will keep my word on our trade.


Fuck off, T, pepes are too low even for a tremendous turbofaggot like you.


What the flying fuck is this teenbro talking about and why is he trying to enlist us in his e-crusade? Who the fuck is /qa/? Did trevor make a new board again?

Fucking hell someone reign in that goddamn retard.


im baste

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