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I can't stop jacking off


3 times yesterday
i would close my eyes and just see visions of tight pussy and ass


I wish I could do only three times a day


File: 1577224605522.jpeg (463.91 KB,750x929,0D042B53-2D6B-4964-BF05-C….jpeg) iqdb

I have no self control so I need a girl to control me


I really dont get subs, thats disgusting



its pathetic to let a girl decide when you fuck



because you should always actively seek out to fulfill your desires and not let it in the hands of other people?


it'll come once you get older


I'm literally 31 I'm just addicted


It's a sex fetish my sexual desire is to be tamed and controlled by a female




Wtf how is that gay


maybe he's saying you should want to be tamed and controlled by a male instead. maybe that's less ``fag"??


No that's actually gay


you are literally spending all your time touching cock
that's basically the definition of gay


That's why I want a female to control me


females touching you is gay, we've already established this.


Dominating and conquering is the role of the male.


That mages zero sense


Well I like when girls do it during sex

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