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if this coronavirus situation continues, do you think they will have to cancel the olympics?


The disease isn't even a big deal it's basically the flu.

Do you remember swine flu and how much the media overhyped that?

At least Ebola was a scary disease.


but people are dying rapidly from it?


>but people are dying rapidly from it?

Because the media overhype is making you think that's the case?

It's about as deadly as the flu.

Yes old or sick people die from it just like they do from the flu.


From what i've heard, they flew 90 people over to the uk to be quarantined, 86 people arrived. And now the news has said quarantine has begun for the 83 people with possible infection


How does quarantine work?

You're sick so they can forcefully lock you up and experiment on you against your will?


The flu has a.001 kill rate this has 4%


we should encourage this disease to spread. the old and immune compromised are a drain on society and we should let nature take its course.


honestly this. do your part and go to china and come back and spread it to boomers


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Boomers will live forever


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wish some kind of freak disease broke out in my country so I'd get government mandated to stay in my room


flu stats of the western world can't be compared against a new virus in the third world especially with how conservative, densely packed and poor the people of China are. Lots more chinese people believe in MLM herbal medicine over conventional medicine too


>Lots more chinese people believe in MLM herbal medicine over conventional medicine too

A very large amount of traditional Chinese medicine (which is partially still respected and used in China) has completely legitimate scientific backing.


Ephedra is a plant containing ephedrine, known by Chinese for thousands of years, it's a very medically useful drug and is still used and sold in America commonly in it's synthetic form, pseudoephedrine.

Willow bark contains aspirin, obviously an extremely useful and important drug, which has been known by people since ancient times.

Countless other examples of plants being used for hundreds/thousands of years known to Chinese medicine with legitimate medical use.


This based whatmins owning fedora Western Soylent teens

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