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He said. But I want you. I said I know what you want! I have things I want but your wants go into dark places !!! He stood up and growled and turned away…… he walked around the house and I felt bad a bit but not really. I tried to follow him and said where are you ? I saw him in the living room standing and he just did nothing. I went up to him and he turned around. Picked me up and started making out with me by tongue. He had a really long tongue and it was just amazing. I felt like I was being lifted up caressed. It felt real that I was moaning loud, he layed me down and was trying to insert his dick into me but was more of massaging and i said no!!!!!!! He stopped and said what's wrong ? I said I have not earned even the slightest of your trust just yet !! I can feel you being possessive. His eyes turned Red and he said Okay. What can I do. He gripped his fists and I said…. let me walk outside. He said ok. He walked outside with me. He said what now…. I said I am going to school. My dad was in the mini van. He looked at me unsure. He said " Do you intend to leave me here? " I looked at him and said " wait till I come back " His wings started growing and he hugged himself with them. I smiled at him, and I went into the green mini van. We drove off and I woke up. In the end I knew he was a higher status demon I had met before. I sense no angels. That is why I left.

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