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In a lush, cool place lounging away from the heat….


lit fam


Scum. Hidden.


Blaze it up




Good thing you pointed out that you were annoyed by his post, I'm sure he'll stop out of consideration for you.


Why does ota get mad at cannabis users?

There's nothing inherently normalfag about it, and you don't have to know anyone irl to get it anymore.

I use it everyday, it helps me not get bored of life.


It's degenerate and against Japanese culture.


Fuck off back to 4chan.


Are you guys just jealous it's not legal where you live?

It's literally just a plant.

God also gave you plants like coca leaves, khat, tea, opium poppies, etc. These had intended uses, and there's nothing inherently degenerate about any plant.

God also gave you plants like water hemlock, to be used as a tool.

He provided a wide range of plants with useful properties, medicine, therapeutic mental effects, building material, weapons, recreation, food.

Marijuana is even legal in North Korea, you can buy it at farm markets.

I don't even think about current cannabis culture in the west, I have more views in common with people and societies of past history. When I am basing my opinion or thought on something, I do not view it through the lens of modern society, like the vast majority of people do.

I often think about how it would have been perceived by the general public in Ancient Rome, or Ancient Israel.

The best example I could give is modern opinion on adult men having sexual relationships with young teenage girls. Because most people base their opinion through the lens of modern society, rather than their own independent thoughts and feelings, you will understand how we took something that was considered normal throughout the vast majority of history, and demonized it this far.

You're basically doing the same thing, except with a plant. If we were living in Ancient Rome, and I told you about this great plant I found, would you call me a degenerate?


Ban this fucking norm, otafreaknyan.


Dumb assumption.


God does not exist and there are many plants that are poisonous, why not consume them as well? Also that is a terrible argument even if you believe in God as one could say 'well he made these plants to tempt man from the path and to test him, as he does with the flesh and other sins'.

Yes, to keep the people dumbed down and docile.

No, you are just making things up to try and justify it to yourself, many of the societies of the past would have a far harsher view on it than we do now.

The Romans were an advanced society so there is a high chance they would have banned it for the effects it would have on the people and its armies. They also had this philosophy of mind versus body, they would say in a civilised society man was controlled by his mind whereas in a primitive one man followed his body, so there is a good chance such things would be shunned. Yes one might say 'what about all the orgies and gay sex?' they are an outlier and separate from normal Roman society, it has even been said that these could be lies made up to make certain people (like the Claudio line)seem evil and amoral.

Yes I would.



>Are you guys just jealous it's not legal where you live?
No it's probably going to be legal soon and I'm not particularly excited about that.
>Because most people base their opinion through the lens of modern society, rather than their own independent thoughts and feelings
well I base my opinion on experience and if I could eradicate the plant I probably would. The only thing that would stop me is if there really is some legitimate,m medical use that isn't filled well by anything else. Modern society is leaning towards "lol it's safer than alcohol just legalize it dude" anyway.

>I often think about how it would have been perceived by the general public in Ancient Rome, or Ancient Israel.

As something foreign, at best as something exotic and at worse something barbaric. I was reading Herodotus the other day and he talks about how the Persians burned a certain tree and used it's smoke the way Greeks use alcohol; I'm pretty sure he was talking about cannabis. So the Greeks at least would probably have seen it as a barbaric practice and would rather stick to wine.


File: 1506475641173.jpg (6.48 KB, 300x168, racoon.jpg)

I hate stupid dumb potheads they make nice nature spots and parking lots smell like dead roadkill with their stupid stinky weed.


Stop replying to the 4changuy.


I meant to say "I often think about how something would have been perceived by the general public in Ancient Rome, or Ancient Israel."

I was talking about how anything would be perceived in those societies, not specifically cannabis.


Yeah weed smells really awful and it's super noticeable


Yeah only bad people take it though so if you don't go near bad people you don't have to smell it.


no stupid hipsters like to go on nature walks and blaze up so you go for a nice walk and all of a sudden BOOM dead roadkill smell for the next 2 miles.


Oh I didnt know bad people were ruining nature walks with their bad people habits sorry


Can't wait to spit on OP's rotting, AIDS-ridden corpse as I walk to the General Store. Junkie scum.


You're a bad person to


I don't think weed smelling bad inherently makes someone a bad person. I get the same announce from people who eat strong flavored crisps




bad people do weed


I like eating mcdonalds and people say that's bad for you


It's not, Hamburgers are good for you.


weed is for bad people only what are you trying to say here by comparing it to food


I think you mean ``chips''.


you aren't funny


Love based weedbros. blaze it up dudes.


Forced labor for all drug users, death penalty for all drug pushers. It's time to take back the streets.


Can't you guys just talk about cute anime girls for once?


Sorry, I will temporarily ban myself for two hours…


Good, fuck you.



Cute anime girls smoking weed.


nope "ota-chan" is not for otaku stuff. im changing the name tomorrow back to teenchan.


File: 1506486332922.png (201.45 KB, 800x800, 65143431_p0.png)

Stupid… stinky… weed…


How rude.


What A Lovely Day.


ahhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK



Deal with it dweeb.


Somebody delete this image please.



Get a load of this nerd.


get fucked shithead.




pooped my diaper again…

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