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Maybe, I got my first job and while I still don't have a car and live in my mom's house I'm getting a smartphone (Moto G7 Play).

This might be the year.





I honestly can't stand watching this whore and don't understand why you do.

Yes she's very pretty. and she certainly knows it. She's such a smartass bitch too.


>I just want to say I love your upbeat positive attitude. Hopefully i run into you someday and can get your a drink. Id love to pick your brain. It seems fascinating

Oh my fucking gosh this is the kind of people watching her.

This is more cringe than pajeets bb i luv u with my 1 foot penus u will like


I'm a submissive masochist so her smart ass entitled attitude turns me on


But yeah she gets boring I'd rather her play botw


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I already have a gf pic related.


What's her@

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