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No. 13565

I like Varappi now


Me too, did you know hes getting good at drawing? pretty cool…


Kill yourselves teenbros.


File: 1502124263219.png (923.7 KB, 1360x768, 2017-04-10_00-39-45.png)

Varappi is younger than me and a bottom bitch…


File: 1502124545029.png (916.46 KB, 1360x768, 2017-04-10_00-24-19.png)

varappi come out for slushies with me and nagi


They don't even post here regularly as far as I know, if anything it's just teenbros talking about them.


Spamming nonsense that everyone ignores doesn't mean you're a part of this community.


Die, freak.


That's where you're wrong. Dani is a bigger part of this community than you will ever hope to be.

Have you ever seen his spam threads with pictures of his steam? He has dozens of friends, all of whom members of gnfos groups or other /jp/ tardposting groups. They're all connected. He's here because of them. The one spamming D to kill himself? Him and D are twitter butt buddies, who are butt buddies with T and all the other /jp/ personality wannabes, who are butt buddies with otamin, who you might be able to get a candid moment out of, in which he'll share his complete disdain for the 20% of the userbase not in the know, if you know how to set him off. /ota/ exists solely to sustain their need to tardpost and ruin a community but they're the clever kind of parasite that stops when the host is near death and give it time to get back on its feet because as much as they love ruining communities they know once /ota/ kicks the bucket there's nowhere else left for them to go.

You don't belong here. But Dani does.


I miss Varappi

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