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I had a flashback of him in my childhood where he fucked me hard and almost endlessly killed me and I went up to him and said you may be strong but you lack many. He said tell me. I said I'll show him. He said wait a minute…… I sense something in the restroom. His wings grew and he vanished with black smoke. I said where did he go ? I looked around the house and I went to the restroom. I saw Jen screaming in the tub and he drained her soul right in front of my eyes. She curled up holding herself and laying down. I saw her turning pale white all over and I looked at him and didn't say a word. When he was done he turned to me. I backed up and he said " she was a witch " I said she may be a witch but that didn't mean she was a bad witch. He said " she was a bad witch " I looked down and I took her gloves with me. He said don't. They're cursed. I put them down and said do you care about me ? He got quiet. I touched her a bit and I sensed she was still alive. I told her to wake up. She couldnt. I said wake up!!!!!! She opened her eyes and they were black. She looked like she wanted to cry. I told myself you poor thing….We went back to my room and he put his arms around me licking my chest and holding me tighter and I pushed him away saying stop!!!!!! He looked at me and stopped and said why? I said I know what you're trying to do!!!

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