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Whatnot I'm literally going to your house in New Jersey and I'm literally going to kill you


File: 1580613155911.jpg (573.08 KB,2104x3844,1580515829863.jpg) iqdb

Ok why?


Because I'm gay and going to buttfuck you before I murder you.


Stop posting these teen memes, you creepy ass manchild freak.


Projection: the post


File: 1580633558249.jpg (113.14 KB,662x622,1580506505998.jpg) iqdb



These pics are dumb, every female can find some beta provider or cuckold servant


Also people can adopt kids, there are tons of children with no parents and only low iq individuals still have children and contribute to overpopulation anyway


The only point of having kids is if they're genetically yours. You might be retarded if you can't understand why people don't want to adopt.


It's only low iq actual retards who can't love a child that isn't biologically theirs


my younger sister, 27, is well on her way to becoming a spinster

no career or long term partners
she's a bit weird, like myself i guess


File: 1580674129529.jpg (483.39 KB,1110x671,1545452491596.jpg) iqdb

You have to stop her from becoming a spinster somehow…


Hmm I guess it's cuz she has no career


She just needs to marry a man not have a job.

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