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No. 14887

He drives.

Discuss the real Real Human Bean.


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And the Real Hero.




Why is Josh related with T?


based teenmin, while we are being raided he's jacking off to ponies


Give'em the goof balls!


I met Josh and Trev at an autocross a while ago, I went with my girlfriend. When we approached them Josh looked at me then at my girlfriend and said "The fuck you doing with this stupid cunt? Get with this dick or get raped slut." I was completely shocked and didn't know if he was joking so I stood in silence just not sure of what to say. Then a voice was heard from behind him "Oh Josh you found another goofball?", "Yeah Trev, this one looks like a complete dick head, his girlfriend is pretty banging though, I'd fuck her ", "Oh yeah, maybe we should fill his girlfriend ass with goofballs so she'd know how much of a goofball he is". Right at that moment Josh jumped on my girlfriend and pulled her pants down, I tried to stop him but Trevor jumped on me and held me down he started whispering in my ear "She's going to get the goofballs and you aint going to do nothing about it!", I watched on in horror as my girlfriend stared at me in the eyes as Josh undressed her and rammed his fingers up her ass, she was trying to scream but Josh just kept pushing her head down.

Josh looked at me and mouthed the word "Goofball", It was like a silent movie. Before continuing, Josh had removed his clothes, Trevor said it was to ‘gain additional strength.’ I watched as Josh then proceeded to pull out his testicles and forcibly push them into her ass with his hands. Trevor who was still holding me down started to squeal into my ear "She's getting the goofballs!", as he started to twist my nipple as far as it could go, and I could feel blood trickling onto my shirt. I then felt what I can assume was Trevor boner pushing into my back… I blacked out.
Needless to say we aren't together anymore.


Nice work teenmin.


They go way back they used to raise all sorts of Hell at FSU


good times

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