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How do I into social interaction


Stop making these threads.


this conversation was over before it began. try again


She messaged me first so she's into me. Help me salvage it


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"you're a fucking ugly bitch. i want to stab you to death and play around with your blood"


i've actually learned what I would call the mundane social etiquette from work so i'm pretty good at making inane conversation leading to nowhere, of course it's still pretty hard because I get slightly anxious and that leads to my filter stopping me from speaking but what i've learned is you can generally just say anything from the top of your head and people will still pretend to listen and care like you do for them. I don't mean that last sentence maliciously because if they have something to say they will add to what you say, or if you pose a question they will think on it.

So now if I was on a dating app i'd be asking questions that i'd want to know about her such as

1. how do you spend your time when you're off work?
2. are you looking to start a family in the future?
You know just ask question that you want to know about her and that'll lead somewhere and if the conversation dies early just ask another question.


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I feel asleep when she wrote this I think the conversations over



caps btw


I was watching random YouTube videos


tell her that then


just be open about yourself and what you have to say will come naturally


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OMG am I doing it??? Am i a normie now???


shows us your profile pics


So you can oh no no no no me? I've literally reposted Instagram models and you guys call them ugly cuz you think they're me


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She likes Henry Cavill I'm an incel next ty him


File: 1577053953525.jpg (132.66 KB,960x1073,1577017602621.jpg) iqdb

He's literally gigachad


File: 1577054284891.png (1.33 MB,750x1334,94D469B0-82F0-479D-BF5A-5D….png) iqdb



I wonder if I'm taller than him since I'm basically 6'1 with shoes and you know he wears lifts and all celeb heights are shorter in real life




It's very nice of you to make boring small talk while she waits for the Chad she's talking to on the side.


OMG why live


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How am I doing what Bros


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Am I gonna make it to normiedom


the fact that you watch and enjoy all this norm shit as well as even use tinder means you already are


Sucks to be you incel


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Shiiiiit anyone got a Netflix account


Why are you posting this norm shit here? Go back to /r9k/.




just torrent it retard


Torrents are blocked at my school


so bypass the block


How it's like a proxy network thing I can't connect


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Should I tell her I'm spending Christmas alone and haven't spoken to my family in 4 years?


Did she just assume you are Christian?


Wow lol good point

I mean Christmas is a cultural holiday just American tradition. Shit after she says that to me I sent it to some other women. Oops


ask her what she's doing for kwanzaa


BRO that's resist

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