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I had a dream that me and my whole family moved into a new house and that I was in my new room and my new friend was named Jen. She had long light brown wavy hair for some reason. I asked her where did she get her pretty light blue designed gloves and she said she'll find it by talking to her friend on the computer. She used my computer and she found it. She said click this link and you'll be able to get them. I never clicked the link because it was suspicious. She climbed out of my window and she she jumped over the fence. Some 3 girls were so scared they climbed over the fence and they climbed into my window. The girl Jen I could hear her voice in my head and she said. The blonde girl deserves to be pregnant for what she's done. I said what? How….Jen told me. Because she killed many. Jen cursed her with a child that you cannot get rid of. The girls were so scared I asked them what's wrong ? They were like omg we need to get out of here ! This place is not normal ! We were caught as a hostage by a demon !!! I said calm down. Just stay here ok, I blessed this place with my own aura. They said ok. My dad knocked on the door and he said why do I hear moaning ? I said their isn't moaning ? I looked and turned around and the girls were gone and I saw a tall handsome black skinned with abs.. he was 6'7ft tall and he was walking towards me and his light peach skin appeared. He was literally handsome but he said… I want you.

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